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Petition Against Contaminated Water/ Texas Prisoners

Date: August 9, 2004

Dear Friends,
Please take a moment to read and sign the petition below.

Hobby Unit, Texas is an all female prison with a long documented history of contaminated water being given to the prisoners.

In summer heat of 120 degree temps easily reached ...this is a life threatening situation between the heat and contaminated water supplies for these women. For more detailed history and documentation of the problems at Hobby Unit, Marlin, Texas see also: "emergency situations" at

Thank you, Kate

To: TDCJ, Warden Karen Brown, medical staff at Hobby Unit, Tx., Mayor and Board Of Health Marlin Tx., The American Red Cross, and all others in authority to fix this emergency problem Concerning the Hobby Unit, women's facility in Texas.

The problem with water contamination is an ongoing problem. The EPA report of August 5, 2004, based on the data extracted July 17, 2004. shows that the water being used for showering, cooking, and drinking, is contaminated and has been tested positive with the contaminate Atrazine. There are no purification methods being sought for these women inmates.

Potential short term health effects for Atrazine that the EPA has found when people are exposed to it for short periods of time are: congestion of heart, lungs and kidneys, low blood pressure, muscle spasms, weight loss, damage to adrenal glands.

Long–term Atrazine has the potential to cause the following effects from a lifetime exposure at levels above the MCL: weight loss, cardiovascular damage, retinal and some muscle degeneration, and cancer.

Inmates and families of inmates are complaining they are in ill health and suffering from heat exhaustion, only adding to the problem. There is lack of ventilation bringing the temperature to 120 degrees inside the cell block, unsanitary conditions, sleep deprivation, and the contaminated water the inmates are being forced to drink due to fresh bottled water being short in supply, and not available to all inmates.

We the undersigned are appalled by lack of humane treatment, and ongoing medical problems due to this contaminated water. We demand that this matter be investigated, and a suitable solution be made at once. These inmates are human beings and are incarcerated for rehabilitation, and not to be punished or mistreated. We demand bottled water for all inmates, and that the contamination problem be cleaned up, like it would be done anywhere else. We see this as an emergency as inmates are already showing symptoms of Atrazine exposure. Sincerely,

Please sign Chanda's petition also?



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