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 Pan Am 103 Over Lockerbie Scotland

West German police have video of CIA asset, Monzer Al Kasser, Syrian, delivering the bomb to his regular heroin smuggling employees in the Frankfurt, Germany, baggage handling area. Ironically, Monzer Al Kasser is being taken into custody by DEA. Les Coleman, DIA, in Trail of the Octopus, describes how DEA in Nicosia, Cyprus, caused the deaths of the entire Lebanese hostage observation team of Tony Asmar in Lebanon, and thus CIA had to cover up its heroin smuggling operation by murdering CIA-DIA agents Gannon and McKee aboard Pan Am 103 as they were enroute to Washington to complain of CIA and DEA interference in the Lebanese hostage rescue mission. The CIA killed Gannon and McKee, using Monzer Al-Kassar to place their Palestinian bomb at Frankfurt, then blaming Libya. Libya in the 1980s was moving away from the USSR toward western Europe and the US, but as someone has said, it pays to be an enemy of the US and it is dangerous to be a friend. The US economy and foreign policy is all lies like the Pan Am 103 bombing.
Washington lobbyist William Chasey also wrote a book on this subject.

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