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Letters to the Editor

Hi Arlene,

This is Ed, Email address deliberately omitted. I just wanted to say your
magazine is incredible, you must put an awful lot of work into it, a lot
of talent here. I wish there was a way to press a button and have it
printed out in its entirety. I read the part about the Kennedy
assassination, I recall that immediately afterwards the then President
Johnson gathered up important pieces of evidence and put them into a 50
year time capsule. That is due to be opened in only a few years, hope
I live to see it. It takes talent, energy, and love to create a masterpiece
like yours; keep it up. Absolutely no rest for us weary, waken up at
night and kept busy trying to keep my computer up and running all day.
Now they want to steal my social security; they have already given it to
the mega rich so all that is left is the paperwork.

Dear Arlene,
When Jesus taught some very hard truths to people at one time, many of them left him, so he asked his disciples if they also wanted to leave him. Peter answered him, "to whom shall we go?", meaning that Jesus was in his opinion telling the truth and no one could tell it better. 

Back in the time of the Vietnam war, when I lost my political innocence, I remember that I believed what the government said about violating a treaty and a communist threat, etc. Jesus told Pilate that he who had caused Jesus to come to Pilate, or Caiphas the High Priest, had greater sin than Pilate, because Caiphas was supposed to know Hebrew scripture better than Pilate. And is that any great consolation to those who are led astray? Perhaps Judgement Day can tell. I am only glad that there are some who can read between the lines of what is said at the top and what happens around us. 

In short, I wish to remain on your mailing list. Many years ago, I rejoiced at the prospect that I might live through the "great tribulation" in which "the beast" will play a central role, not only for churches but everyone. Nowadays I fear the process more and pray for its shortening, as promised by God. 

Warm hugs,
Dear Arlene,

Your love, compassion, and reverence for justice is quite admirable,
and serves to inspire all humane persons to overcome their despair
over our entrapment within the global spider's web. Like captured
flies, we lie caught and exhausted from futile thrashing. We even trick
ourselves into giving up and forgetting that sooner, not later, we are
to be devoured by that giant ravenous spider.

Let's work together on some ideas to cut ourselves out of that giant
web, and slash off the spider's legs.

New York
Scenes from the classic movie, THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD portray the entrapped.



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