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Moscow And Baghdad
Sticking It To The Poobahs

by Sherman H. Skolnick
September 7, 2003

Foreign invaders most always come to ruin. Napoleon found that out the hard way. In the worst winter up to then, the route of retreat from Moscow was littered with six hundred thousand French corpses, some not thawing out for months. (Another historic terrible winter helped crush Hitler's army at Stalingrad.) A small group of US Admirals and Generals, called "flag officers," vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton, for treason as authorized by the Uniform Military Code. If arrested for mutiny, and not immediately assassinated, they were prepared to defend themselves with proof of his treachery, meeting with the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, in the White House, and selling and conveying US MILITARY, industrial, and financial secrets to the Red Chinese, sworn enemies of the US. As detailed elsewhere, ten US Military brass were murdered and the patriotic effort doomed. Now, a much larger group in the US Military has been apparently planning as well, to arrest or otherwise block or seize their current Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush. Among the charges they are prepared to prove against whom some call "Bushfraud": [1] That as arranged by his father and others, all with prior knowledge of 9/11, Bush went along with high-level treachery, orchestrated within the US government, and with a faction in the Aristocracy, and within the US and British Financial Establishment, and with connivance of big-timers on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, murdering three thousand persons on US soil and falsely blaming the deed on patsies, "The Arabs." [2] Causing great bloodshed to both Americans and Iraqis, George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, without a Declaration of War, and falsely contending the Baghdad regime was threatening the US by preparing to use Weapons of Mass Destruction. As a stooge and scapegoat for a crazed faction within the Aristocracy and the US Bureaucracy, and instigated and promoted by Queen Elizabeth II, jointly in a massive account with the Bush Crime Family and funds of the Saddam Hussein partnership, in the British Monarch's private enterprise, Coutts Bank London; and as supervised by Daddy [George H.W.]Bush and on behalf of Daddy, Bush, Jr.[George W. Bush], set about, for the second time in twelve years, to start up with his father's disgruntled former private business partner Saddam Hussein, the oily, sneaky creation of the Secret Political Police, the American CIA. All for the purpose of stealing Iraq's treasures, such as oil. [3] Called by some by his middle initial, Dubya aranged to heavily bribe the Iraqi military elite in advance of the invasion, and had them and their families safely removed to the US, to go along with and assist the treasonous scheme. All the while, a US Military cargo plane whisked Saddam out of Iraq, parking him at a US jurisdiction site. [4] That because of knowledge of George W. Bush's past and current sordid relationship with his long-time male sex-mate, the Red Chinese Secret Police have been enabled to blackmail out of the Bush White House, US MILITARY, industrial, and financial secrets. And the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press, with full knowledge of all this, have censored the same. Will this situation proceed as a clandestine matter, or become dramatic, perhaps violent? Stay tuned. Click on "The Overthrow of the American Republic", Part One, as to "flag officers," at Click on the series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush," with documents thereto attached on that website, as to Bush/Saddam/Queen Elizabeth II. As to the Daddy Bush/Saddam Hussein private partnership, Click on "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh" on the same website. [NOTE: some of these items are posted and have been archived, MAIN PAGE, left-hand side, COLUMNISTS Sherman Skolnick, on Posted there sometimes sooner than Skolnick is a regular participant on a two-hour radio program from Toronto, Canada, broadcast and also can be heard ON-LINE, live and archived, Called "Talk Radio for Spies!," on every Thursday evening, 11 PM, Eastern Time, 10 PM, Central, 9 PM, Mountain, 8 PM, Pacific.

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