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This is the last free edition of this historical e-magazine; free because I am determined to end war, genocide, illegal drugs, etc. to decent people. In the next edition another cover up of massive proportions will be exposed which has had deleterious repercussions on people. Please subscribe to continue to control governments. The price is extremely inexpensive.

Pictures in this issue -- Note to the reader:
All these pictures were taken on December 29 and 30 of 1999 by Daniel A. Vázquez Díaz. The civil disobedience camps were all dismantled by the Navy during the May 4, 2000 arrests. However, the civil disobedience campaign continues. Puerto Ricans and foreigners alike constantly enter the restricted área. In the end justice will prevail.  ¡Paz para Vieques! (Peace for Vieques!)
Editorial - Guest Commentary by David McGowan
- Guest Commentary by Ann Rose Thomas
- Guest Commentary by John Cannon
- Guest Commentary by Gregory A. Butler
- Press Release: Statement by ADC President Ziad Asali

Vieques, Puerto Rico

- True Story -- Puerto Ricans: Citizens Deprived of Civil Rights by Jesus Ramos
- My Experience in Vieques by Daniel A. Vásquez Diaz
- New Navy Sonar and Dead Whales by Ben Cosgrove
- Vieques, Puerto Rico: The Site Where the United States Tests Its Depleted Uranium Bullets by CRDV
- U.S. Navy Rents Vieques Out for $80 million a Year by Vieques Libre
- Navy Construction Stopped by Robert Rabin & Nilda Medina
- Vieques Update by Robert Rabin
- Christian Peacemakers Join Civil Disobedience, Vieques Island -- Vieques Libre
- Farrow Non Grata in Vieques by Robert Rabin & Nilda Medina
- The Netherlands: Speech by Moraima Rivera from the Vieques Paz Peace Group
- "Human Shields" Remain in Bombing Range as Navy Continues to Bomb by CRDV
- Letter to President Clinton by New Mayor of Vieques by Dámaso Serrano Lopez
- Military Toxics-Press Release by Robert Rabin & Nilda Medina
- Vieques Vs. ATSDR by Robert Rabin & Nilda Medina
- Public Call For Immediate Action on Vieques by Vieques Libre
- Martin Sheen Calls for End to Bombing in Vieques by Hector Rosario
- Vieques Residents  Alarmed by Depleted Uranium Report Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
- Bombs Have Killed Many Civilians by Iván Ramos Soler


- Another Pledge of Allegiance by Dennis Baer
- 9-11-01 by Pamela Gayle Smith
- The Face of Hate by Crystal Cartier
- Somebody Blew Up America by Amiri Baraka


- Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots by Carol A. Valentine
- Guilty for 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers by Illarion Bykov & Jared Israel
- Guilty for 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers -- Part 2 by Illarion Bykov & Jared Israel
- What Really Happened to Flight 93 By Paul Kincaid
- Six Men Identified by FBI as Dead Hijackers are ALIVE by Syed Adeeb
- White House Lied About Threat to Air Force One by Jerry White
- "Home Run" Electronically Hijacking the World Trade Center Attack Aircraft by Joe Vialls
- Testimony By John J. Maresca, Vice President, Unocal Corporation
- Evidence of Criminal Insider Trading Leads Directly to Highest Levels of CIA by Michael  C. Ruppert
- The Split Second Error: Part 1 of Exposing the WTC Bomb Plot by Fintan Dunne
- How the World Trade Center/Pentagon Crash Bombing Operation Came by Dick Eastman
- Osamagate, The Whole Story by Michel Chossudovsky
- What Muslim would write: 'The time of fun and waste is gone'? by Robert Fisk
- Pre-Planned US/UK War Against Afghanistan by Francis A. Boyle
- CNN Crime Against Public Information by Márcio A.V. Carvalho
- Americans For Justice in Palestine -- Press Statement
- Is The United States About to Attack Afghanistan Because It Shut Off the Heroin by Brian Downing Quig
- Welcome to the New World Order by Ghassan Ghraizi
- World Trade Center Attack -- Unanswered Questions by Lawrence Stephen Maxwell
- The Lies About Taliban Heroin, CIA Seizes Control of Drug Trade by Michael C. Ruppert
- WTC Architect: Collapse 'Unbelievable' by Michal Meyer & Stuart Winer
- Even The Birds Are Gone by Gideon Levy
- True Story -- South African Killed in World Trade Center
- 11 Nigerians Killed in World Trade Center, both reported in Pan African News Agency
- I Lost My Brother on 9-11; Does He Matter? by David Potorti
- News Blackout of Intensified Israeli Terror provided by Brian Quig
- Strange Case of the Black Box and the Indestructible Passport by Sam Yousef
- AF Intel Source pro-Bush Gov't Factions Absolutely Behind Tuesday's Mass Devastation by Robert Sterling
- An Official Statement -- Palestinian Massacre
- CIA Rejection of Stinger Missiles From Afghani Rebels by Rodney Stich
- Unfriendly Skies: History of Air Tragedies and Corruption That Made Them Possible by Rodney Stich
- This Report Cannot be Verified by Pepe Escobar
- Who Done It: "Muslim Militants" or "Our Government" by Michael A. Hoffman II

The Probability of An Early Death by Robert Lederman

Cover-Up: Another Downed Flight-American Airlines Flight 587 by Richard L. Franklin

Cover-Up: Amir Did Not Murder Rabin and Now It's a Proven Fact by Barry Chamish

The History of AIDS by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

Myth Breakers

- Part 1 What does Islam Mean?
- Part 2 Jihad
- Part 3 Image of Muslims
- Part 4 Imhotep: A Man Not a Monster

Did You Know?

- Part 1 World Trade Center Tragedy
- Part 2 Freedom of Speech
- Part 3 American History, Terrorism
- Part 4 Drugs and Congress
- Part 5 Good News in America

America's Concerns

- Part 1 September 11, 2001
- Part 2 Scientists Self Censoring
- Part 3 Human Rights
- Part 4 Fund to End Child Abuse
- Part 5 National Gun Registration
- Part 6 Freedom of Speech
- Part 7 Job Security in the wake of September 11
- Part 8 Racism/Scapegoating
- Part 9 Coming Together in Brotherhood
- Part 10 Bush's Disingenuousness
- Part 11 Advice to Government

- Boycotts We Support

- U.S. House and U.S. Senate Addresses and Fax Numbers
- Congressional Email Addresses

Letters to the Editor


- Carol Taylor, Salih Eren, Kim Ives

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- Part 1 Book: The Arabs and The West
- Part 2 Book: Hatred in The Hallways
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