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The Tsunami that was Katrina

August 30, 2005

Hurricane Katrina 

It has been established that the former Soviet Union (fSU) developed and boasted of weather modification technology during the 1960's and 70's with deployment against the United States coming in 1976 with the audible arrival of the woodpecker grid. They have called it the Geophysical Weapon. These weather operations continue to this day. But is the fSU the ONLY superpower that have developed this technology? The short answer is no, but they were the first. Too often when studying history we read of governments that 'stimulate' their domestic populations with events called terrorist attacks to effect some kind of change in the public's attitudes and perceptions for some future need.

It is my belief that weather has been and is being used to poke and prod at the population for a multitude of reasons. The will all become very apparent at some point in the future but only if one is aware of this available tool that the Power Elite have available for use.

I have posted this page FAR sooner than I would like to have. I would like to have had the post mortem of Katrina from the National Hurricane Center to work from as well as a little time/distance from the events of this week so that perspective can be maintained. I will continue to update and add to this page in the days ahead.

This nation has not faced an economic crisis like the one that Katrina will spark in the days and months ahead. But that is one of the reasons Katrina was absolutely guided along the path that we all watched. This path has resulted in maximum damage to the energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and to the psyche of those that remain susceptible to further storms this year and in the years to follow. Oh New Orleans and the rest of the affected Gulf Coast.

I fully expect one more 'event' this year to impact the Globe. My gut feeling is that it will be an earthquake/volcanic event with intensity of at least 7.5 in magnitude resulting in insured losses to exceed $25 billion. Where will happen? My gut says the Western United States. (10 Jan 06) It ended up being the Kashmir region of Pakistan.

Protect your family's wealth with precious metals as the cascading effects from this disaster and from poor government fiscal management, which have just begun to be felt worldwide.

My prayers go out to all who need a helping hand in the very difficult times ahead. The amount of social change that this storm has begun to unleash upon the fabric of American society is just now being grasped by the media, they are always a little slow to pick up on things, but then what's new! Oh how we long for a truly free press.

Who has this technology, and what does the apparatus look like?

Tesla Weapons--

In the 1930's Tesla announced other bizarre and terrible weapons: a death ray, a weapon to destroy hundreds or even thousands of aircraft at hundreds of miles range, and his ultimate weapon to end all war -- the Tesla shield, which nothing could penetrate. However, by this time no one any longer paid any real attention to the forgotten great genius. Tesla died in 1943 without ever revealing the secret of these great weapons and inventions.

Unfortunately, today in 1981 the Soviet Union has long since discovered and weaponized the Tesla scalar wave effects. Here we only have time to detail the most powerful of these frightening Tesla weapons -- which Brezhnev undoubtedly was referring to in 1975 when the Soviet side at the SALT talks suddenly suggested limiting the development of new weapons "more frightening than the mind of man had imagined." One of these weapons is the Tesla howitzer recently completed at the Saryshagan missile range and presently considered to be either a high-energy laser or a particle beam weapon, (See Aviation Week & Space Technology , July 28, 1980, pg. 48 for an artist's conception.)

Scalar Howitzer
From Aviation Week & Space Technology July 28, 1980 

Whittaker/Ziolkowski Transmitter Arrays-- 8 to 20 harmonic wave pairs each

New York TImes 15 January 1960

Seriously Flawed Path of Classical Electrodymamics

Where does the energy come from to achieve such great geoengineering feats? 

Even in the standard CEM/EE model, one is free to change the magnitude of the potential of a system (thus changing the potential energy of that system) freely and without work. It's called "re gauging" and is assumed and used by all electrodynamicists.

The hooker is that, in 1892, Lorentz arbitrarily symmetrized the already sharply curtailed Maxwell-Heaviside equations. He did it just to get simpler equations, easier to solve without numerical methods.

In so doing, he arbitrarily discarded all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems. Nature did not discard them, and does not discard them. Lorentz did. This is why western science just cannot see how this task can be accomplished, even with the evidence staring back at them.

Since that time all our CEM/EE departments, professors, and texts have incorporated that symmetrical regauging. In symmetrical regauging, there is no NET force field, since the two new free force fields created are deliberately selected to be "equal and opposite" (hence symmetrical). This means that at all that free potential energy one gained without any work, at will, is "locked up" in the system as an altered system stress. It also makes the forward emf and back emf equal and opposite (and in the case of a magnetic circuit, the forward and back emf are made equal) ARBITRARILY.

Scalar interferometry (production of EM fields and potentials at a distance) can be taken directly from Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 papers. For a very rigorous mathematical proof in modern terms, in a higher group symmetry electrodynamics, see M.W. Evans et al., "On Whittaker's Represent at ion of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo, Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy by Scalar Interferometry," Journal of New Energy , 4(3), Special Issue, Winter 1999, pg. 76-78.

The scalar potential decomposes into a set of bidirectional longitudinal EM waves (Whittaker 1903).

So with scalar potential interferometry, one can produce fields and potentials at a distance, in the interference zone, at will.

By producing a vast potential (voltage), one "charges" or potentializes the charges in the storm; e.g., by energy W which is given by W = Vq. No work is done until current flows.

So with scalar interferometry, one can easily change the entire potential energy of a storm, by adding potential energy directly (and mostly for free!). The only work required is for the switching and control. This is rigorously ASYMMETRIC regauging of the potential energy of the storm, almost for free.

By using ASYMMETRIC regauging (which was discarded by Lorentz and is missing completely from electrical engineering theory and modeling), one can thus (1) increase the potential energy of the storm, and (2) also produce a free NET FORCE FIELD which can then discharge that energy as work to drive real current.

In this way, the ENERGY to do all the equations he is producing is input rather freely and without hardly any cost except for a little switching and control. Then the asymmetry uses that energy to do actual work – such as produce forces in certain directions on the storm, etc.

Hence it is quite readily possible – using scalar interferometry already possessed by more than 10 nations and groups – to dramatically enlarge storms and their energy (and therefore the magnitude of a hurricane), and also to use that free asymmetric regauging energy to then do real physical work (including ENORMOUS physical work) to steer, divert, and propel the storm. Speed up and slow down is also readily done.

At the same time, of course, the scalar interferometer operators also will use similar techniques to divert, change, and steer the jet streams and winds in the path or area, so that the exact steering direction desired is easily achieved.

Saddest of all, eminent scientists such as Feynman, Wheeler, Margenau, Bunge and many others have pointed out the glaring falsities being taught in the CEM/EE model and in electrical engineering itself. To no avail. So our own scientific community – sadly – will not practice ethics of science and change what has long been known to be a very seriously flawed and erroneous CEM/EE model taught in all our schools.

This weapons platform has been operational since 1963 with weather operations running since at least 1976! My question now is when did the United States bring on line it's weather altering technology? HAARP being the public test bed for this technology. The big guns likely remain well hidden underground and have certainly come online without a press release.

The woodpecker grid (Google woodpecker grid) which has fantastic weather modification capabilities was turned on Bicentennial weekend July 4th 1976 and has remained on since that time. One can hear it chirping on shortwave radios in the 3 to 30 Mhz range.


Now we have a new article from Aviation Week & Space Technology September 5th 2005 pg.50 with a headline that Radar Becomes A Weapon.

Directed energy takes an unexpected turn and surfaces as a handy antimissile device that can be built into aircraft, ship and ground-based radars

By David A. Fulghum and Douglas Barrie

Radar is emerging as one of the key weapons--nearly all of them still shrouded by secrecy--in the Pentagon's growing arsenal of nonexplosive devices.

Knowledge that radar can produce violent effects on electronic systems is not new. More than 20 years ago, bomber aircraft radars were capable of generating enough concentrated noise jamming to burn out the valve amps (tube amplifiers) in fighters attempting an interception. The emergence over the last few years of the active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, and its ability to provide high average power for appreciable times, makes such electronically destructive devices all the more attractive and effective.

Again we are faced with a process of creeping disclosure as the truth about the extent of how energy can be molded to achieve results that were boldly scoffed at only a short time ago. Science has always been slow to respond to new information, always.

Clouds, like the one below, simply cannot take this shape without the outside influence of some electrical force. This is a Yes or No question; either or it is or is not happening to our skies. The cloud below is screaming 'Yes it is happening, notice me!'

December 13, 2004 Pocatello Idaho-- Image taken 1:34pm


The topic of global weather manipulation is very near to a public tipping-point as Katrina and Ophelia have become an essential component in raising the awareness of what is possible in atmospheric engineering. We, as a global population, have been faced with a statistically improbable series of events during this past decade. So improbable that one must consider the potentiality that some outside influence has been at work in the skies overhead. The Soviets boasted of their geoengineering capabilities; these impressive accomplishments must be taken at face value simply because we are observing weather events that simply have never occurred before, never! Defense Secretary Cohen specifically mentioned these weapons and their capabilities at an anti-terrorism conference back in April of 1997.

Below are links to two clear examples of recent weather events that were manufactured as tests to the atmospheric community to see just how far out of their accepted belief systems they would venture to explain what was put right in their face. Sadly, they didn't budge. The significance of these events went unrecognized. That ignorance allows these guys unfettered and unquestioned access to our skies and our lives.

There have been so many 'pings' of our atmospheric sciences community to see if they remotely understand what is happening/happened with and to our weather. But, apparently, they remain disturbingly blind to the possibility of electrically induced weather engineering. Until they begin to entertain, research, and question 'The why?' These increasingly unusual weather phenomena will remain unexplained and thereby blamed on global warming, the Gulf's loop current, El Nino and La Nina, and eventually the continuing weakening/failure of that most important North Atlantic thermo cline/ Gulf Stream current.

The evidence of these weapons at work found within the clouds overhead is simply unmistakable. These patterns and odd geometric shapes seen in our skies, each and every day, are clear and present evidence that our weather has been stolen from us; only to be used by those whose designs for humanity are rarely in alignment with that of the common man.

The perfect weapon has always been the secret weapon; and if accountability can be placed at the feet of Nature/God then those victims will never have the opportunity to seek true accountability.

It is my humble opinion that Katrina was, at some level, an inside job. Possibly planned and carried out by the power Elite, not necessarily the Bush Administration but certainly knowledge was held by elements within, to introduce an element of change into American society; only time will tell as to the full extent of changes that they desire. Simulations failure of the New Orleans levees a full 20 hours after holding back the waters of Katrina and well after she had moved inland... Followed by the concurrent failure of pumping stations, an impossibly large zone where any sort of communications was simply not happening, including satellite phones, leads one to question whether active jamming of a broad part of the EM spectrum was underway when local and state authorities needed to ascertain the extend of damage... and to continue the coordination of rescue and recovery efforts. There are so many other unconfirmed stories/bits of information to suggest that some present Federal assets caused more trouble than they alleviated

All is not as it seems.

Thanks for taking the time to consider these possibilities and to visit my site.

"It's worse than imaginable," the president said after walking through a battered neighborhood in Biloxi, Miss. He warned of gasoline supply problems this weekend because of damaged refineries and pipelines.

"I'm not looking forward to this trip," Bush said as he toured Alabama and Mississippi and headed for Louisiana. "It's as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine," he said.

I whole heartedly agree with the President on this fact!

Remember this vital quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way."
The Bush Administration hoped to use the powers of FEMA and the planned chaos in New Orleans as a Federal grab for power.  Notes released in the aftermath repeatedly showed that Karl Rove pushed for Martial Law or " close as we can get."  Thank God the Govenors of the South resisted the power hungry White House!

Katrina's Eye wall as imaged by one of the P-3 Hurrinace Hunter Aircraft.  Is this an ion beam?

August 28th 2005 This image was taken from one of the hurricane hunter aircraft as the photographer (pilot?) is looking back across the eye to the eye wall on the far side of Katrina. What is curious, and I have yet to see this 'ion beam' with any other images of hurricane eyes, is that the photographer centered and framed it... and probably is just amazed at the sight of this feature. (I would sure like to get a first hand account concerning the behavior of this object.) Whose technology is this? American, Russian, the Elite or someone else's? This very well could be one of the smoking guns that we are able to add to our bulging portfolio of evidence.


29 August 2005 1425Z Katrina makes landfall Monday morning. Many scalar signatures visible as the hurricane rolls over the marshy lowlands of southeastern Louisiana.

August 29, 2005 2225Z 6:25pm Eastern

Katrina is now well inland but still a category one hurricane. Scalar geometry litters the core of this massive tropical storm.

August 28 2005 2310Z Katrina still south of the Mississippi the evening before landfall. The number of geometric shapes evient within what is supposed to be a rapidly spinning storm.

28 August 2005 2310Z A beautiful satellite presentation of the eye while below winds roar at 155mph!

28 August 2005 2315Z  A closer view and just five minutes later than the previous image.


26 August 2005 2115Z Off of the West coast of Florida while Katrina undergoes rapid intensification. Many, many odd holes bounded by squares.  We would see these unusual holes and bumps in Tropical Storm Zeta later in December 2005 and January 2006.

27 August 2005 2203Z Intensification continues in the Gulf Saturday afternoon.

29 August 2005 2032Z Late Monday afternoon as Katrina continues her push inland. This is the western portion of the storm displaying many holes used as anchoring points for thunderstorm development.

30 August 2005 1445Z Thunderstorms from one of the feeder bands on the eastern side of Katrina. What caught my attention was the odd shape of the thunderstorms, but also just how similar in shape the two clusters of storms are.  Note the holes around which 90-degree bends/turns are accomplished in the cloud's development and movement.

30 August 2005 2315Z 715pm Eastern A very low sun angle on the remnants of Katrina Tuesday evening reveal the intricate detail to be seen in the clouds that are made visible by the play of shadows across the cloud tops. Note the large diagonal square across southern Indiana with the top of the square being toward the top center frame.  One square of clouds is supressed while the other is raised.

30 August 2005 2330Z Note the diamond/square impression with a large and similarly shaped grouping of storms toward the north and east across southwestern Ohio.

1 September 2005 2145Z 415pm Central Southern Louisiana I saved this satellite image the Thursday afternoon after landfall... It has nothing to do with Katrina; but it is a fantastic illustration of the capabilities to generate clouds and thunderstorms electrically. Note the two long thunderstorm 'boxes' that lie on the eastern portion of this large storm grouping. Within the boxes one can then see the straight lines that comprise the square thunderstorms. There is absolutely zero chance that this is natural, zero.

22 August 2005 1300Z 800am Local Time Mid Tennessee More odd geometry found in the morning thunderstorms over the Mid South. A beautiful pentagon in manifestation north of Nashville. This organization of the weather occurs each and every hour of the day 365 days a year. So many of these odd shapes are parked over the major metro areas of this country and those of other nations. You are witnessing a clear and present demonstration of the prowess of this technology. Folks, our weather has been stolen from us, and is now being used against us! Congress is too busy passing bad energy bills for the petrol companies to give a damn about the important issues that face us each and every day.

One measure that a secret, but not hidden, operation of the military has deployed along side this EM (electromagnetic) scalar warfare is the contrail marking program. This program has deployed a fleet of aircraft, impressive in number, that fly the skies leaving trails that spread out making portions of these EM waves visible. It is like drawing a chalk line over a chessboard where the individual squares that comprise that chessboard are being heated/expanded, cooled/contracted, pushed, lifted, and ionized. Gaps, short breaks, helical twisting and other behaviors are looked for as physical boundaries to the local effects of this atmospheric manipulation. There appear to be at least four separate types/mixtures of contrails deployed to ascertain/provide surveillance to the military as to what is happening with the atmosphere in near real time. These planes have very specific flight paths, aligned with energy bursts or extractions, and are not just generally broadcasting this chemical mixture into the sky.

In the above The bottom arrow points to one of these EM energy deposit points used to create a cirrus-like cloud. This energy point must then have an opposite pole (+/-) much like a battery; the second arrow points to that second pole. Note that the contrail plane found that point exactly.. Thus clearly demonstrating the precision that these planes use while doing their jobs.

Andrew Johnson shot this image of contrails planes in action over his home 14th June 2005 over in the United Kingdom. 

Contrail operations had largely ceased throughout the Western US during July and through much of August 2005 as the planes have been needed with Katrina and other tropical storms this season. As activity in the tropics winds down expect these aircraft to return to their normal zones of operation.


Rochester, New York February 2005 

I frequently talk about the atmosphere having been cut-up into a massive grid with each grid section being programmable in both depth and height; this image sent to me illustrates this concept very nicely. This is a thin wedge of a cloud that looks to have been caught between two of these grid sections; like mortar between bricks.

This web site, and the knowledge that comes with it, will be wholly new information for the majority of people that stop by for a visit. and the many other sites that have been published to the web are there in an attempt to rouse the people from their everyday lives to what is presently happening in our skies. We have been a fortunate nation, one where luxury seems to have been a birthright. Those days are now behind us as this nation is now receiving the 'blowback' from poor political decisions made recently and also from generations ago. This is why our political leadership must always be held accountable for their actions and inactions so we don't find ourselves painted into a corner that has no apparent way out of. We will all be charged with finding the strength of getting through the challenges we will soon face as individuals, families, communities, and as a still great nation. But our world view must change. The Whole of Humanity must be looked at as an expression of the Prime Creator and not as separate tribes, faiths, races, and countries. That past world view has brought us to the situation we face today; and is wholly unacceptable on all accounts. We must begin to change ourselves and thereby begin a longed-for transformation of society into one that honors the individual as much as the whole. No one should ever be asked to sacrifice their life's potential for the rest. Arriving at that situation is a demonstration of the failure of the political arm/process and the lack of respect for the gift of life that has been granted equally to each of us. The time for this change to manifest has arrived.

Keep looking up!

--Scott Stevens

4 September 2005

Hurricane Ophelia continues this trend of manufactured weather. ALL of our weather now has some imprint of scalar technology contained within. The above image was taken Saturday September 10th 4:32pm Eastern. This is supposed to be the eye of Ophelia; once again displaying geometry that would be impossible to create naturally within a fluid environment.


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