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Animal Testing

Wetlands Animal Rights Forum: an education and action event held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6pm in the downstairs lounge of Wetlands Preserve (in addition to the featured speaker, most forums include campaign updates, reports on recent actions, letter writing, topical videos, activist campaign planning (6-7 PM), and upcoming events announcements.

Marjorie Spiegel is co-founder and Executive Director of the Institute for the Development of Earth Awareness (IDEA) and is the author of The Dreaded Comparison, the seminal work comparing human and animal slavery For more information, please call Adam Weissman at Wetlands at (212) 966-4831 or email
Shut Down Huntingdon Life Sciences!

HLS Info

Huntingdon Life Sciences is Europe's largest contract testing laboratory (with additional laboratories in East Milstone, NJ). They specialize in various areas of genetic and toxic chemical research. Their motto is "Your secrets are our secrets." There are 70,000 animals waiting to die at any one time, including:
1,000 dogs,
200 cats,
1,000 monkeys,
4,000 guinea pigs,
2,000 rabbits,
3,000 birds, and
4,000 fish.

Every year 180,000 animals die at the hands of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Huntingdon Life Sciences has been the subject of three undercover investigations. An undercover investigator in the United Kingdom was able to capture, on film, four month-old puppies being punched and thrown against walls while undergoing a poisoning experiment. In a similarly hideous fashion, a U.S. undercover video shows a live monkey being cut up on a metal tray, twitching and jerking as the scalpel slices its chest. The monkey depicted was drugged, however, a technician mentions, "This guy could be out a little more," alluding to the fact that the innocent creature should not be enduring such pain. This same video also shows a frightened monkey being tied to a table as a laughing technician squirts lubricant into its mouth, and staff laughing at the terror of brutally-handled monkeys, pigs, and dogs.

Animal defenders believe that HLS has no right to do this and thus, are trying to break the brainwashing of society that says that animal experiments help humans and save lives. They don't. They never have, and they never will. Vivisection is a scientific fraud and a hindrance to real science.

Huntingdon "Life" Sciences is still in serious financial trouble. Activists will never stop - no matter how long it takes - until this place is crushed.

For more information, visit Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty:

The Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve
the activism arm of the Wetlands Preserve nightclub
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