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Rebecca Riley--
Death by Standard Psychiatric Care

By Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
March 28, 2010

Author of THE ADHD FRAUD: —How Psychiatry Make ‘Patients’ of Normal Children

At 2 ½ years of age Rebecca Riley was diagnosed by psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji to have ADHD and bipolar disorder.  She was deemed ‘brain-diseased’/ ‘chemically imbalanced’ and in need of the chemical balancer s—clonidine, Depakote, and Seroquel—an especially poisonous antipsychotic.  When she died at 4, it was said she was overdosed with clonidine by her parents, Carolyn and Michael Riley, —both of them recently convicted of her murder.  Not only did organized psychiatry and her psychiatrist—, Dr. Kifuji, get off scot-free but with clonidine blamed for her death, Depakote, Seroquel and most of the pharmaceutical industry, got a pass, as well.   

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said he believes the psychiatrist, Dr. Kifuji, who prescribed the drugs to Rebecca, should not be allowed to practice medicine in Massachusetts.  He opined: “If what Dr. Kifuji did in this case is the acceptable standard of care for children in Massachusetts, then there is something very wrong in this state."  What Mr. Cruz seems ignorant of is that such glib, anti-scientific, diagnosing and drugging of normals, that Kifuji, and all psychiatrists, get away with, is psychiatry’'s standard of care/practice not just in Massachusetts, but nationwide and worldwide.  They brand every normal child brought to their offices ‘brain-diseased’/’chemically imbalanced’ and in need of chemical balancer— pills —just as Dr. Kifuji did to Rebecca Riley.  This was the end of Rebecca'’s life as a normal child.

On November 3, 2001, I wrote to Bernard S. Alpert, MD, President of the Medical Board of California: “

Dear Dr. Alpert,

In the November 20, 2001, Family Circle magazine, Richard K. Harding, MD, President of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) proclaimed that psychiatrists diagnose and treat "diseases” just like all other physicians.  Children and adults are told they have ‘brain diseases’/ ‘chemical imbalances,’ when, in fact, they are entirely normal. Parents who resist are deemed ‘medically negligent’ and have their children taken from them, made wards of the court, and diagnosed and drugged nonetheless. 

Testifying before the Committee on Education and the Workforce, on “Behavioral Drugs in Schools,” September 29, 2000, I stated:  “It would be fraudulent of anyone to claim that any psychiatric condition is an actual disease.”  Claims such as those in Family Circle, violate Senate Bill 836, under which: “…
It is unlawful for any person licensed in the healing arts to disseminate any form of public communication, containing a false, fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive statement or claim.” 

On June 14, 2002, Dr. Alpert responded:

Thank you for your letter relating to the mental health profession'’s representation of emotional and psychological conditions as diseases of the brain.  It is unfortunate that such advertising is allowed, and that it often serves to mislead consumers rather than educate them.  As you have outlined in your letter, there is tremendous professional support for categorizing emotional and psychological conditions as diseases of the brain.  In published materials you will find that support from chairmen of psychiatric departments, the American Psychiatric Association, and professors of major medical schools.  It is clear that the psychiatric community has set their standard, and while one might disagree with it, that standard becomes the legal standard upon which the Board must base its actions. 

Unbelievably, what Dr. Alpert, was saying here is that whatever the majority in a profession or specialty do--even lie and poison children and adults known to be physically/medically normal--that that becomes the unassailable, legal “standard of practice. ”

Conversely, for an ethical, scientific physician to tell patients the truth— that ADHD and all psychiatric diseases are not diseases at all, or to fail to prescribe drugs for each and every one would be contrary to the “standard of practice” putting that physician, a purveyor of truth and science--in legal jeopardy.

Now you know what the ‘standard of care,’ the ‘standard of practice’ is and how psychiatry commissioned by the pharmaceutical industry has authored it both in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and throughout their own entirely perverted, fraudulent ‘peer-reviewed,’ ‘scientific’ literature.

Do you wonder how they killed Rebecca Riley and got away with it?  Do you wonder that her parents were ‘fall guys’ convicted of her murder?

Nor is Rebecca alone.  In the years, 1990-2000, 186 deaths due to Ritalin/methylphenidate ‘treatment’ were reported to the FDA/MedWatch program, —a number, like all such voluntary reporting systems thought to represent a mere one to ten per cent of the actual number of deaths.  But then, this was the result of psychiatric care meeting psychiatry’'s own best standard of care/standard of practice.  This is what was found to have been the case with Dr. Kifuji.  This is why she is back labeling and drugging again, on the staff and faculty of the Tufts —New England Medical Center.



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