The Journal of History     Summer 2004    TABLE OF CONTENTS

The Journal of History
La verdad sobre la democracia

Summer 2004 - Volume 4, Issue 2

Quote: "The Convention has given you a
Republic! if you can keep it!"
Benjamin Franklin, 1787

- Thesis
- Monsanto vs Schmeiser: The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle by Percy Schmeiser
- Percy Schmeiser's Thoughts on Canadian Supreme Court Ruling by Percy Schmeiser
- The Implications of the Schmeiser Decision by E. Ann Clark
- The True Cost of Milk by Robert Cohen
- Analysis: Farm Crisis An Accident Waiting to happen by Robbie MacGabhan
- European farming in crisis by Raisa Pages
- Farming in Ireland All-Ireland Plan on Foot and Mouth Crisis from Irish News
- Tagatose and Diabetes by Dr. James Bowen
- Splenda is not splendid by Dr. James Bowen
- Farming in the Philippines Farmers warn PCGG on GMA-Danding double edge trap by Rafael Mariano
- Farming in the Philippines Farmers want Danding out of SMC by Rafael Mariano
- Farming in the Philippines Farmers Seek freezing of assets of 11 COCOFED shareholders by Rafael Mariano
- Farming in the Philippines Farmers Say Palace Influenced PCGG Stance on Coco Levy Issue by Rafael Mariano
- Farming in the Philippines Farmers Assail Interim Formula on Coco Funds by Rafael Mariano
- Farming in the Philippines On the Coco Levy Row: Farmers urged Angara, Drilon, Roco to reveal principals of 14 holding companies by Rafael Mariano
- Cooperative Farming Freeze out! by Susan Houghton
- Organic Farming in Cuba U.S. Policy Think Tank Releases New Report on Cuba's Successful Organic Farms

- Poetry Everything Costs by crystal cartier

- Commentary: The unbridgeable chasm of doubt: why faith and government don't mix by John Kaminski
- History How 9/11 is being covered up by Most Claiming to Expose It by Habib, Peter Kawaja
- 9/11 Lagasse proof revisited by Dick Eastman

- Myth Breakers
- Did You Know? Hoof & Mouth, Mexican farmers vs agri-business
- Did You Know? 9/11, Pearl Harbor, China, Coca-Cola
- Did You Know? Sun Microsystems, Carlyle Group, Google, VOXFUX
- Did You Know? CIA & News

- America's Concerns: Contaminated Prison Drinking Water
- America's Concerns: Animal Testing
- America's Concerns: Homeland Security Act
- America's Concerns: Requiem for American On Line
- America's Concerns: "Slavery" & "Black Marketing of YOUR Children!!!!!
- America's Concerns: How To Destroy America
- America's Concerns: Marc Emery Petition
- America's Concerns: Escape From America
- The World's Concerns: Immigration Minister Sgro Targeting Muslims CIC says
- The World's Concerns: IDF raids exhibit in Tel-Aviv
- The World's Concerns: Thousands march demanding "Endosulfan-Quit India"
- The World's Concerns: Children in Iraqi Prisons
- The World's Concerns: The Honduran Intifada
- The World's Concerns: More Reports of Rape, Abuses of U.S. Military Surface

- Boycotts We Support: New Boycotts
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 1
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 2
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 3
- Boycotts We Support: Continuing Boycotts, Part 4

- U.S. House & Senate Addresses & Fax Numbers
- U.S. House & Senate Email Addresses

- Letters to the Editor

- Film Review

- Advertisers We Support, Part 1
- Advertisers We Support, Part 2
- Advertisers We Support, Part 3

- Demands for the Government

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