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Organic Farming
in Cuba

U.S. Policy Think Tank Releases New
Report on Cuba's Successful Organic Farms
February 23, 2002

Cuba's successful switch from chemical-intensive to sustainable agriculture carried the island nation back from the brink of a national food crisis brought on by the 1990 collapse of trade relations with the former socialist bloc. This fascinating case demonstrates that organic agriculture could actually work as the basis of an entire nation's farming sector, putting the lie to the oft-repeated myth that "organic farming could never feed the world," according to a new book-length report issued by Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy, a food policy think tank based in the United States.

The multi-author report, Sustainable Agriculture and Resistance: Transforming Food Production in Cuba, is largely written by Cuban experts on agricultural production, and represents the flrst time Cubans have made public the details of this enormous agricultural transformation.

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