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Graven Images

by crystal cartier

'My House is a house of prayer...
Ye have made it a den of thieve'
But the stone Cain the Builder rejected
will bring Babylon to her knees

The Roman Catholic Church
is the oldest, largest, richest
multinational corporation
in the world.
branches located in
every town & city
in every nation of the world
Vatican Headquarters
in Rome
Home of the Roman Coliseum
where the Truth & proof of God
is locked away in vaulted museums
where Christians were fed to Lion's & Gladiators
for refusing to deny our Savior & Creator
In blood Israel's pact was signed
when Pharisees & Sadducees crucified
Jesus Christ under Roman occupation
He came to save them... Instead they betrayed Him
Choosing riches & power
(as the world's financial wizards & overseers)
instead of choosing Salvation
Rome home of Caesar the conquering Lion
then conquered Christianity polluting Zion
Before Rome the Vatican was in Transylvania, Romania
Constantine's bloody Holy Crusades were a reign of terror
Charlemagne evolved into Count Dracula
Then Hollywood turned Vlad the Impaler
into something romantic & spectacular
Rome's children divided the spoils
& became the United Kingdom
The Royal Family still suckling the blood of peasants
around the globe
Establishing the World's Banking System
Claiming Earth's riches & resources for their own
Hence, the Queen of England calls the whole world Her Home
Luxembourg may be the New World Order's Pentagon
But Rome is the true Capital of Babylon
her darkness veiled by the robes of the Holy Church
under the guise of organized religion
Satan rules with Pandora's Box full of perks
There are none so blind as he that will not see
Man worships the dollar at Lucifer's feet
Great Britain as Queen is the Madam
Pimping every nation on the globe
Every whore that she pimps she literally strips
from their corrupt knighted heads to their toes
The Jews became the UK's bookkeepers
Tha's why oppressed Germans stood by
watching the Overseers die
But America as Britain's Baptist Bastard
provides expendable mercenaries
and all the weapons of mass destruction
blood money can buy
Jezebel lives... Spain is Rome's ancient concubine
Conquistadors spread her roots...
planting Rome's clinging vines
from sea to sea... harbor to harbor...coast to coast
Latino Power is more than a boast
Billions of sheep... Hail Mary full of grace
WAKE UP!!!!!!
Religious icons are graven images
Brutal slaps to our true Savior's face


All glory to God!  
He has spoken.
May God add a blessing
to the reading & HEARING
of His Word.

Crystal Cartier has provided the publisher carte blanche permission to reprint any of her poems.


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