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I'm from Waushara County (Wautoma, Wisconsin), and am going through similar unfortunate circumstances that Judith Hansel endured here. Even the same government officials, except the D.A. in her case is now our County Judge (G. Dutcher). My case is a Family law case that has brought to light the same corrupt officials. Even the 'Court Appointed Attorney' is taking bribes. I can't understand how after 20 years the same people are destroying the citizens who believed in justice. I just sat and shook my head reading and rereading 'Escape from America.' I have four filing cabinets full of illegal activity of Waushara County. I escaped Waushara County myself in 2003, only moving 40 miles out, but am still dealing with the on-going court activities in in Waushara County. We are going to expose them, unless they shut me up somehow first. To find an Attorney any where in the State of Wisconsin to undertake a Federal suit against Waushara Co. is almost impossible.

Editor's note: If you're not familiar with Judith Hansel's story, return to the main page of this Web site and click on American Refugees icon. Judith's story is the second piece after my story. Fascinating because it's true.


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