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If someone came into your home and removed your possessions, you would want them to give them back; well, someone has come into your home and removed your possessions. So we are going to go on an adventure as the people of the world, because the international bankers in the United Kingdom have carried out precisely that.

You will read how all the gold, silver, and copper is sent to the UK from America, and how Prime Minister Tony Blair colludes with George W. Bush as well as Bill Clinton to further the wealth of the Illuminati at the expense of not only the American people, African people, and Asian people, but the British people, then laughs behind their backs when they make attempts to cause him to become accountable.

Despite years of torment, political prisoners, and overall carnage in Northern Ireland, the British government refuses to release the Northern portion of that nation to join with the southern portion. It deliberately causes the Catholics and the Protestants to hate each other in its divide and conquer scheme to maintain complete control of its hegemony over Northern Ireland.

In the whole of Ireland, there are 32 counties, six of which are in Northern Ireland. They want their independence and sovereignty that is free of British rule and control. They want to form one nation instead of two just as did Vietnam and does North and South Korea. However, the British government refuses to grant Ireland her wish.

In this single edition, which is devoted to all the people who have suffered because of the activities of the United Kingdom, we will demand a reversal to the actions that this government has caused because here again, it is the international bankers exemplified mostly, if not totally, by the Illuminati, who have caused atrocities that rival the United States and the Zionist government in Israel to people whose skin is white.

To understand the United Kingdom much better, there are some terms that differ from those of the United States. I'll list them and provide their meanings because it could become a little confusing to people who might reverse these meanings. An example is, who is a Loyalist?

A Loyalist is a person who is loyal to the UK. America had them. They left for Canada and the Bahamas, and possibly other Caribbean countries. The point is that they did not remain in America. But with regard to Ireland, a Loyalist is someone who is loyal to Britain instead of Ireland, but they live in Northern Ireland. See the potential for conflict here?

You'll see plenty in this edition. Now, here are more terms to try to understand to enable you, the reader, to know who's decent and who's not because the same divide and conquer scheme that the United States government pursues, the British government pursues; indeed, the United States government most likely learned the technique from the British government since it is a much older nation.

I'd like to extend my immense thanks and gratitude to the the Irish Republican News and Information in Galway, Ireland. They enable publishers such as myself to reprint their articles as long as the reprint publisher acknowledges the original source. If you are interested in Northern Ireland or any Irish information, consider subscribing to this publishing forum. Contact information is available at the bottom of numerous articles in this publication for you.

RUC stands for Royal Ulster Constabulary. This is a status quo police force. Sir Ronnie Flanagan, who was fairly recently knighted garnering his "Sir" status, is not interested in Ireland becoming a free and sovereign nation apart from the British empire. His actions prove it.

IRA stands for Irish Republican Army. These are the good guys, but the British government wants us to believe that they are terrorists. Sound familiar? The IRA has been infiltrated with those who want to cause it to disarm. That would be death for the effort of the unity that the 32 counties want because it would completely allow the NWO to occur.

UUP stands for Ulster Unionist Party. Unionist is another term for loyalist. We know what Loyalist means with regard to Northern Ireland.

The Republicans are the good guys. They want Ireland to be a republic just as the America's founding fathers wanted America to be a republic. The problem, however, is that they, too, have been infiltrated so their work can't succeed.

Sinn Féin [pronounced Shinn Fine] are Northern Irish Republicans. They are, therefore, the good guys. Gerry Adams, MP, the president of the organization, is in the House of Commons now. He does not have an Email address, but he does have a Web site. The World Socialist (article within these pages) news states that Sinn Féin is supported by American corporations. Well, that could be a bad idea, but if you read what history Sinn Féin acknowledges, you may decide that they are good after all. They need some money coming from some source. Certainly they have tried to cause the British government to complete the goals for Northern Ireland as opposed to killing children and marchers which is what it carried out on Bloody Sunday, so I, personally, feel that they are a positive force.

The Good Friday Agreement is what Sinn Féin wants the British government to pass. According to the World Socialist news, it isn't designed to help Irish working people, but maybe it is a beginning. At any rate, in the Demand Page of this edition, we people of the entire world will be able to demand that the United Kingdom give Northern Ireland its independence so it will be able to join the other 26 counties to form a republic, so they are not divided and, therefore, conquered anymore. Now, isn't that the whole idea?

The continent of Africa was once one whole country. Look who carved it up to divide and, therefore, conquer it. You guessed it, the UK and some other nations which will go unmentioned in this edition. They know who they are, so they may need to listen to us also at some time in the future because there isn't anything we can't achieve if we are together.

UDA is the Ulster Defense Association is a Protestant group which attacks Catholics

Arlene Johnson



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