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Did You Know?

Gulf of Mexico Oil Explosion

The effect of the COREXIT 9500 dispersant used is four times more toxic than oil. So that at only 2.61 ppm (parts per million), it is deadly to the entire food chain of the Gulf of Mexico. There is said to be 2.9 million gallons of oil spewing out of the damaged installation. Oil is toxic at 11ppm.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Explosion

There has been LITTLE TO NO response on the part of environmental groups and agencies regarding the damage that is being done to the ecosystem and environment in the region. This can only be regarded as suspicious. One can only wonder why they have not only remained silent, but they have praised the Obama administration’s actions.

Editor's note: This seems to be definitive proof that the environmental organizations were established by the very ones who carried out this crime, i.e. the elite otherwise known as the Illuminati.

Nazis and the EU

The Nazis launched the EU as the EEC in 1940. See

Newspaper Reporters in the Council on Foreign Relations

Geri Joseph, a Minneapolis Star and Tribune reporter (used to be called the Morning Star) was married to Burton Josephs.  She was a member of the CFR and started the Humphrey Institute with her husband.  He funded CIA's Robert Vesco in the takeover of Bernie Cornfeld's Overseas Investors Services.
Provided by Mary in Minnesota

Yale University

Russell Opium Trust owns Yale.
Provided by Bob Dodd in a post on cia-drugs listserv on March 8, 2010.

Terminator Bee Queens

Most US crops are pollinated by bees from USDA terminator bee queens. Then the bees die from pesticides and genetically modified crops. Go get more bees and bee queens from USDA-approved USDA-controlling genetically modified bee corporations. Death on! Bee monopoly is an example of how the next bubble, security economy, is going to get us.
Provided by Bob Dodd in a post on cia-drugs listserv on March 8, 2010

More on the Kennedy Assassination

Another motive in President John F. Kennedy's assassination is because Kennedy was willing to allow Sukarno, who was president of Indonesia, release West Papua/NewGuinea which would have wasted Freeport-McMoran's bribes there for a gold mine. They didn't want to pay bribes to
a new government so they joined in the JFK swarm (CIA, Permindex, mob, etc.) who carried out the assassination.
Provided by Bob Dodds on cia-drugs listserv, a listserv on March 23, 2010.

And this just in from the Rev. Dr. Anthony G. Pike:

President John F. Kennedy was shot at point blank range with an exploding bullet to the forehead by CIA agent, Bill Greer, the driver of JFK's car, because he was about to make a speech in Dallas on the alien presence. Marilyn Monroe, was also murdered by the CIA for the same reason.
Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Tel  91-8596-224312/9959-684635
Date       1st July 2010


Hospital patients in Faluja and Hit, Iraq, were ziptized by USMC crusaders and thrown on the floor to fester in urine and excrement for days, classified as enemy combatants to prevent their white phosphorus wounds from being documented. Like Olson, any truth teller, whistleblower, or victim is an enemy combatant now.
USMC shot a female ambulance driver and ruined her ambulance in Faluja, to prevent white phosphorus victims from arriving at a photo op at the hospital. The truth is casualty.

Jessica Lynch's Iraqi hospital that treated her well was classified by US psyopers as enemy combatants, so her ambulance was turned back at gun point so she could be "rescued."

We are learning that T Rex capitalist oligarchy is at perpetual war with people, and that Marxist "bourgeois capitalism" is not unitary substance but one in slavery to another only as long as the middle class in one country or another is found more useful as slaves than as food. There is bourgeois, and then there is capitalism as thin
cover for a rapacious elite. Middle class itself is going offshore.

On the one hand, the middle class makes itself into cannibals for the monster. Olson knew too much, had a conscience, so he had to go out the window. CIA eleased many genmod pathogens in Africa, and some are still circulating through human hosts today, including ST313. Three bullet suicides are a distinct possibility as the whole middle class here begins to recognize who killed JFK, RFK, MLK, and did false flags WTCbomb, OKCbomb, WTC 9/11, 9/11 and Arkansas (Russell Welch) anthrax, H1N1, and so on, all war against the US middle class to enlist the middle class up to a point but increasingly since 1999 to simply drag us down the
drain with anti-people cannibalistic practices ultimately to be aimed against the middle class, no matter how loyal, because we are increasingly obsolete from a profit perspective or just a bit too difficult to fool anymore.

We're all going out the window, and probably twice. Aren't there even US troops in Somalia now, not just US bombs? Did the US just bomb civilians in Colombia yesterday, to help stage for a suppression of Venezuelans, Chileans, Ecuadoreans, Bolivians? We cannot please T Rex anymore. Remember what TV has taught
us, that in the final stage, a serial killer makes mistakes and kills more often. We are talking about a parallel killer in the end stage.

By Bob Dodds

Council of 13

Our 'X-Man', Stew Webb, 55, has indepth information on the whole Satanic conspiracy to enslave mankind in the upcoming New World Order of Antichrist. Interestingly, the Jesuits are pretty high up in Satan's hierarchy and the NSA act as a communication link. Meanwhile, the Masons and the Illuminati also play a key role as does 'Council of 13' member, George H. W. Bush, and his son, George W. Bush. Anyway, for a complete rundown of the Satanic hierarchy and their nefarious activities, check out this article by Dr Stefan Grossmann entitled 'Biology of the Beast' at <>.
Yours in the battle for planet earth, Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK) Cosmic Research Foundation Markapur, A.P. 523316, India E-Mail
March 25, 2010

Rothschild and Diamond Mines

Lord Rothschild was the financier behind Rhodes' cartelization of the South African diamond mines. Taken from Meet The World Money Power by Charles Savoie

Pilgrims Society Front Organizations

English Speaking Union, Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute for International Affairs, United Nations Association, Atlantic Council of the United States, Bilderberg Conferences, Japan Society, Trilateral Commission, France-America Society, British North American Committee, Rhodes Scholars Association, Dartmouth Conferences, American-Australian Association, Council of the Americas, Center for Inter-American Relations, the American University Union, Pan American Society of the U.S., etc. Page 69 Taken from Meet The World Money Power by Charles Savoie

Tony Blair, Former British Prime Minister

Tony Blair is a member of the Pilgrims Society. Page 47 Taken from Meet The World Money Power by Charles Savoie

Federal Reserve Plotters who are members of the Pilgrims Society

Paul Warburg, Senator Nelson Aldrick, Henry P. Davidson, of J.P.Morgan & Company, Benjamin Strong, also of the Morgan group, and Frank Vanderlip, of the Rockefeller allied National City Bank, and possibly Charles D. Norton, president of the first National Bank of New York. Page 51 Taken from Meet The World Money Power by Charles Savoie
Editor's note: Mr. Savoie holds the British government accountable for all our woes. What he doesn't realize is that the British government has been controlled since 1694 by Rothschild who has also intermarried with British royalty.

John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was a member of the Illuminati.
Provided by David Allen Rivera in Final Warning: A History of the New World Order (Revised Edition) Page 80

Henry Ford II

Henry Ford II married into the Rothschild family.
Provided by the same source as the previous entry on page 106.
Editor's note: This would explain why the philosophy of the Ford family changed so radically as Henry Ford II's grandfather, used hemp to manufacture the Model T and also ran it on hemp.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pawn of the Illuminati who surrounded himself with Communists.
Provided by the same source as the previous two entries. Page 117.

Mein Kampf

"Though Mein Kampf was published as a work of Adolf Hitler while he was in prison, it was discovered later that it was actually written by Nazi politicians Rudolf Hess and Hermann Wilhelm Goering (and possibly Haushofer), as a follow-up to the Karl Marx book A World Without Jews. The Illuminati made sure the book was well circulated, and it became the springboard for Hitler's political career."
Provided by the same source as the previous three entries. Page 165

More on The Statue of Liberty

See also

After the Executive Order establishing martial law in the US never repealed from Abraham Lincoln's order, the Statue of Liberty was sent from the Central Committee as a replica of the goddess of Slavery, the matriarch of slavery, and is exemplified by the GAIA worship Al Gore, The Inconvenient Truth guy preaches at the Green Cathedral on West 57th Street, New York City and attended by Maurice Strong of the International Union of Conservation (IUC),  the billionaire who promotes GREEN revolution and worship of Earth, and Earth was his brain child. The Global Warming ultimate totalitarian state.

GAIA worship was continued by Gorbachev in the Presideo in San Francisco to teach the world religion.
Provided by Dr. Gifford

Council of the Americas

David Rockefeller is the founder and head of the Council of the Americas. Provided by


Many have written here that GMO crops are allowing the world to be fed. Yes, that may be true, but fed with what? Corn, in the US has been reduced to only one variety where there used to be a hundred varieties. This one GMO corn variety was conceived to grow the stocks more closely together than "natural" corn would grow allowing more bushels per acre. The down side is that this one variety of corn has no nutritional value. It has been reduced to starch and sugar. Feeding it to the US population and the rest of the world would be like feeding them cardboard. In third world countries where farmers attempt to use their own harvested corn and other seeds, Monsanto and other "seed" companies have used the World Bank to force these farmers to accept and plant GMO corn and other seeds. If they don't, the WHO will not lend that country the money it needs to buy food and other products necessary for existence. The WHO is a gun to the head of the third world forcing the planting and propagation of GMO products and allows law suits by Monsanto against poor farmers if they are caught using their own seeds EVER again because they can't afford Monsanto seeds.
Posted by anonymous on

Green Party

The Green Movement, including ALL so called ‘Green Parties’ are in fact COMMUNIST!
Takenfrom in an article entitled John Gormley: Fluoride, GMO and the Rockefeller Comunist 'Coincidence' By Neil Foster in the Sovereign Independent July 5, 2010



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