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Corrupt Federal Judicial System

By William M. Windsor
July 15, 2011

William M. Windsor has been BANNED from filing any lawsuit anywhere in America.
Pictures don't usually do people "justice," but so-called judge Thomas Woodrow Thrash actually looks like this. (see  Permanent menacing frown! 
Mr. Thrash issued his decision at about 2:30 pm on July 15, 2011.  Before he could issue a formal order, I had an appeal prepared, and I went and filed it before he could.... J
I am not surprised by this outrageous attempt to silence me, but I am sickened by it. 
Special thanks to the great group of guys who showed up to support me.  Their presence was invaluable, as I will explain in my report....
Can you spell Kangaroo Court?  That's what this was.
The courtroom was packed with people there just for this hearing.  I had 8 to 10 people.  There were a couple of unknown people, one of whom MAY have been a reporter.  I had two assigned "Bodyguards" from the U.S. Marshal Service who went everywhere with me but to the bathroom.  Then the gallery on the Defendants' side was jammed (maybe 30 people who came special).  I assume most of the people, young women, work for the various judges who are being sued.
Mr. Thrash asked "counsel" to stand and identify themselves and who they represent.  Christopher Huber said he was representing the United States, who he claims is a Defendant even though they aren't.  I then stood and said: My name is William M. Windsor, and I am representing myself and all of the Americans all over the country who have been victimized by our corrupt federal judicial system."  I figured I would just call a Spade a Spade from the outset!  I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of the Defendants' gallery.  You could have heard a pin drop!
Mr. Thrash then refused to allow me to state objections, and he gave each side only 20 minutes to present arguments.  Thrash had previously ordered that I could bring no more than 100 pieces of paper into the room, and I was denied subpoenas for witnesses.  His previous orders are all on appeal, so he was without jurisdiction to hold the hearing, but these corrupt people have no concern whatsoever about the facts or the law.  NONE.
Mr. Huber gave about a 10-minute argument, which was basically that I have filed eight lawsuits, and courts have declared me to be vexatious.  That is as far from the truth as anyone can get, as I have well-documented.
I was then allegedly given 20 minutes, but it seemed to me that he tried to cut me off a little early, but he allowed me to complete all I had planned to say anyway.  At the bottom of the online article, I added my script that I spoke from.  As soon as I get the transcript, I will post it there.
I began by asking the judge if an order had already been prepared announcing the outcome of the hearing.  BEET RED was his face!  He snapped at me, and said: "I'm not going to answer any of your questions." 
At our house, we call this "calling waisties” on someone.  I figured he had already prepared the order and it wouldn't matter what I presented.  By asking him, he probably wouldn't immediately file an order after the hearing ended.  Be sure to read to the end to find out how this plays out....
I did not mince words, but I was as respectful as one can be while telling a judge that he is a criminal.  Mr. Thrash's face seemed to get redder and redder, but he held his tongue during my presentation.  At all other times, he was like a viper, cutting me off in a nanosecond.
I probably spent 10 minutes objecting to him violating every rule in the book.  Then I spent about 7 minutes talking about what the case is about -- the fact that the federal judicial system employees in Atlanta operate a criminal racketeering enterprise.  Once again, you could have heard a pin drop.  If you were sent to observe the hearing by the judge you work for, the hearing just took on a whole new meaning for you.  The smartest of them should realize that they could go to prison, too.  If there is an honest one, they might come forward....
At one point, I said: Your honor, I have researched you.  I have run reports and analyzed every single case you have presided over involving pro se plaintiffs.  [I held the papers up.]  I was surprised to discover that you have an absolutely PERFECT record!  In your entire career, you have NEVER ruled in favor of a pro se plaintiff.  [pause for effect.]  NOT ONE!  You have the same perfect record on jury trials.  No pro se plaintiff ever received their jury trial.  You dismiss 90 per cent of the cases that come before you, and the other 10 per cent lose at summary judgment because they didn't think to file a motion to dismiss (or wanted to run up the legal fees).  [You could have heard a lot of pins drop on that one.  Now the observers are thinking, oh my God, he is digging into all the dirt.]  Then I said, your honor, your record really surprised and disappointed me, but I then did the same analysis for every federal district court judge in Atlanta, and I discovered that they all have perfect records, too!  There is not one case of a pro se plaintiff ever winning in federal court in Atlanta.
I made it absolutely clear that I have undeniable proof of criminal racketeering by him and the federal judges and judicial staff in Atlanta.  I looked him right straight in the eye and told him he's a crook who has violated numerous criminal statutes.
Toward the end, I commented on the reported government plot to have me assassinated.  I said I found it hard to believe at first, but stranger things have happened.  Several judicial corruption activists have been murdered mysteriously.  Then, I paused for effect, and after several seconds of dead silence, I said: "The truth of the matter is that killing me would be the smartest thing the government could do.  That's the only way you will stop me.  Rest assured that I will spend the rest of my life exposing all of you and bringing you to justice.  I am now connected with over 10,000 people around the country, and we are organizing.  We are going to return justice to our federal judicial system.  We are owed fundamental rights, and we will get them back."
Mr. Huber had nothing to add at the end, and Mr. Thrash immediately announced that he was entering a permanent injunction that denied me the right to file any lawsuit in any court anywhere in America.  He read right from the pre-written order that he should not have had except in a Kangaroo Court.  I hope several of the observers will write their observations for us to read, because it was something to see.  Here’'s what Jeff Goolsby wrote to me:
“It was clear that Judge Thomas W. Thrash had reached a decision before the hearing began.  He did not do anything that would have been necessary to compose and prepare his order based on Mr. Windsor’'s presentation.  Immediately he announced his decision and clearly read from a previously prepared document.  I was seated on the far right side of the courtroom and it was easy to see what he was doing.  It appeared to me that the hearing was for the purpose of damage to Windsor.
“It was a clear absolute appearance of bias, and he did commit bias against Mr. Windsor, which follows his usual handling of pro se plaintiff lawsuits based on his reputation of ruling against every pro se plaintiff totaling 138 cases.
“All of the things that Mr. Windsor recounted that Judge Thrash had done to him appeared typical and indicates that Judge Thrash should be impeached and removed from office for violation of his oath of office and law violations.”
This hearing was a visual presentation of corruption at its worst.  Complete denial of due process.  A ruling issued totally to try to protect the criminal racketeering enterprise (federal courts in Georgia) from being brought to task.
This is exactly what I expected, so don't feel bad for me.  Just get mad.  There's still a lot of other acts before the fat lady sings, and no one will ever stop me from fighting and exposing these crooks.  I made that very clear to all in attendance. 
The minute the hearing ended, Gary, Jeff, and I went straight to the Clerk of the Court's Office where I filed an appeal.  I beat Judge Thrash’'s order (that shouldn't have been prepared in advance) to the Clerk.  That was the plan.  Jeff and Gary commented how they saw the judge reading from an order that was written in advance.
So, they want to stop me any way they can. They have to stop me because they will go to prison, lose their jobs and reputations, and much more when I succeed in exposing them.  I told Mr. Thrash that if I reach a jury, they will absolutely crucify him and all of the other Defendants.  And they will. 
Ladies and gentlemen, our federal judiciary is hopelessly corrupt.  They are criminals.  We have to wake up our fellow Americans.
For me, I've been at this for six years, and it is only beginning.  Now we are organizing a force to be reckoned with.
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