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'MI6 Crumbles'


By James Casbolt

Jock Doubleday, you will desist from posting comments of this nature on Haley Meijer's Facebook profile. Your comment has been taken as sexual in nature because of Haley's involvement in the CIA 'Monarch' programme. Whether your comment was innocent or not, you have just implicated yourself in a large scale investigation into Haley's case by various law enforcement agencies in more than one country. Your butterfly Monarch symbolism and Alice in Wonderland mind control themes on your website are also a cause of concern to us, as well as your information by 'Matt Monarch' and images of pregnant women. Haley informs me you contacted her last year and claim to be an expert in childbirth. Again this is a cause of concern because of the forced breeding, cloning, and traumatic abortion aspects of the 'Monarch' programme and the MI6 'Zygot' programme. We hope for your sake that you are innocent and the name Jock Doubleday is not a pun on cloning and eugenics. Rest assured your details are being run through various databases. We hope for your sake that your medical background is legitimate and you are not a 'backstreet abortionist' involved with any corrupt and criminal elements within the global intelligence apparatus. If you are legit you have nothing to worry about. If you are not, you have just involved yourself in the most dangerous game. Haley has been getting abusive comments on her Facebook profile after her recent abuse at Heathrow airport, as well as horrific recent abuse in the 'Monarch' mind control programme about which we are not ready to go public yet. Through Haley's deprogramming we have the details of her involvement as a 'Presidential Model' in this CIA programme. We have the names, dates, and location of this abuse which goes to the highest levels of the White House. I love Haley and will not see my woman hurt in this way any longer. This is a new day in the intelligence community. A new generation of young operatives are involved in stopping this mess from the inside. Zero tolerance to sex slavery and the trafficking of women in the US and UK is the order of the day. The data below 'outs' MI6 Director John McLeod Scarlett. This individual was one of my MI6 handlers along with MI6 Director Alfred Bonner. I was put on 'The Circuit' by these two men under mind control during the 1990s in London. The Circuit involved me being used as an assassin and male prostitute for British Intelligence. Director Bonner handled the assassinations and John Scarlett handled the male prostitution. I have over 200 confirmed kills under the direction of Alfred Bonner. He can be contacted on the following MI5 confidential number given to operatives 0207-060-6063 if any newspapers are interested in speaking to him. The password for access into the system is GOODFIRM. The male prostitution side of things was handled by Scarlett and was 'farmed' to out to various women such as MI5 director Stella Rimington for sex and to be used in the MI6 'Zygot' super-race programme. Rimington was also trained in the medical field by her own mother as a midwife and abortionist. Stella Rimington is also a black market sperm dealer.

'John Scarlett - The Eggman'

By Black Rabbit

British Intelligence MI6 Head of Service is John Scarlett. Scarlett is not 'James Bond'. He is a paedophile, a sado-masochist, and a murderer. 'Alice in Wonderland' mind control programming is his speciality. He is part of the British Chapter of 'Royal Arch Freemasonry' and as such, counts himself as one of the 'Illuminati'. Why the 'Eggman'? The diabolical Royal Arch Freemasonry of the British Illuminati: The 'Humpty Dumpty' cult, otherwise known as the 'Dark Lily Brotherhood' currently run by John Scarlett - Head of MI6. In layperson's terms, this secret society is an 'esoteric' front for the Royal Genome project. Briefly, this cult was begun, in order to ensure the survival of the decrepit genes of the European Monarchies by infusing them with new 'blood' - more specifically, new DNA. Women were secretly selected, according to their gene pool and put under MI6 Illuminati mind control via the programme 'Alice in Wonderland'. 'Alice in Wonderland' is no fairytale. During the 1980s and 1990s, the selected, female British Intelligence recruits were taken to see the 'arum lily'. A plant which stinks of rotting human flesh. This was to reveal to them the 'mysteries' of the cult ie. that they would be used for their zygotes (fertilised eggs) in order to continue the research of the Royal cult ie. the Nazi, eugenics project. The Royal Family and their associates, didn't simply want to have 'above average' intelligence, looks, talents etc, they wanted to be the 'superior race' in every way. They were continuing the Nazi agenda. Nazism never went away, and it is being perpetuated via pawns like Scarlett, who is part of the 'fifth column' in British society. 'Ar-rum' shouts the character in 'Alice in Wonderland' as Alice tries to break out of the symbolic womb of the house she has grown too big for.. 'Ar-rum'.. the lizard is held up by the two guinea pigs (penis and balls) after his attempt to 'get down the chimney' (vagina). This is the real meaning behind the sick parable of the British Illuminati, as explained to their new Royal Arch Freemasonry recruits.. too sick to go into details, but needs must. This has all got to be exposed. The women who have been chosen, have no choice as to with whom they copulate. They are raped by members of the Illuminati, having been forbidden to have sexual relations with any other man. They are not allowed to choose their own partner and not allowed to get married, have children or any sort of normal life. They are the 'sacred prostitutes'. After fertilisation, they are then forced through the most terrible and traumatic abortions.

'Mr Forever Young -
The Unofficial Biography of MI6 Director Alfred Bonner'

By James Casbolt

No hard feelings, Fred. I never had anything against you and many of the those people deserved to die on 'The Circuit'. I'm upset at what happened to Haley on the plane from Heathrow. Over 200 bodies! 200 life sentences? I don't think so? I don't have a problem with you, but if it comes down to the two of us, I will not hesitate. The same cannot be said about John McCleod Scarlett. I do have a BIG problem with him. For the public record, director Bonner recently rang my 'mother' in St Ives and asked for 'Mr Prince' (Michael Prince is my birth name). I won't go into details of the conversation but it ended up with me contacting MI5 HQ in London a few days later. I was informed director Bonner was 'in theatre' (theatre of war) in Afghanistan (actually involved in the 'Looking Glass' programme) and he would contact me on my mobile phone. I then received several phone calls and when I answered the line was disconnected. I spoke to MI5 HQ about this and was informed Bonner's team in Afghanistan was having communication problems because of satellite movements in the area. As mentioned before director Bonner was involved in the organisation of my 'hits' in the UK and other countries over the years and has been a regular visitor to St Ives for organisation of these same assassinations. Officially Alfred Bonner was born in 1918 which would make him over 90-years-old. However, he is much older than this. Bonner looks and sounds like a man in his early 50s with a well spoken public schoolboy manner. Bonner speaks fluent German and actually considers himself German. The truth is that Bonner was born in Bavaria, Germany and served under Hitler in WW2. Sound unbelievable, then read on. His military records show him turning up in England in 1947 during Project Paperclip. He was then involved in the CIA in America in the 1950s, from where he travelled back to England and become involved in the Royal Marines in 1954 and was also involved in MI5 and MI6 until the late 1950s. Bonner then travelled back to America and was again involved in the CIA in the 1960s and 1970s. Then his public trail stops. From what information we have he was apparently 'killed in action' in Vietnam during a covert op in Ban-Phoi near Vinh. Then all of a sudden he shows back in the intelligence community as Security Director for all Deep U/G Military Bases in Continental North America. He was at Dulce during the attack, battle of rescue of large numbers of women in 1979 (Type 5 female blond clones). Bonner served as 'clean-up' director after that battle. Haley was somehow connected to the Dulce events of either 1979 or 1999 (Haley’s official date of birth is probably not accurate). Bonner was heavily involved at Eglin, FL for the operation of suboceanic craft.  He was nicknamed the 'Dalton Demon' by CIA agent Walter Hamilton when they worked together at Dalton, VA(another place connected to Haley and 'The Farm'). Bonner's interrogation and torture techniques were so shocking. More to come. Any journalists who are interested in speaking to Bonner can contact him at MI5 HQ on the following confidential number given to operatives 0207-060-6063. The password for access into the system is GOODFIRM.

'The Circuit - Assassination and Prostitution in the Ibis Programme'

By James Casbolt

Location CLC-1 (Central London Complex 1) U/G [Underground] military facility below London. Date 1991

I am to be trained for assassination and male prostitution with a group of 15 teenage boys at this facility. Our group have been raised on military bases from the time of our births and the use of genetic twin cloning technology and screen memories have enabled the controllers of the Ibis programme to infiltrate us into the civilian population at various times in our lives and then return us back to U/G facilities. The section of this facility I will spend the next part of my life in consists of a large U/G carpark with a door to left that allows access to a long hallway with offices, dorm rooms and a debriefing room connected to large 'night training' rooms. When I arrive at the facility I am taken in an office and sign a piece of paper for my part in the next stage of the programme. I am taken to my room near the beginning of the hallway on the lefthand side and I make myself at home. Each young person there has their own room. We are woken up early every morning and have to form a line and then jog along the corridor into a medical room on the right on the hallway. Here we are given daily injections of some kind of drug loaded with nanites and hormones to enhance us. Many of us will get side effects from this drug later and develop eating disorders because of this. Once this drug has been administered we proceed to the second carpark at the opposite end of the hallway and are driven to in vans to various above ground military bases for Delta assassination training. At night we spend time in the debriefing room and are allowed to relax and play cards and such in this room before we go to bed. This routine continues for weeks until one night we are shown pictures of beautiful girls on the screen in the debriefing room and told they will be arriving at the facility in a couple of days from America and they are our counterparts in the CIA. The histories of these teenage girls are explained to us to make us realise we are all basically prisoners. We are told these young women have been raised in secret U/G military bases as well and have been farmed out to politicians and such for sex through organisations in the civilian American population, such as the Mormons. There is a feeling of excitement amongst us, but this feeling is very much suppressed because of the drugs we are being given. A couple of days later we arrive in the debriefing room after Delta training that day and are informed the American girls are here. They are brought in and the atmosphere is intense in the room. Each of us boys is matched to a certain girl and they are seated next to us. We are left alone and start to chat. The conversations are pretty limited as all we know is a life of military mind control (at this point I don't feel too comfortable disclosing the details of the girl I remember being matched with - but some readers may be able to read in between the lines). We play cards and slowly become more comfortable around each other. After about an hour of this, the adults enter and our pairs are each led into one of the night training rooms connected to the debriefing room by the adult handler. Sex training begins here facilitated by the adult. This basically involves being trained in various forms of fetish sex for high level prostitution with politicians and such. These details will be disclosed at some point in the future. Continued from previous disclosures here



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