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Diana, Princess of Wales

In true editorial fashion, I would like it to be known that I theorize that Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered because she would have born a son to a Muslim. Many people know that she was expecting a child by Dodi Al Fayed. That child would have been in line to the throne of England. The Illuminati would not tolerate that, so Diana had to be eliminated. Pity because if a Muslim had ascended the throne of England, it would have brought compassion to the reign.

Another possibility, and one that Barbara Brown addresses in the following Web site, is that Diana refused to allow her sons to be raised as Dracs. However, that is, as Barbara states, exactly what is taking place.

See for details of that theory which is very worthwhile.

A lessor possibility is the fact that Diana was adamant about ridding the world of land mines, another feature of Illuminati tendencies.

Will we ever prove these theories? Only time will tell.



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