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Myth Breakers

The myth is that we have democracy in the United States of America. We have never had democracy in the United States of America. We were created as a Republic, not a democracy. The founding fathers knew that democracy is mob rule. That's why they created a Republic instead.

Now even that is a myth for what the United States has become is a corporation which is ruled by a cabal of a combination of elites who are relatively secret and a group of evils who consider themselves better than the rest of us.


That Israel is a democracy. According to Barry Chamish, the last two Israeli elections have been controlled by the United States. Moreover, it's the US-Zionists who control Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank. It's the same people who finance US Elections. They are also trying to turn Australia into a Republic.
At this time Australia is still ruled by a constitutional Monarchy....the British Crown....the Goldman-Sachs Bank in New York invested millions into trying to have Australians vote to make Australia a Republic so THEY could choose our President. Fortunately, the Australian people voted against it.The Goldman Sachs Bank even put on their Web site "Join the Goldman-Sachs Bank and help make the decisions that rule the World."


That the Zionists want peace. They have caused all the wars in the past 2 centuries.


Did You Know?

Yasser Arafat is half-Jewish. He is financed by the same East Coast bankers that financed every War. These very same bankers started off by financing Hitler.



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