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Merkaba Activation Meditation

By Garth Russell

Merkaba activation meditation, "ancient secret of the flower of life - drunvalo melchesidek," I am now able to fight it off, and sleep like a baby!

When it all started, I could not sleep, lost my keys and train of thought all the time, had hot sweats and paranoid attacks, etc.

Whether it is black magic attack, military technology attack or both, having the Merkaba field active means the attack will just bounce off.

At that point, you can strike back, pop the machine they are using, and if they are reliant on it, you wont feel them any more!

It, the Merkaba, is a protective and directive spinning magnetic field around your body. It protects your body and mind, and directs your intent outward from your inner world.

To get the Merkaba up and running, there is a low cost 2 day workshop, and a quick daily meditation that takes 5 minutes to do for I think 3 months afterwards.

I was born into some kind of mind control family, have used this meditation to get free from this 'cult' or 'secret government' or whatever you want to call it.

They have sent helicopters, microwave, radiation and sonic weaponry, military planes, "UFOs", witches, psychics, psychics with radionic devices; I have been mobbed by sometimes 100s of  psychological aggressors at once. I have been poisened a couple of times. I used to have all sorts of MK programming in hidden parts of my mind and electrical implants in my brain and body.

After doing this meditation, awakening, and contacting my true or higher self and its helpers and friends, who are now my friends, as I am now integrated, I am fine.
Another thing that has greatly helped me on my journey is Robert Shapiro,



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