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Testimonial of Chronic Lyme's Disease Survivor

By Scott F.

My name is Scott, and I am a survivor of Chronic Lyme Disease. I live in Virginia where Lyme disease is very prevalent. I contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite and was not properly diagnosed by doctors.  I did not have the bulls eye rash that most doctors and people are educated to look for.  Standard tests to check for Lyme did not show a positive result of having Lyme even after repeated testing over time (this is known as a false negative and is a common occurrence with Lyme disease testing). All my other standard lab blood work was showing normal ranges.   I was instead told I had fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression and stress was wearing me down.  In the beginning the symptoms were not overly noticeable, but as time went on I became increasingly tired, found it hard to stay awake during the day even with a good night sleep, but also found that my sleep patterns at night were often interrupted and I would just wake up around 2 - 4AM and unable to go back to sleep. Other symptoms such as increasing joint pains, back pain, tight and stiffening muscles, muscle cramping, and muscle twitching that would migrate all over my body and then stop and then restart for no apparent reason.  Heart palpitations were common occurrences, and my eye sight began to worsen and blurry vision was setting in. I saw an optometrist (Eye doctor) who prescribed reading glasses that helped some, but did not always due to worsening blurry vision. I feared I was going blind.  My ability to concentrate was becoming worse and I was becoming easily agitated by the mildest of things.  With no real treatment supplied to me except for sleeping pills and anti-depressants, I began to put on weight from lack of exercise due to very painful joints, and muscle spasms/tightening.  I eventually could barely keep up with basic yard work.  The soles of my feet would hurt terribly and it was hard to walk with episodes of feeling unsteady especially when walking up or down stairs.  As the frustration of not finding a doctor who could help me and the affects that Lyme has on one's mental focus, I felt hopeless.  From doing my own research, the symptoms seemed to point to Lyme disease as the culprit even though standard diagnostic blood work tests were not indicating it.   
Eventually I found a few very well trained doctors who not only had experienced Lyme disease themselves, but were very educated in how to diagnose it and treat it properly.  So began my 8 months of using various very powerful antibiotics, strict healthy diet changes and other treatments to remove heavy metals and co-infections.  What I found was they did help, but when I stopped to take short breaks for a week or two, the Lyme symptoms would come back and hit me like a train.  I would feel awful, and that feeling of hopelessness would come back when I would think "I can't stay on antibiotics forever."   I eventually reached a period where I felt about 50 - 60 per cent better after 8 months of treatment, but did not feel 100 per cent. I had then decided from another doctor to try a liquid herbal product called "Samento" which I tried for 2-3 months without anything else, and found it helped some, but was told it would take some time (years) to really have big improvements on Lymes along with adhering to healthy lifestyle.  I still use Samento to this day. 
I prayed a lot to God to help put me in touch with people who could continue to help me get better.   My prayers must have been heard, because I ran into an old friend of my mother's who I had known since I was a young boy who was an experienced nurse in homeopathic medicine, but I had not seen in over 10 years.  We started talking and I told her about my battle with Lyme disease and what treatments I was doing that helped, but I was only about 50-60 per cent better and still having muscle cramping and other symptoms,  but not as bad as they were before. I still could not engage in very physical activity, but I was better than when I first started when symptoms first appeared and grew worse with time.  She told me about the incredible health effects of NCD, and Agarigold, along with the Essential Daily Nutrients (EDN) and healthy aging products that could help my body recover and fight back.  I was skeptical at first, but said I wanted to wait to finish all antibiotics so I would see what was really working for me and not mix too many treatments up together. She agreed to that approach, and when I was ready to give the Waiora products  a try, I found in 1 month of using Natural Cellular Defense (NCD),  AgariGold, Essential Daily Nutrients (EDN),  and Healthy Aging,  I noticed a slight change in feeling better. After 2 months of using them every day, I was really noticing a difference in energy and reduction in my symptoms.  After 3 months I was back at the gym and able to start swimming again that I had not been able to do for years, and eventually worked my way up to 30 laps in the pool without any muscle cramping and had enough energy and no symptoms to go and lift weights in the gym.  After 4 - 5 months I was feeling like a normal person again.  
I continue to use these 4 Waiora products every day; they keep me functioning normally. I exercise on a regular basis now and feel wonderful.   I have yet to go back to using antibiotics again, but still use the Samento as an additional supplement.  I have purposely stopped using the Waiora products twice for a week at a time to see if the Waiora products were really having a impact on me feeling better.  The first time I stopped I felt the Lyme symptoms come back within a week,  and I quickly restarted using my 4 Waiora products,  and in about 2-3 days symptoms were fully under control again. The second time I stopped to experiment (about 3 months later the symptoms returned but not quite as soon as the 1st time), however I quickly got back on using the NCD, AgariGold, EDN, and Healthy Aging again and symptoms subsided. 
Lyme disease is known for having flare ups that occur out of the blue. I am not sure why this happens, but it appears to be related to seasonal changes according to research I have done.  In the past when this would happen before I used Waioira or had any treatments, it was like having a hangover that lasted a month, but when it would subside I was slightly worse than before the flare up occurred.  Now when I have a flare up I increase my NCD and Agarigold drops and find in about 2-5 days I am feeling back to normal again. The EDN and Healthy Aging I use as listed on the bottle and rarely  increase them unless a bad flare up occurs which has been sporadic.  I can only say that the Waiora products are remarkable, and I thank the brilliant men and women in the Waiora company for making this product available.   
If you suffer from Lyme disease I can only say it helps tremendously.  If  you are on a tight budget I would recommend the NCD and AgariGold as the bare minimum.  There is nothing more important than your health, and you don't realize that until it's gone.   Lyme is a tough disease to fight, and puts you in absolute misery.  I found Waiora's products to be tremendously helpful to get me out of that misery.  I am thankful to God for having my path cross with a old friend who helped me to recover my health and sanity, and I am forever grateful to her for being so persistent to get me to try the NCD, Agarigold, EDN, and Healthy Aging products.   I also urge anyone to find a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD) or health practioner who is familiar with Lyme disease.  I also recommend the following books to help understand Lyme disease: 

  1. "The Lyme Disease Solution" by Kenneth B. Singleton M.D.
  2. "The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments" by Bryan Rosner

After speaking with other Lyme Disease sufferer's who use the products mentioned above,  3rd month appears to be when a very noticeable change in better health is noticed. My dosage of NCD  for months 1-3 was 80 drops a day and now I use 40-60 as regular maintenance. If a flare up occurs, I bump it up by 20-30 extra drops for about 2- 5 days until symptoms subside again.  I also now eat the Chava chocolate which contains 5 drops of NCD in each wafer which counts towards my daily drops.  I find the Chava to be  a healthy option to avoiding junk food when I have a snack craving. I use AgariGold  drops at  20-30 drops a day. I put all drops under my tongue and leave them there without swallowing for about 1-2 minutes for maximum absorption.  I spread the intake of drops throughout the day such as 10 drops at morning, lunch, snack, dinner, and evening.  Living a healthy life style is also vital to fight back against Lyme disease.   
Pearlis Timmerman-Ballentine, Consultant  

Editor's note: It appears that these products need to be continuously taken. Therefore it is not a cure, but a way to prevent Chronic Lyme's disease from being fatal. Three people who were supporters of my work, suffered with Chronic Lyme's disease. One was in Texas, one was in Louisiana,and the other was in New York. None of them are alive anymore.

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