America's Concerns


Research by Curtis Mullins

It is time for the community and parents in particular to look at what this psychopathic racist economic system capitalism has in store for us and our children, about whom this system has identified as criminals for the purpose of isolating our children from us and the rest of society.  We are the descendants of slaves forced to come to America for free labor and sex.

We suffer from what is defined as "post slavery trauma syndrome".  Our children are victims of this oppressive racist system and need our love, protection, and support.
The so called drug gang [Crime] syndrome can not be viewed in isolation or as a social phenomena.  Crime must be viewed in its social, political and economic context to understand and identify its cause.  The so-called criminal [experts] will not produce solutions to socioeconomic problems; to do so would eliminate their jobs!  In reality they are the real burden on society, not our children.

The experts deliberately and consciously overlook known factors that cause crime and in the abstract are the responsible party.  Racism, poverty and unemployment are only by-products of the problem, the number one problem is the socioeconomic system capitalism. In essence the experts create crimes for our children to commit, just to keep their jobs.
How do the experts find solutions to complex social problems?  They don't, they create simplistic responses to stimuli they themselves can not identify, or even understand.  Then they solicit the help of the so-called professionals who are just as ignorant of the problem as they the experts are.  The experts and the professionals then come up with repressive programs and laws (George Bush's Justice Department's Weed and Seed program) and (Juvenile justice laws) that deny our children their legal rights as citizens and human beings.  These experts place criminal labels on our children that identify
them for life as criminals.  This system gives racial criminal psychopaths power to define who we are and what is best for us and our children.  In essence this system gives a mentally ill white racist society power to determine our children's future and our destiny.
This economic system under which we are governed is controlled by criminals and can not right itself, because the system is the primary source of the problem.  Race, environment, economics, education, unemployment, stupidity and ignorance are factors in the crime equation. To even attempt to correct the problem necessitates looking at the inherent human contradictions in the system itself and the people who control it, and those experts and professionals who benefit from exploitation of the poor.
Oliver North, Jim Inhofe, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell are all millionaires now, not for any special contribution they made to humanity's progress, but for their alleged involvement in the international dope trade. They are only a few of a hundred thousand protected professional criminals who profit from and are responsible for drugs entering this country from overseas that destroyed three generations of our children.  They were paid off with washed drug money to let drugs run free in our community.  They are immune from prosecution and are protected by the Secret Service, the FBI, the military, white racist militia groups, and the police.  These are only a few of the people who make, shape and enforce the laws their friends in Congress legislate to legitimize their own criminal behavior and activities.
Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush are no different than the dope dealers Comrade Castro ran out of Cuba who now live in Florida and control the CIA's national drug distribution network in America and profit from our children's misery and suffering.
Theoretically the government is in existence to serve the people, but in reality it serves the largest criminal enterprise ever to exist in the history of the world.  This government is the number one hindrance to humanity'sprogress.  America is the number one dope dealer to the world, it causes the same problems, misery and pain wherever it goes:  Africa, Europe, Asia, South and North America, the North Pole and the South Pole and Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The people who control this system are called "capitalist", they are .02% of the population and control .98% of the world's wealth.  The intelligence community trains, controls and manages the police and the military to protect and provide security for .02 % of the population  and  they are not subject to any laws!
The military and the police capitalize on social unrest and disorder which they plan and create, the most original planners are given prizes and promotions.  Many members of Tulsa's F.O.P. (Federation of Police) are members of the K.K.K. and other racist organizations and some are responsible for many murders that go unsolved.  

They murder black and poor people for sport, Harold Boyd Jr. and Edwin Vine; vengeance, Perry Stuart; and Sargeant Buckspan murdered Randy Smith for talking back to him, shot him once in the back and twice in his chest.  Sargeant Buckspan was promoted to Detective after he murdered Randy Smith.
With unemployment in the Black community at 51% or more in Tulsa the so-called (Juvenile) crime problem becomes a destructive and negative manifestation for lack of opportunities for our youth, who have been miseducated by a racist school system controlled by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor who operate it for profit not education, the schools in Oklahoma are not educational institutions, they are behavioral modification training centers.
The education system is designed to twist children's brains with illusions created to cause mental damage by psychologist and school counselors, who do not educate our children to survive in the community in which they live.  Drugs in the hands of psychologists and counselors is related to mind manipulation and control of school children.  These people do not know how to interface with our children.
Our children suffer from psychological trauma caused by 400 years of slavery and rape; they are depressed and deprived, resistant and difficult. Many of our youth understand how we came to be here, and how their mothers and fathers have been beaten down, insulted, disrespected and used; they know how we were brutalized, raped, tortured and murdered; and that Slavery is the reason we are as we are, and that we were forced to come to America for free labor.
As things now stand conditions will get diametrically worse before they get better.  Our youth are the most depressed, and deprived.  The most intelligent now resist government control to the point that the government his instituted repressive "special laws" for our youth, and have perfected "mind control behavior modification programs" in all of the schools to control them. The Violence Initiative Program identifies children as young as 4 years old who they say will probably commit a crime: thalamotomies (brain surgery), retlin/Prozac (medication), and the jail house
Those that resist repression, slavery and genocide are the best that we have produced; they are being identified and when captured are mentally and physically tortured to brake their spirit or they are killed.  Resentment and resistance to this invisible Nazi government is growing and well organized.

The juvenile gang anti-crime campaign being waged at the state and local level with federal funds is directed at these youth and is aimed at containing them with drugs, jail, and to prevent them from developing properly and organizing resistance to tyranny.  
Some are so well developed that they now hunt and assassinate corrupt police, agents and informants; all of our children are ours.
The fascist government's response to our children's rising consciousness comes through law enforcement agencies under the control of white racists. The federal government is providing funds to bolster local police departments with anti-gang training and weapons of all description for repression of the entire community.  The intelligence community also make funds available for informants and agent provocateurs whom they infiltrate into local gangs to cause murder and violence.  

The police place their agents in leadership positions in many of these gangs and direct criminal activities through them, most of them commit robbery and murder of their own people.
In North Tulsa, Oklahoma racist Skin Heads have ignorant black youth selling PCP mixed with a little bit of cocaine and baking soda, it is called blackcrack. Blackcrack was designed to create violent compulsive behavior that often result  in the murder of close friends and relatives.
Intelligence agencies provide information gathering services that collect data on individuals and families and pass it on to centralized information banks where it is studied, classified, and filed.  Family Court, Juvenile Court, Judges, Police officers, probation officers, parole officers, youth agencies, community organizations, employers, informants and social service suppliers feed the system with misinformation regarding African-American people. They do not treat members of death squads that robbed and murdered for the CIA in their national countries, killing their own people for fascist America.   

Many of these people can not go back to their home until America overthrows the people's government there.  Many are wanted for dope dealing on an international level and murdering their own people for the CIA.  The CIA has placed many of these people in our community and given them property we have paid for, kicked us out, and put them in.  This is taking place  in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!
At the federal, state and local level we make no decisions, decisions are made for us by a racist status quo voter's Congress.  Ironically, the state is mandated by law to rehabilitate and educate the people. What is happening in the schools is a horrendous injustice and threat to our very existence. Who are they rehabilitating and educating, and for what purpose?
All of our children are under the supervision of federal, state and municipal agencies that have secret agendas to destroy our children's minds to  block our path to self determination.  They are using neocolonialists from all over the world to hold us back, whereas we have helped everyone. It seems that everyone we have helped is helping them to keep us down!
The judicial system looks the other way while the police commit murder, and collect illegal information on legitimate citizens who have not committed
any crime.  They harass, photograph, intimidate, provoke and arrest people
who have not broken any law.  They threaten and treat the entire African
American community in the United States of America as though we were

The police practice fascist tactics in our community and it appears they have had the full backing of Congress and every President elected to office.
The CIA, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau Investigation, and local police facilitate the distribution of drugs by doing nothing to apprehend the real criminals responsible for international drug distribution.

Costa Rica banned Lt. Colonel Oliver North, U.S. Ambassador Lewis Tambs, former National Security Advisor John Poindexter, ex-CIA station Chief Joe Fernandez, and arms dealer Rickard Secord and may have indicted Oliver North for drug trafficking. Costa Rica stripped John Hull of citizenship. Oliver North ran for the United States Senate in Virginia and almost won.
Colin Powell sat at the National Security desk and saw Oliver North ship guns to Honduras on American, Israeli, and South African military aircraft. These guns were traded for cocaine that destroyed hundreds of thousands of our youth who became addicted and jailed.  Colin Powel watched the cocaine enter the country on the same military planes and did nothing to stop it from entering our community.
He is now Michael Jordan's and Janet Jackson's mentor, and it is alleged that they have promised to give him millions of dollars.  During the Iran/CONTRA investigation by the Senate, Colin Powell was not asked questions that would have implicated him and his boss, George Bush, in drug trafficking.
The Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency paid Colin Powell $5 million to keep quiet about their involvement in Panamanian drug trade and covered it with a book deal.  Colin Powell was at the head of a spy network that gathered information on Black Panther Party members that resulted in death.  During the 1980's he was promoted by the man who orchestrated the assassination of Patrice Lamumba in Congo, Frank Carlucci.
The propaganda tactics of the intelligence community are controlled by the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) and are aimed at instilling fear in the public mind in general and legitimize war against our youth and community in particular.  The police are conducting anti-crime seminars that terrorize the public and blow out of proportion crime in the African American community. They have implemented "Block-Watch" programs to cultivate snitches, informants, and provocateurs in the hope of gaining the community's confidence, support and trust.  Our youth are not fooled by these tactics,
they know that it is the police and politicians that are the real criminals!
The murder of Edwin Vine by Tulsa Police on November 6, 1998, is a classic example of creating hysteria, the pig [pig means police officer] that murdered him is considered a hero in the racist community and is not charged with murder!  Hysteria serves the police department's immediate goal to heighten public fear by focusing attention on the victim being responsible for his own death, and at the same time justifies the call for additional manpower and weaponry.

These are the facts and tactics of an occupation force and are part of the government's overall tactics and strategy for repressing our youth's rising consciousness.
It should make you sick to know that [a white racist] Judge determines what cases go before a Grand Jury, and that the Grand Jury system in Tulsa,
Oklahoma is a travesty of justice.
We must remember: The role of law enforcement in Oklahoma is not to protect humanity but to protect totalilatarion government and maintain a local army equipped to quell any legal threat to illegal status quo rule.

The schools, the justice, and correctional systems as far as we are concerned
are criminal institutions run by criminals.

As legislators, criminal justice practitioners, police organizations, racist religious groups, neocolonialist community leaders, and lay people call for longer jail sentences for poor and African people and the changing of the youthful offender status to adult, we see additional problems developing and witness the advanced stages of a totalitarian dictatorship emerging under the cover and control of a white racist invisible government, the intelligence community.
The standing gang grand jury in Oklahoma City has the power to authorize the police to tape your private telephone conversations if the police think your child is a gang member.  The police search African-American people and their homes in Tulsa, Oklahoma without search warrants; and convict people of capital crimes on hearsay (Anthony Kimbrough, sentenced to life accused of killing a pig (police officer).  

These are the people who tape private telephone conversations, arrange billion dollar drug deals, jail, and kill our leaders and destroy progressive African American organizations (COINTELPRO =Counter Intelligence Program).
It is the responsibility of people in general and parents in particular to step forward and speak out against this madness being promoted by political criminals who are destroying our children and our community. Losing control of our children's development leaves us no control over our future.
For too long we have looked to a corrupt Church leadership, educators, social workers, politicians, the police and the criminal justice system for solutions to problems and guidance.  They have not produced any solutions; they only produce confusion, death and more problems!
We must take control of the economic development and politics in
our community to ensure our children's well being, education and survival!
In closing, if the federal government does not enforce and protect the Constitutional rights of African Americans, the descendents of Africans, forced to come to America for free labor and prostitution, the government will be in violation of its own Constitution, in effect the Constitution will be null and void!


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