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New Member of the 9/11 Investigation
Replacing Henry Kissinger

Thomas Kean, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is in a partnership (DELTA-HESS) with Kahlid bin Mahfouz, Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law.

As the new chairman of 9-11 commission George W. Bush appointed because he knows that Kean is the same as all the other CFR members, Thomas Kean promises a thorough investigation to determine why the attacks weren't prevented.

Kean replaces Henry Kissinger as chairman of the 10-member National Commission on Terrorist Attacks.

Senate Republican leader Trent Lott filled the panel's last member with John Lehman, (another CFR member) and Navy secretary during the Reagan administration.

Kissinger, secretary of state under Presidents Nixon and Ford, resigned.

Victims' relatives and some lawmakers have been skeptical about Bush's commitment to the investigation.

Bush initially opposed the panel and later insisted on limitations to its subpoena authority. Bush has often been accused of trying to manipulate the panel for political purposes. The final report is due less than six months before the 2004 elections.

Advocates are wary that the panel, which will require six votes to issue a subpoena, may prove reticent to embarrass the administration by probing deeply into executive branch agencies that did not detect or thwart the terror plot.

Kean, in particular, "doesn't have the background in any of the areas that the commission will be [probing] -- diplomacy, aviation security, immigration policy, intelligence," said Stephen Push, a spokesman for Families of September 11, one of the family groups that welded their grief into a lobbying force for the commission.

Besides Kissinger, the panel's original vice chairman, former Sen. George Mitchell, yet another CFR member, also resigned last week, partly because of objections raised about potential conflicts.

Editor's note: The foregoing is a summary of a Washington Post article in which I added the CFR memberships. The newspaper certainly would not have made that information available to you. Moreover, readers of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) are well aware that the CFR is the American branch of the Illuminati, or those who pray to Satan. There is a demand in a previous edition to conduct an investigation with no members from elite organizations whatsoever.



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