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In Holly Sklar's book Trilateralism, petrochemicals was not the only area in which the Trilateral Commission has control, agriculture is also. So it is with pride that I devote this edition to the family farmer as well as all the people who have suffered as the result of the giant agribusiness seemingly virtual takeover of this industry.

You'll read the David and Goliath story of Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian canola farmer as well as the outcome which has only been decided in the last several months because Mr. Schmeiser courageously fought back when Monsanto's genetically modified seed had the audacity to blow onto his farm in Bruno, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Monsanto had the gall to sue Mr. Schmeiser because this seed blew onto his land, and the giant corporation intimidated other farmers in the area in an attempt to win its case so they would not testify on Mr. Schmeiser's behalf.

Mr. Schmeiser, who has been in the farming business for 50 years, has completely lost the ability to export his canola crop to Western Europe because those governments ban genetically engineered products, and I know for a fact that the corporations who have undertaken the genetically engineered route have seen to it that sanctions have been placed on at least France betraying the French people, too, in their effort to force the French government to accept these products. Fortunately, this government has not accepted them.

We can only theorize as to why the French government bans genetically engineered food. Is it because that government, and any others who ban these products, strive to protect their citizens from diseases such as cancer which could result because people ingest foods which have been genetically modified?

In conversations with people who have lived in the middle west area of the United States, they inform me that the family farm is nearly extinct. Now, such giants as Archer-Danlels-Midland cause the family farmer to sell his land to them, and then become employed by these corporations.

This can only cause the eventual monopoly which is what the Trilateral Commission desires which, in turn, causes prices to rise. Moreover, the congress provides subsidies to these giant corporations. It's my feeling that subsidies should only be provided to the individual family farmer, not the giant agribusiness corporations. I hope you agree.

Bless the family farmer; these devoted people deserve to be saved.

Thank you.

Arlene Johnson



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