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How 9/11 Is Being Covered Up By
Most Claiming To Expose It

by Habib, Peter Kawaja

Deja-Vu, GWS 1991 cover-up under the "guise" of an exposé

If you see any book or website with a main theme "Bush Knew," now you know how and who is covering up for the perpetrators. Hello, explain please?

The real crime of Pearl Harbor wasn't that the administration "knew" and merely allowed it to happen, but that the administration orchestrated the event, made it happen.

The real crime of The October Surprise wasn't that the administration "knew" we could get the hostages released and failed, but that the administration willfully orchestrated it to make sure they weren't and used Americans (suffering) to accomplish their objectives.

The real crime of Desert Storm 1990 (Gulf War l) wasn't that the administration knew Saddam was a tyrant yet sold him legal biological cultures and he used it to make WMD that caused GW2 (not!), it was that at the same time they were selling bogus materials and raking in big oil bucks, they planned on releasing their own "tests" on Americans in a planned war.

The real crime of Desert Storm wasn't we didn't know Saddam would move on Kuwait, it was that the administration misled their boy Saddam (via Glaspie) and suckered him into a war, ala Pearl Harbor redux.

The real crime of Desert Storm wasn't that we accidentally blew up Iraqi munitions after the war when we controlled the ground, but that we ordered our own Chem-Bioweapons destroyed instead of having to bring them back to the U.S.

The real crime of the Murrah building wasn't that it was bombed by "a disgruntled Gulf War Veteran" but that the administration used a mind/chip controlled dupe-patsy to pull off another Lee Harvey Oswald.

The real crime of the Murrah building being bombed wasn't to take out innocent civilians or to attack the federal government, but the administration perpetrated it to cover up the VA Hard Files storage (of Gulf Veterans medical records) repository and other documents being held a Murrah, "and" to institute new Anti-Terrorism laws (on/against Americans), the prelude to the USA PATRIOT Act aftermath of 9/11.

The real crime of WTC/93 wasn't that shucks we just didn't know, or some knew but we didn't act timely, or that one agency didn't share information with one another, it was that the administration orchestrated it to do what they finally accomplished in 9/11 but failed (in 1993), and had the same goals as 9/11 War On Terror, or Crusade against Muslims and Arabs, to restructure the middle east for ISRAEL.


How could the perpetrators get away with such heinous crlmes in full view of the public? By their control of all media, mainstream and (most) alternative patriotic media, to include military intelligence backed websites. After Desert Storm, it was by a flood of Gulf Veterans groups who were funded with computers, fax machines, script writers, and disability ratings regular vets could not get, in addition to bringing out their own "mouthpieces" called the controlled opposition.

NOW after 9/11, it is new day, same tactics. By bringing out persons who have gained a following by being openly critical of the administration and "seem" CREDIBLE, it is once again;" how sad, we knew but we didn't act."

You see, a failure to act on a tip is not the same as the person who did rape your wife. A failure to stop a bank robbery is not the same as the person who went into the bank and shot the pregnant bank teller.

ESPECIALLY in the scenario of 9/11. Failing to stop MUSLIM TERRORISTS, means that Muslims DID perpetrate 9/11. So who does the American public focus on and HATE? Muslims and Arabs. THEY did the slaughter, Bush and the administration only failed to stop it.

This is the same Deceptive War Tactic used in all such acts of terrorism and war, by the masters of Deception, Zionist Israeli Jews. Americans this time are victimized on our soil (solidarity with Israel, ala Palestinians), so no matter what it takes, no matter the infringement of our Rights, we are being made to bow down and accept tyranny whilst the perpetrators continue to run our country and suck us dry.

It isn't a matter of Bush knew and was warned by the Israelis and others (THAT MUSLIMS TERRORISTS were going to strike), it is HIGH TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA by the entire administration who do the bidding of their Zionist Jew masters.

And by all the hype on the internet websites and talk-radio shows that are focusing SINGULARLY ON "Bush knew," these Radio Hosts and self-professed EXPERTS are giving comfort and aid to enemies of America and the perpetrators of this and many other crimes against humanity.

By fueling hate for Muslims and Arabs, by pushing the party line (FOCUS) that "Bush knew" (and that's it), you are automatically declaring Bush and the administration INNOCENT of the crimes, and making the public believe it was perpetrated by and hate Muslims and Arabs. You are guilty of helping our oppressors wage an unholy war, a Crusade across the world, slaughtering untold millions of humans in the name of CHRISTIANITY, when it is really in the name of the evil Talmudic GOD, to enslave the world.

This is a notice, request (or challenge) to Jeff Rense ( ) that Jeff Rense host this broadcast debate. It is also a request (or challenge) to every Talk-Show/ Host - to simulcast this debate.

Here is your opportunity as an American to demand straight answers and Justice.

The administration has suppressed any investigation - we the people have a right and duty to a Free America to stop this insanity and World War in OUR NAME.

ANYONE receiving this email is encouraged to distribute it far and wide, and if you listen to some talk-show host and believe them to be "patriotic American," give them the litmus test.

And yes, my name is Habib, Peter Kawaja - American! KEEPING THE FAITH.



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