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CSA Radiation Levels High in Chemtrail Area

Note: Especially Northern Florida, Houston, and St Louis areas. We don't have information on other areas yet.

January 26, 2006

We don`t want to alarm you as that is not our purpose. Using a radiaological survey meter we have found in "this" high area of chemtrail bombardments readings of 120 to 250 roentgens per hour (r/ph) which is enough to do serious harm to humans but slowly instead of quickly, so as to avoid detection by citizens. We suggest that regardless if you live in a chemtrail saturated area or not, that you buy a meter from as they are on sale now for $50.00. Buy one and check this out as this leads us to believe that which we have always suspected, that they are probably chemtrailing us with Depleted Uranium and isotopes. We hope we are wrong about this for your sakes.

Editor's note: If you don't have $50 personally to buy this meter, pool your money with your neighbors together and buy it that way. Your neighbors will be happy to know this information, hopefully.


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