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Iraq war for Zionism and/or for world conquest


By Dick Eastman
September 11, 2007

American foreign policy is controlled by the merchant banking families and their agents.  It is these international families that were behind the opium trade and the horrible and shameful  opium war.  Zhou Enlai was of a mandarin family that negotiated with the opium dealers and with the bankers behind them.  He was always their secret agent.  It was Zhou Enlai who murdered Sun Yat-sen -- although in latter years he visited Sun's widow regularly.  Zhou Enlai was the agent of the western money power in Mao's communist government.  Deng was Zhou's protege.  It was Zhou who allied the Chinese revolution with the Triads.  It was the Western money power that allowed Mao to win in China.  General George C. Marshall and many others who did not want a liberal republic in China worked to defeat the Chinese Republic and to promote the Communist revolution.   Remember that through Hong Kong the Western money power and other cantons the western money power was able to narrow the neck of trade between the West and China effecting a monopoly.  This group did not want open-boarders free trade that it would obtain if China were a liberal republic.  The Western Money power supported the revolution of Mao Tse-tung always monitored by their agent Zhou Enlai exactly because under Mao, China would be again closed to unhindered and peaceful trade among nations.  It was Zhou Enlai who met with David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger immediately after Nixon's first visit to China -- where they planned the transfer of industrial capital of the United States in order to obtain the much lower wage rates that the communist state with its controlled and obedient  labor force (with no organization or representation or power of its own) could provide. 

But Zhou Enlai is also committed to the Zionist agenda of the Western Money Power.  China and Israel were created at about the same time and each was among the first to recognize the other as a legitimate government.  The United States policies, which the People of China do not like and neither do I, are Zionist policies directed in the interests of  "greater Israel" (Isreal's expansion and hegemony in the middle east), as well as profit for the money power, and the elimination of "liberalism,"  what David Rockefeller calls "auto-determination" for the common individual.   What is sought is world domination.  Bankers who monopolize credit and who, through this monopoly, own control of the multi-national corporations of  hate competition and they find that the best way to eliminate competition is through centralization of political power and the destruction of true middle classes (self-employed enterprising people  -- and the masses of the Chinese in China and the overseas Chinese throughout the world are this kind of good people). China is controlled by a government that was put in power by the Western Money Power -- Zhou, Deng and his successors. 

"Communism" died with Lin Piou whose plane was shot down as he attempted to escape to the Soviet Union.  The "capitalism"  that China now enjoys is Western Money Power monopoly capitalism built on credit monopoly and all of the monopolies of mass-information and politician's services that that money buys.  China's Triad princelings, as I call them, who say one thing but administer in corruption, run China like a corporation that provides the Money Power with human labor and natural resources, are a ruling class as terrible as any that has existed, however, because the market system is being introduced and vast injections of credit and capital from the Money Power, they have given China a "transfusion" of capital taken from the United States economy so that the United States has diminished to a non-industrial economy except in a few areas  (military, information, and financial systems) which are of strategic importance to the money power to keep here.  In fact, it is obvious to me, that when the money power has "used up" the United States, China will become its instrument for world hegemony and will get much of the "super-power" and hegemonic/imperialist attitude that the United States has had since the Spanish American War and through the world wars and the cold war to the present time.

China could be much better off than it is now if capital were to go to the common individuals in the villages so that a truly free economy could develop from the bottom-up with capital (social credit capital) and free information and the industry, intelligence and business wisdom of the average Chinese the nation would become a paradise for everyone who lives in it.  Instead the  ruling elite, following Zhou's way of dealing with the Western Money Power,  is in a conspiracy against the common Chinese individual and his family.

China's Zhouist pro-Western Money Power leadership is secretly behind the Bush policies.  They do not want Islam (freely chosen religion) growing in their western provinces; they want the United States to destroy it for them.  That is why China allows the United States to commit aggression against innocent Afghanistan following the false-flag attacks in New York and Arlington Virginia six years ago today.  China's leadership secretly put Bill Clinton in office, who actually travelled to China for one month where he was involved in the planning of  9/11 and what would follow.  Clinton built up the great fiscal surplus which provided funds for the first phases of the war, so that Congress would not have to vote more money until the US was irreversably committed to war.  China's ruling elite benefits from war on Islam and on a war that "self-destructs" the United States as a nation with military, economic, and moral influence in the world.  The false-flag attack on the United States and all that has followed which has exhausted the nation economically and militarily, while making the banks and corporations of the Western Money Power richer and more powerful than ever, and made the US hated in the eyes of the people of good will all over the world.

I should mention that the Mao - Zhou government has always thrived on opium trade and it has promoted revolution around the world with drug revenues.  Afghanistan under the Moslem Taliban was eliminating the opium crops which provide the prime ingredient for Chinese heroin sold in Europe and elsewhere -- over USD $1 trillion a year in revenues, revenues laundered into the investment banks of the money power and invested in China's industrialization.  The ruling elite of China are involved in world drug trade today just as are the ruling elite of the western money power.  Remember, in market economics demand brings forth supply, and the demand for capital by China and the international bankers is as great as the demand for drugs by addicts throughout the planet.

No, China is not on the side of the United States and the Chinese people are right in condemning the aggression and the many other war crimes of the American government and all of those Americans brainwashed by the mass propaganda apparatus serving the money power.  But there is corruption in China at the very top, as there is in most countries, and the policies that "don't make sense" to the people are always policies that have been warped by corruption.

The Money Power and their Chinese and Israeli allies, without the consent or knowledge of the peoples of those nations, are conducting war against Western liberalism and the freedom and living standards of the individual not born to wealth or power, not born into the circle or serving the circle  of the ruling elite.

I know it is very hard for the Chinese to separate the concept of China the country and people from China the government.  They are used to always viewing them as the same.  They admit that some leaders can be "bad" and corrupt, but they do not see that a class of leaders can take over even a so-called "communist" state and use their power for their own gain by enslaving and impoverishing and inhibiting the natural development of the rest of Chinese society.

China is not involved in the policies of George W. Bush, but its corrupt leaders are allied with the same anti-social power. They serve the society of crime, war, exploitation, the keeping down of the citizen, the crushing of the potential that is in the individual that is in each of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.  The ruling elite of China, following the path of Zhou Enlai, are conducting assymetrical Sun Tsu warfare against the United States, defeating their enemy by subversion and economic sabotage, by capturing and corrupting the enemy "princes" and using them to betray their own country, and in doing this they are allied with the Money Power that enslaves men with debt slavery, wage slavery, misinformation slavery, tax slavery, and rules and regulations that make a man incapable of being self-supporting and self-respecting.  The communist effort to subvert the United States, developed by Zhou and Trotsky (Israel is Trotskyite) that was the goal of the Communist Revolution, has never stopped.  It has just gone underground.  And it never was for Communism, "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs" was merely a slogan, but was always to serve the interests of the money power and the ruling artistocracies in its orbit.

This is not the time to tell China this truth.  Too much money is flowing.  To much building going on.  And new factories and tall buildings and modern transporation and  other infrastructure are good and beautiful, but you do not see that the homes across China are not developing; economic freedom is not being shared among the people of China; the Chinese peasant does not have capital with which to build, to realize his ideas for helping others, for invention and enterprise.  Economic freedom is reserved for the few in China and for those who serve the few on the terms dictated by the few.  This is the way of the Western Money Power too.  

What you see of growth in China is from technology and capital, and those things are good.  But what you do not see is the monopoly of political power that prevents technology and capital from being used by the non-elite and the creativity and industry, the most beautiful and bountiful future where everyone enjoys a good life lies with credit and freedom for the individual, not for the criminals who side with the Western Money Power of the opium wars and of George Bush today, while telling their people that they oppose the Bush policies.

Let me tell you, in the US we have heard NOTHING about China opposing the money power policies.

I do not have much hope of convincing you of what I say, but I felt the responsiblity of trying to do so.

I would be most happy to receive any form of reply from you.

Now I must go and read poetry to my 87 year old father.

Wishing you a better future for China and for the world than it seems reasonable to expect at present, I am

Yours sincerely,

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

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From: "xieu.ling" <xieu.ling@
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 22:27:51 -0000
Subject: [Iraq] Re: Hello Xi -- from Dick Eastman

Xieu Ling: 

Dear Dick,

I have read this theory in your message. As I must suppose in you a  genuine look for truth, I must guess that your knowledge about China  comes from readings that could mislead you. Obviously it is not your  fault.

I am afraid that you do not know a few facts because you do not write  about them.

Dick Eastman: Yes, my knowledge comes from books and from comparing what different books say in an attempt to determine which accounts are accurate and of use in explanation of events and which are not.  Like all other men, I am ignorant of almost all of the details.    


Xieu Ling:  1. When we mean China, we mean the People´s Republic of China or PRC.   The PRC is born in 1949 against the Kuomintang (the party founded by  Sun Yatsen and led by Chiang Kaishek). US troops supported that party.

Dick Eastman:  When I speak of China I mean the land and people of the land of China who form a state (economy and government and community.)  The Peoples Republic of China was born in 1949 (and so was I) but the real power behind the American government at that time (the Truman administration) were secretly in favor of the Communist revolution.  President Roosevelt was a friend and ally of Chiang Kai-shek assumed leadership of the liberal republican National People's Party (Kuomintang) after Sun Yat-Sen was poisoned on March 12, 1925 when in a travelling party arranged by Zhou Enlai, then working under the direction of the Soviet Union (in addition to his links with the international banking interests who, by the way,  funded and supported the Russian Revolution.) Zhou headed the Wampoa military acadamy, controlled and funded by the Soviet Union.  Sun Yat-Sen had complete trust in this outwardly gracious man (known to have personally murdered bound prisoners while smoking a cigarette; that is why John Foster Dulles would not shake his hand). At any rate, US President Roosevelt himself was poisoned (he was in relatively good health and the night before when Hans Morganthau paid an unexpected visit,  died the next morning.  Roosevelt at the time of his death was determined to visit Chiang and to make sure that the rights of the Palestinians were not violated as Zionists made their plans for expanding the Jewish homeland in Palestine.)  The fact is that the Roosevelt administation operated at two levels.  There was the government that Roosevelt was leading and there was a hidden government led by Bernard Baruch and involving people antagonistic towards a liberal republic in China.  Many were avowed Communists.  One of these was General George C. Marshall.  Marshall and other high officials placed conditions on Chiang Kai-shek and gave advantages to Mao Tse-tung and Zhou Enlai that caused the defeat of the Kuomintang, the party leading of the Republic of China and its evacuation to Formosa, recently liberated from the Japanese (now Taiwan, the original name).  The Republic of China was defeated by subversion  by American traitors.  (Dean Acheson was another of these anti-China Republic pro-communist traitors in the Truman government.)  These events were discovered in the late 1940s through 1952  when the Republicans for a time had regained control of Congress and before Republican Eisenhower became president. Eisenhower was also a tool of Bernard Baruch who advanced Eisenhower's career beginning in the late 1920s. (The Republican foreign policy, as the party out of office, was headed by Arthur Vandenberg and domestic policy by Robert Taft; this was the period when Joseph McCarthy exposed Gen. Marshall's treason in supporting the communists against the Republic of China.    What I am saying is that the real rulers of the United States, the real power since Truman has been the banking elite that has supported the Communists in China against the Chinese people.  This treason was conducted in secret and is still being conducted today.  The Communist government of China is the government that the Western Money Power placed in control of the Chinese people. One book every Chinese should read is "America's Retreat From Victory; The Story of George Catlett Marshall, by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy.  (McCarthy was a personal friend of John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy worked for him for a time. Both Kennedy brothers were shot as you probably know.)

Xieu Ling:  2. Zhou Enlai shared with Mao not only that war, but also his  previous activities.

Dick Eastman: I understand that.  Zhou was never out of favor, not even during the Great Cultural Revolution.  His job was to manage Mao for the Money Power, not for communism.  Lin Piao was a real communist; he came into conflict with Mao's bad policies, and he was banished and killed, defeated by Zhou Enlai.  Later Mao became interested in sex with young Chinese soldiers (male and female), and policy was made by Zhou.  Zhou "managed" Mao; in later years something like Vice President Dick Cheney manages the current American president, himself an agent of the same Money Power as was Zhou.

Xieu Ling:  3. USA boycotted China along [for] many years. No trade was allowed between  China and US allies. Trade was between Taiwan governments and US  banks, companies, etc. At that time Zhou Enlai was still alive and P[rime] M[inister].

Dick Eastman: This boycott allowed a few Westerners to get rich dealing with China. Real freedom of trade  (not so-called "free trade" which is a global monopoly arrangement among corporations and banks of the money power.)  If there was freedom of trade and open exchange of good between small businesses in the US and small businesses in China on a balanced trade basis  (no big debts accumulating and no international capital investment)  then the people of China and America would have prospered, but the restriction of trade, the "Bamboo Curtain"  allowed the corporations operating in Hong Kong to become very wealthy. A few got very rich by holding back the trade that would have made a billion people better off.  Zhou Enlai was in favor of that policy  until economic conditions changed until the strength of the Money Power corporations became absolutely dominant over "American small business" so that trade could be opened with China that would be totally dominated by the Money Power corporations with Henry Kissinger being one of the agents and gatekeepers providing access to the right corporations (i.e. to the corporations controlled by and profiting the Money Power).

Xieu Ling:  4. Then, China cooperated with and supported two US enemies (North Korea  and Vietnam) with soldiers and weapons until their victory.

Dick Eastman:  Both of these wars were desired by the Money Power, not as wars to "contain communism" but as profitable wars (to the bankers that financed them and the corporations that supplied them) but as obtaining objectives of the Money Power in the United States.  The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War, like World War One and World War Two, led to the concentration of economic and political power in the hands of the Money Power.   During the Vietnam war Henry Kissinger, then Secretary of State, but always an agent of the Rockefeller interests, was actually arranging for the Nixon meeting with Mao and the later visit between Zhou Enlai and David Rockefeller.  I do not believe that Zhou Enlai was really opposed to the mistake the US was making in Vietnam and I don't believe that money power that controlled the Johnson Administration wanted peace either.  Only war and big scary enemies  ("nazis," "communists," "terrorists" or in China's case "the capitalists" all served the purpose) justify the constant accumulation and centralization of power to state and the ruling elite controlling it.

Xieu Ling:  5. Western companies and banks have had no presence in China until very few years ago, and it is still very restricted, specially for  banks. Investment banks has started to operate in 2007 as Chinese  bank advisors.

Dick Eastman:  They did not have branch offices, but they had agents (Zhou was one), and their policies were carried out by a variety of means.  The money power was not interested in putting a branch bank in peasant villages; their focus was international trade; and the profits of the "cold war" (a term invented by Bernard Baruch).  The merchant bankers are not concerned with checking accounts for the masses or with small business loans for the peasant.  They make their money in monopolization of foreign trade and in currency speculation, and view the money system of internal China as the internal economy of any corporation with which they do business. They view the People's Republic of China as a corporation, as their provider of the cheapest labor and the freedom to run factories without having to worry about pollution or health or working conditions or liability for harm caused in production etc.  As far as I can see China has managed its monetary system very well although it is forced to take too much American debt in order to get the credit it needs for industrialization.  But here I venture into areas where I am not competent, relative to many many others, to give an opinion.  (On the other things I say in this letter I am very confident that my conclusions are right and most of what you have read in China or the mainstream American publications of today are wrong.)

Facts seem to deny that theory.

I do not care about conspiracy Zionist theories or any other  conspiracy theory. Those theories just serve to depress people and to  put them in a merciless position. I prefer people who believe that  they own their destiny, as we do and as we have proven since many  years ago, against any force regardless how powerful people think that these forces are.

Dick Eastman:  There is a difference between people who believe they own their destiny and people who really own their destiny especially when conspiracies are in play.  Zhou Enlai's entire life was a conspiracy, the communist conspiracy and the Money Power conspriacy against China falsely in the name of "communism."  Yes, the fact that you are deceived depresses people.  The attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon US central military headquarters in Arlington Virginia exactly six years ago today  were not the work of terrorists, but a false-flag attack, a provocateur attack, to blame the Moslems and to get the US into a war against the Moslem world, for the Money Power (largely Zionist)  and Israel, the financial elite, and the elite of China being complicit, and that is very very depressing, but whether it is depressing or not, intelligent men of good will must know about it and they must act appropriately in their own defense against that kind of conspiracy. 

China is not in danger from this at the moment; the Money Power is building China for its purposes as Britain was built up, as the United States (conspiracy) ruling elites were built up, as the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were built up.  Boom and bust.  They build you up and use you, but in this bargain with evil, you do not win.  China cannot see that now.  You cannot see that now.  It is too early for you to see that.  But translate this letter of mine into Chinese (and the other one I wrote this morning) and bury them for 40 years; then the Chinese will appreciate what I am saying.  Now they cannot.  We always feel so good when were are being deceived by a sharp swindler; we don't want to listen to the advice of friends; only later do you see the real cost of a deal with a devil. 

Xieu Ling:  I just like that my country is protected against any country and any  group that could try to hurt it.

I only pay attention to facts, to results. Not to theories. Facts do  not indicate, by any mean, what that theory states.

I have tried not to offend anyone, please, excuse my poor english if  I did. Thank you.

Dick Eastman:  The future is known to us only in theories.  Facts without a theory to organize their meaning mean nothing.  However what I have written above is the result of analysis according to the trusted conventions of science; it is the interpretation of historical facts that explains and does not lead to contradictions; it also exposes the dynamic of what is happening today.  The only way to stop a criminal, even a criminal bent on robbing and harming your own family, is to make and test theories against the facts to discover his plot before he strikes again.  Conspiracies can kill you if you do not detect and thwart them first.

Editor's note: The fact is that since the same events have been done to Britain, the USA, and Germany without the Chinese people realizing it, they will be able to carry out the agenda on the Chinese. There is no theory about that. History repeats if it is not learned.

Some day you will realize that this American "conspiracy theoriest" was a true friend  of the Chinese people and of all people.  However, I realize that today is not that day.  Meanwhile people are in danger, and it is depressing, and there is no help unless people learn the truth; the facts about the past that indicate the forces acting in the world today.

Xieu Ling:  Peace and best wishes.

Dick Eastman: Yes, peace and best wishes -- may we all see what must be done to make wishes for peace and prosperity and justice etc. come true.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is reponsible to every other man.

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