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Homeland Security Act
(An open letter)

It is the utmost hope for the sake of next generations that Americans now realize their freedoms have irrevocably been harmed in 2002. Due to the passage of the monstrous Homeland Security Act, the average American can expect the following.

Every credit card purchase, every magazine subscription, every medical prescription, every visited Web site, every e-mail, every academic grade, every bank deposit, and even every booked trip Will Be Recorded. All these transactions and communications will go into a vast database of the Defense Department. This once far-fetched Orwellian scenario is now reality.

The Information Awareness Office will now have the data-mining power to "snoop" on all Americans. Two hundred million dollars have been appropriated to create computer dossiers on all citizens. This Act, along with the USA PATRIOT Act, has officially marked the end of Constitution's 4th Amendment. Since all matters now filter through the judiciary, the official inauguration of the police state will be a boon to the bar associations cult.

The oppressive "Hate Crimes" legislation is on the verge of passing. This will trigger massive civil and criminal lawsuits and just as importantly dilute the rule of equal protection under the law. Distinguishing crimes from hate crimes will just generate more billable hours for attorneys. In a free society, government can outlaw the crime but not the thoughts. This bill is a trademark of the transformation of America from a liberty-based to a totalitarian society. This letter can and will in the near future be labeled as a "hate crime" under this law.

Every political, public, and private act could constitute a legal matter in which lawyers subjectively decide the outcome, outcomes that could have grave consequences not just to litigants' basic rights but also to society. Anytime any group (Colonialists, clergy, fascists, communists, and lawyers) have assumed the positions of demigods and therefore have rendered themselves masters in someone else's home is grotesque. The pagan of kingship has replaced the principles derived from Christianity. In the Book of Luke, Jesus condemned the autocracy of lawyers. He warned the world of the consequent evils. Americans, especially in the last two decades, chose not to listen.

This letter's intent is not to denigrate all lawyers on an individual or personal basis. There are a minority in this tremendously over-lawyered nation who understand the Constitutional role of counsel and controversy resolution, and, thus, apply it in their standardized assistance. However, the fact this minority does not protest against these abuses means acquiescence to this amorality. For any civilized nation to survive, the common man has to have a reasonable understanding of the laws and the consequences of violation. How can any athlete play in a game if they do not have a solid understanding of its rules? Yet the legal profession and their collaborators expect the supposedly sovereign citizenry to surrender their rule to them. Freedoms have and will be lost if laws are relegated (left up) to an elite, non-representative group. One small example of this revolting governance is in the new Enron bankruptcy, one billion dollars has been paid to lawyers to date. Lawyers have legally plundered Enron much more than all its crooked executives illegally did for years. What is even more vile is numerous pension-holders, stockholders, bondholders, and employees unnecessarily have been left "in the cold."

To have genuine legal reform, America first needs electoral reform which produces genuine and verifiable election results. As mega-dictator Joseph Stalin stated "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Another concept worthy of strong consideration is this country's system of governance is also too important to be left to the votes of the anonymous. Necessary reform will not happen unless voters publicly disclose their choices for public servants.

Very Truly Yours,
Harsha Sankar
201 Interstate Drive
Covington, Virginia 24426



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