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Did You Know?

The US government's Fort Dietrick in Maryland and Plum Island bio-warfare labs in New York have both spent decades working with hoof and mouth as an economic weapon. The Bush administration sold Saddam samples of hoof and mouth along with West Nile Virus and numerous other pathogens. With the stock market manipulations etc, the Bush-Nazi cartel just might be making its move.

Provided by Robert Lederman

For background info on Bush, Plum Island, West Nile Virus SEE:


Why do Mexican Peasants Come to the U.S.?
by Dr. Edward Miller, California

The Mexican border tragedy is but one result of Washington's obeisance to the Farm Lobby. As taxpayers with agri-subservient Congress, we have recently awarded our multimillionaire agricultural interests with over $18 Billion in "support" for the next few years. Organizations such as ADM (Archer-Daniels Midland) thus find it easy to sell their soybeans, wheat, oats, corn etc. in Mexican villages at BELOW THE PRICE THAT THE SMALL MEXICAN FARMER CAN PRODUCE.

Unable to unload his wares, the Mexican farmer, thus failing to keep up his mortgage payments, loses his farm and is swept into the mass of millions of unemployed. Finding scant work in the Mexican cities, in desperation he struggles north into the U.S. in a valiant attempt to earn enough to keep his family alive ... Thus the increasing border-related deaths are directly related to Washington's corporate welfare for rich agricultural interests.

Provided by New Trend Magazine



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