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We need to work together to put Oregonians back to work.

By Delia Lopez
June 17, 2010

Some people like to argue over petty differences instead of working together to solve our problems. I get so tired of the right verses left divisive nonsense designed to distract our attention from the real problems that truly affect us all.

Take for instance, the issue of affordable locally grown organic food. The “left” complains we are losing our access to this healthy food, which is grown naturally on nearby farms.  Unfortunately organic does not mean what it once did. Report after report shows that government regulations are failing to ensure safe food. Every year thousands of people get sick eating federally inspected contaminated food.  A recent report shows that there have been massive failures to protect our food supply resulting in calls for a complete overhaul of our inspection system. Our small local organic farmers are being forced out of business by these onerous government regulations.

Over the last few decades nearly all of the nations local abattoirs (local slaughter houses) have gone out of business.

One such place in Douglas county Oregon has been in business for years. They have a window so you can observe as they process meats and see how sanitary their procedures really are. Burdensome USDA regulations on these slaughter houses make it nearly impossible for them to remain in business. The only way consumers get a peak into the larger government regulated and inspected slaughter houses is via secretly recorded videos that have been smuggled out. Most of us don't like what we see in them and would prefer to buy locally.  These regulations increase the costs so many of our small farmers are put out of business. These small businessmen are being put out of business by excessive government regulations and taxation. Wow! That sounds like the constant chorus of complaints from groups such as Americans for Prosperity or Freedomworks both considered “right wing” activist groups. Could it be that those on the left and the right are truly interested in the same thing? As I look around I see time after time the two sides divided by verbiage that has nothing to do with advancing either sides’ causes. Both of the passionate people on the right and the left want the same liberty under different headings! The question is how can we work together to achieve success? We all want to be able to buy what we want from who we want. We want independent farmers following their dreams to earn their living as producers of organic food.

Imagine a farmer raising a few cows every year and having them slaughtered at the local slaughterhouse then being able to buy that locally grown steak, or chicken directly from that farmer?

Imagine another local farmer milking a few cows or goats and being able to sell the milk to his neighbors?

Imagine people actually drinking milk and eating beef from neighborhood farmers that they trust?

Do we want the government to have the authority to deny us the choice of purchasing the foods we want?

Do we want the government to be able to tell a small farmer that he is not allowed to sell what he produces because his bathroom is not handicap accessible?

Not long ago farmers markets sold locally made cheeses, breads, and jams, and then they were gone. The government decided kitchens were not commercial enough? Far more people get sick out of foods from commercial kitchens than from home kitchens! Government regulations allow so many rodent hairs or other contaminants in food. If I was buying bread from my neighbor and found yucky stuff in it I would not shop there again. Quality control is very important because most advertising for small producers is word of mouth and if people get sick, you lose customers. I agree the federal inspection requirements on small local shops should be redone by totally eliminating them in favor of the free market! Let me decide where I want to shop and what I want to eat! Let the small farmer, a businessman, be free to run his business as he sees fit and let consumers decide what we want to purchase. Let's get the government out of it and cut the costs and let our economy revive so that small businesses can once again pop up overnight.

We, the people, need to regain control. We created this government to protect our rights. Not run our lives. My campaign is entirely volunteer, join us, in our effort to restore freedom and prosperity.

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