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Did You Know?

The CIA manages the news

Fletcher Prouty explained to me how the CIA scrubbed itself out of the PENTAGON PAPERS and then had Daniel Ellsberg leak them to the NEW YORK TIMES which is always ready to cooperate at times like this. The intention was to make the VIETNAM WAR look like the military started it and not the CIA. Ellsberg was not a hero. He was a CIA low life put together as a typical JUDAS GOAT LEADER by the media.

To claim that Dr. Alfred McCoy had a leftist bias is ridiculous and an indicator of the bias of the writer.

I examined the claims of Sherman Skolnick about the crash of UNITED AIRLINES 551 which killed Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, a congressman, CBS correspondent Michelle Clark, and 9 others connected to WATERGATE for Congressman James Stanton, the second chairman of what later became the PIKE COMMITTEE. I did not find one statement that could not be substantiated.

Alexander Butterfield, the highest CIA in the WHITE HOUSE who revealed the existence of the WHITE HOUSE TAPES left the WHITE HOUSE after the crash to head the FAA which oversees the NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD responsible for overseeing the UNITED 553 investigation. Eagle Krough, the DRUG CZAR, left the WHITE HOUSE to become a Vice President of UNITED AIRLINES and attend every session of the NTSB hearings.

Gordon Liddy's team was paid by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). The first person to jump off UNITED 553 was a DEA agent in a jump suit.

Bob Woodward and Bernstein were JUDAS GOAT LEADERS set up like Ellsberg to feed the CIA's deceit to the gullible public. Our major media is enormously successful making low life lying scum look heroic. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North are other good examples. Lies covering up mass murder are the worst kind.

Provided by Brian Quig (d. 2003)



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