Winter 2002 -- Volume 2, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Quotes Editorial

- Commentary: Kissing the Censor's Whip by Greg Palast
- ZNet Commentary The Pacifica Counterrevolution Hits WBAI: Another Call for Action by Edward S. Herman
- Commentary on National Public Radio by John Jay
- Commentary Freedom of the Press by Peter Webster
- Commentary Freedom of the Press by Robert Minton
- Excerpts from a speech by Malcolm X on Freedom of the Press

- Some History of the Pacifica Crisis by Phil Mann
- Pacifica Campaign Statement on the Pacifica Radio settlement by Juan Gonzalez
- Settlement Agreement
- Censorship, pure and Simple: That Was What "Democracy" Looked Like by Mark Onesky
- Amy Goodman Personifies the Pacifica Mission by Paul Surovell
- Pacifica Controversial No. 2 Executive, Utrice Leid, Resigns
- Pacifica National Board Dissent Members' Memorandum to Board by Leslie Cagan
- FAIR Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
- Bizarre Behavior by Juan Gonzalez
- Democracy Now! in Exile Still Banned from Four Pacifica Stations DN! Fundraiser with Amy Goodman and Danny Glover, 2001
- Someone's Afraid of the Truth by Craig Gingold
- 9/11 March Airs on Democracy Now! by Evan Davis
- Actions to Save Pacifica by John Riley
- Press Release: Amidst Protest, Pacifica National Board Members Agree to resign
- Pacifica Meltdown by Edwin Johnston
- Press Release: Fiscal Irresponsibility Threatens Pacifica -- Radio Network Anti-Union Lawyers, PR Firms Eating Up Listener Dollars Bills Go Unpaid, But Executive Pay Skyrockets
- Action Alert: Pacifica Board Member Arrested at Houston Station: Reign of Mismanagement and Chaos Continues at Network
- Scab News Replaces Democracy Now! by the Democracy Now staff
- KPFT Legal Cases by Edwin Johnston
- Letter to AFTRA Steward Don Rush from Democracy Now Staff by Lyn Gerry
- The Nation Magazine -- Big Supporter of the Current Direction of Pacifica by Vic Chaubey
- The Wrong Journalist by Andrew Norris
- Open Letter to Utrice Leid Dated 8/13/2001
- Some Observations on History Repeating Itself by Myla Feson

Freedom of Speech/Freedom of the Press
- CIA Agents Infest US Mass Media Part 1 by Daniel Sheehan
- CIA Agents Infest US Mass Media Part 2 by Daniel Sheehan
- CIA Agents Infest US Mass Media Part 3 by Daniel Sheehan
- CIA Agents Infest US Mass Media Part 4 by Daniel Sheehan
- More Censoring? by Monique Frugier
- Jordanian Regime to Clamp Down Further on democratic Liberties by Ibrahim Alloush
- CSPG Censored by Carol Wells
- Three Political Web sites Downed After Government "Homeland Security" Threat by Celeste
- The Farce Estate: American Media Laps Up US Governmental Propaganda and Likes it by Geov Parrish
- CNN Conspires with Israeli Defense Force to Cover-Up Murder by Amr
- Support Gil Noble!! by James McIntosh
- The Media as Propaganda Ministry by Carla Binion
- KPFA Reporter Expelled from WBAI by Aaron Glantz
- New York Police Arrest Local Area Board by Eileen Sutton
- How Government Allows Censorship to Occur by FAIR-L
- Individual Freedom of Speech by Margaret Richards
- Censoring a Song!
- Censorship of Police Brutality Cover-Up by Suni
- Giuliani Wants to End 1st Amendment Rights in NYC by Robert Lederman

- When I'll Wave The Flag by Marvin X

True Story
- True Story: Freedom of Religion: Washington Held Previous "Anti-Muslim" Stance Since Early 1990s by Wendy Ghannam
- Were Stand Down Intercept Orders Given on Morning of 9/11? by Top View
- True Story: Constance by Nancy Hedrick
- True Story: Muhammad's Killer by Neta Golan
- Top secret Israeli History: Project Monarch, Rabin, and Oslo by Barry Chamish
- True Story: Why Was John Lennon Assassinated? by Brian Downing Quig
- American History -- Continued from the 4th Edition -- Who Bombed the Murrah Federal Building? by Michael A. Hoffman II
- Inside the Oklahoma Bombing Conspiracy by Mark Miller
- True Story Why the US Government Hates the US Militias -- A Shocking Report by Pam Schuffert

Did You Know?
- Did You Know? Part 1 Censorship
- Did you Know? Part 2 What Foundations Really Are by Mónica Toigo
- Did You Know? Part 3
- Did You Know? Part 4 The Hidden Weapons Factories by Amira Hass

Myth Breakers

America's Concerns
- America's Concerns Part 1 Testing Pesticides
- America's Concerns Part 2 Help Stop a Legal Lynching -- Support The Chattanooga 3 Case by JoNina Abron
- America's Concerns Part 3 Right of Return for the Palestinian People
- America's Concerns Part 4 Censoring Email Messages
- America's Concerns Part 5
- America's Concerns Part 6 Caterpillar Company

The World's Concerns new
- The life and death of Jimmy Higenyi by David Ouma Balikowa

Boycotts We Support
- Boycott Exxon Mobil
- New and Old Boycotts

- U.S. House & Senate Addresses
- Congressional Email Addresses
- Letters to the Editor
- Film Review -- Patrice Lumumba by Marvin X

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