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Milosevic has to be freed for
medical treatment!

By Vladimir Krsljanin
November 18, 2005

Behavior of the Hague "tribunal" puts at stake the life of President Milosevic. An immediate reaction of the authorities in charge in Serbia and in the State Community, as well as of the UN Security Council is needed in order to change this behavior.

An international team of medical experts from France, Russia, and Serbia, that examined President Milosevic on 4 November, has concluded that he has to have at least six weeks of total rest, with no physical or mental activities. It is clear that for such a worsening of President Milosevic's health it is only the "tribunal" to be blamed.

However, the "tribunal" has made these days a dangerous and insolent challenge to human rights, UN Organization, medical and legal profession, by neglecting the findings and the conclusions of the medical experts and by bringing ill President Milosevic into the court room - an act that endangered his life.

We call upon all medical doctors, lawyers, institutions for protection of human rights and all honest people at home and abroad to join the appeal of the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic and of the Freedom Association and to act now to stop the crime in its final phase.

The Hague proceedings must be suspended and President Milosevic has to be provided with medical treatment in freedom, so that he would be able, after recuperation, to continue taking part in the proceedings.


Belgrade, 18 November 2005

Editor's note: We have read that President Milosevic's life was attempted. Fortunately, the attempt, which was a car accident, failed.


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