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Why The Jewish State Is Illegitimate


By Joseph C. Stockett.

There is a place in Arab Palestine they
Call the Jewish State;
Its founders were bloody terrorists in
The year of 1948.

Former Prime Minister Shamir and his
Lackeys assassinated Count Folke Bernadotte
The United Nation representative
With calculated vicious malice.

With zero respect for justice the Jewish
Swine shot the good Swede down!
The Swedish UN Peace Negotiator
An Equitable Solution had found.

To destroy peaceful negotiations the Jews
Machine-gunned the answer to the ground.
In a sea of Swedish blood the reasonable
Arab Peace Proposal was drowned.

Millions of innocent Palestinians
Were expelled from their ancestral land
By a cruel and relentless oppressor
With an evil mind and a blood-drenched hand!

       "We Jews are a superior race
God's chosen people we;
These dumb Arab animals
Don't deserve to be free."

There is a place in Islamic Palestine
They call it the Zionist State.
It's founders were Jewish terrorists
And what do terrorists create?

These Jews murdered, bombed, and plundered
Claiming to be God's chosen few;
A cursed product of the so-called holocaust
The modern Arab-hating Jew.

      "We want their land at any cost
and any price we'll pay;
The whole world we will destroy
If it won't do what we say."

       "We bombed Beirut in eighty-two
No mercy did we show:
We don't mind killing Americans
When they defend the P.L.O."

       "We are the Jewish Lobby Psychopaths,
Our atom bombs have left a dirty trail;
We are the Synagogue of Satan,
Our wicked game is world blackmail!"

       "The world sat down to tea and scones
While Jews in "death" camps died;
For land and power our leaders now
Have also killed and lied."

       "Never again!  Never again!
No! We will not hesitate
To abandon moral principles
For our sacred Kosher State!"

       Jonathon Jay Pollard
For Jewish masters he did spy.
A "loyal first" to Israel Jew
He explained the reason why:

      "An American Jew though I may be
I do not owe her loyalty;
For treason serves my Jewish faith
And keeps my precious Israel safe."

      A Jewish racist to the core
In his brain foul treason bore:
The despicable selling of his soul
For an Israeli chauvinistic goal.

      American Jewish leaders and their bought
Politicians were very clever and bright
In convincing the gullible American public
That Jewish terrorism is just and right!"

      Jewish robbery, theft, murder, and lies
Stomped out the pitiful Arab cries;
Then Hamas won the Gaza election vote
And gave Palestinians a ray of hope.

      At Der Yassin Jewish terrorists had butchered
The entire Arab village with horrid glee.
Then publicized their blood-thirsty deed
So more Arabs from their homes would flee.

      These so-called Jewish nationalists
Tortured, burned, and brutalized
The entire Arab population
And instituted malicious genocide.

      But the indigenous Arabs living there
Since before the vagrant Jew was born
Resisted the expulsion from their homes
and met greater Jewish hate and scorn.

     The Jewish Racist Terror Hate State
Was financed by the U.S.A.
While Great Britain's deceived politicians
Lick Israel's boots still today!

Taken from the book of Herzl's paranoid pages
incrementally implemented in cohesive stages.
Led by the Protocol's of the Elders of Zion,
The French Dreyfus affair produced fear he relied on.

The 'Jewish Hate State' Herzl envisioned and wrote
Needed Great Britain for there to be hope
That "conquering force of European extraction
Could colonize Palestine without fatal reaction."

The extensive wealth and power of world Jewry
Was then funneled into this insidious cause
With absolutely no respect for Arab human rights
And in defiance of international laws.

The Jewish Agency became a proxy state;
Created an army and instilled it with hate
For the Arab victims of the Jewish disgrace
A demented deceit with a Westernized face.

This Jewish state has no right to exist;
It was created by the Jewish fanatic's fist.
Israel is an illegitimate terror state
Based upon racism and violent hate.

Boycott all Israeli commerce!
Silence the Jewish terror voice!
You can rid the world of this menace
by making a firm choice:

Join the oppressed Palestinians and help them rebel
against the repressive Jewish-made hell;
Respond to my poem and ring freedom's bell!
Create a world force no Jewish tyrants can quell!



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