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More Proof on Pentagon Hoax

by Richard Eastman

It would have been impossible for the Boeing 757 to have hit the lamppost on the southwest corner of the Washington Blvd., since it passed (as shown below) in a line from the Sheraton Hotel to the Pentagon which took it directly over the Naval Annex and over Sgt. William Lagasse who was pumping has at the gas station shown below.

The first pole downed was at the southwest corner of the overpass (right side, in this picture), well out of reach of the Boeing that passed north of Lagasse as he pumped gas at this station.

The case is even stronger than that shown, because this is the southmost gas pump at the gas station -- Lagasse was pumping even farther north than this!

Here is a picture taken in 2000, showing the lamppost on the southwest corner of the overpass standing. The Boeing passed by to the left of where all these people are standing.

See the questions answered by Lagasse at the demonstrative evidence yahoogroup archive (opened to the public) -- he also phoned me after the writen interview, verifying more than once and in different language each time that the Boeing passed north of him (he was on its starboard side, he could see its starboard windows as it passed).

There is no more to be said about this, is there.



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