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Canada for tourism and products

Once I had departed Canadian soil, I, as publisher of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) began, albeit slowly, a boycott of the nation in which I had lived for 13-1/2 months because the government is holding a man in solitary confinement over freedom of speech.

His name is Ernst Zundel, and he is a holocaust denier. He is married to a naturalized American citizen, Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel who remains in Tennessee where they lived happily together for many years.

American immigration trumped up charges against Ernst and deported him back to Canada where he had lived honestly for many years as a German citizen, never harming anyone.

Due to Zionist control on the Canadian media and government, Canadian immigration immediately arrested Mr. Zundel and placed him in prison in Toronto, not allowing him to have any say in his legal hearings. This violates international law and certainly the U.S. Constitution.

I wrote a very strong letter to the Minister of Immigration in Ottawa informing her of my decision to initiate this international boycott of Canada because of this outrage, and sent it to her in May, 2004, so there is no reason, now, to hold Ernst Zundel inside prison walls, let alone in solitary confinement.
Please participate in this boycott of Canada as nothing else has enabled him to return to the United States to his wife, and he has not been able to obtain justice from American immigration from which he did nothing wrong which would garner his deportation from American soil to Canada. In other words, the charges were false.

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