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To: Chairman, Third Committee, General Assembly, United Nations FAX Broadcast and Print Media
From: Judith M. Hansel 775-786-8888
Date: August 15, 2004
Re: Continuing persecution for my political opinion Follow-up to denunciation dated March 25, 2004

This document continues to describe the ongoing persecution of me for my political opinion. Briefly, I discovered fraud in a US government federal housing program which I attempted to bring to the attention of the public. As a result, I was repeatedly arrested and jailed; I never had any trial. My property was taken from me without a trial on the legal issues. When I was threatened with involuntary commitment to a mental hospital, I fled to Canada and applied for political asylum. Canada deported me in violation of the Immigration Act of Canada and the 1951 UN Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees and refouled me back to the USA for the final time on November 25, 1998.

I have not been legally repatriated since then. Both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush have failed to obey international law. I have sent correspondence since 1998 outlining the ongoing persecution of me in the United States. Most recently, (the last four months), I have been approached by strangers on the street (men), given a message, and then the stranger rapidly walks away. There is no way I can predict when this will occur as last happened on August 11 and August 13. These events leave me feeling apprehensive and confused which causes me to be unable to sleep. While in Canada, an undercover person subjected me to hypnosis without my consent or awareness. How much, if any, of my sleep disturbance problem is due to post-hypnotic suggestions, I do not know.

I've sought medical help from medi-Quik at 1155 4th Street in Reno, Nevada, twice, but received inadequate treatment. I have become disconnected from family and friends at their discretion.

Earlier this year my publisher suspended publication of my book, "Escape From America: An Exposé of International Treachery." I traveled to Maryland to arbitrate the breach of contract, but could not afford the costs to do so.

All of these facts prove that I continue to be persecuted for my political opinion. I do not understand why I continue to be a target since I have been prevented from (1) informing the public about the fraud; (2) obtaining political asylum; and (3) having my book published.

This document serves to inform the United Nations, private individuals, and the media that the US government considers me to be a threat. I have done nothing wrong and I do not intend to give up. The citizens of the US have a right to know the truth about government corruption before another fake election takes place. To protect myself and in the hope that somehow the truth will come out, I have no choice but to make these facts as public as possible. The continuing subjugation of me to harassment and terror provokes feelings of anger, fear, confusion, and oppression thus causing my inability to sleep.

I consider myself to be a stateless person and feel that my life is in danger based upon the facts. If anything---physical, psychological, emotional---happens to me, the perpetrators are named in the documents that I previously sent which are dated June 12, 2004.



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