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Victory for concealed carry on campus

By Dudley Brown
May 12, 2010

Despite the looming specter of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, attempts to ban all private firearm sales and establish a national gun registry, gun rights activist do have cause to celebrate.

The increasingly acrimonious battle over right to carry on campus is becoming a winning battle ground for gun rights activists.

Just last week the National Association for Gun Rights and our Colorado ally, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (I serve as Executive Director of both organizations), scored a decisive victory for concealed carry on campus.  Working with Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at CSU, our attorney filed suit against Colorado State University over their attempt to ban self-defense on campus.

Under pressure from the lawsuit and a recent appeals court ruling that overturned a similar ban at the University of Colorado, CSU officials rescinded their anti-gun policy.

In light of CSU’s decision, the Colorado Community College system released a statement acknowledging that students, faculty, and citizens have the legal authority to defend themselves on community college campuses across the state.

It is outrageous that these universities and secondary education facilities would try to make students and faculty into potential victims, especially when their policy is in direct contradiction to existing state law.

I believe that over the next several years we’re going to see the right-to-carry on campus being pushed across the country.

Rest assured, the National Association for Gun Rights will continue to be a leader for the self-defense rights of students and faculty across the country.

Please know that is was you – the donors, members and activists – who made this possible.  So give yourself a quick pat on the back, then roll up your sleeves, and let’s continue to work for freedom.

Keep up the fight,


Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. The National Association for Gun Rights is only able to take up these important fights through the contributions of gun rights activists like you.



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