America's Concerns" - part 3

by Carol Taylor

May we have a moment of silence for the four human beings, the Herrera family, who were mowed down dead by a drinking member of the New York City Police Department who was allegedly on his way to work after twelve hours of straight drinking?

I strongly deny that my reaction to this latest assassination is knee-jerk -no, it is a brain, heart and gut reaction to our American heritage of insane color profiling.

The American Heritage Dictionary definition of "insanity" is: "persistent mental disorder or derangement." For white, usually Catholic (check the numbers out for yourself!) cops to continue to kill people of color and for us to continue to allow them for whatever reasons, to kill us and go unpunished, is a double-tiered insanity - a persistent mental derangement within the perpetrators and the entire population.

It is our theory, at the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. (the quotation marks around the word 'interracial' are because the word has no meaning when we can acknowledge that there is only one race - the human race). The Institute is a not for profit 501 (c) 3 ethno-therapeutic activist organization, focused on racism/colorism as a mental health issue - founded and run by me and psychologist Dr. Mari Saunders, Ph.D., with the unstinting assistance of Judge Bruce McMarion Wright, among others. We understand that the basis of the psychopathology, the color striation within the society, the national pathological response to color and cultural differences, is the miseducation of the masses of human beings in America. They're still acting like the cradle of civilization was in bloody Europe instead of in Black Africa!

Mental illness is a worldwide issue, as a local newspaper headline recently stated: The Irish Now Face the Other Side of Immigration." Some Irish people said: "It's just that we don't know what to make of these Black people ... we don't understand them. We're, maybe, afraid of them. They're all the same. They're all Black, and we've never been used to colored people here."

But "sanity" is defined by the same American Heritage Dictionary as "soundness of judgment or reason."  Soundness of judgment or reason must also involve the ability to assess what is real, not imaginary or pretended - what is actual. Any time you have millions of individuals engaged in what Dr. Frances Cress Welsing describes as "people activity" in areas of economics, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war - individuals not knowing, understanding, admitting or teaching that we are all descended from common ancestry - the beautiful, Black, Black, Black first humans on Earth, and that there's only one race (no "s" at the end of that word "race") - then what we have here is not only a failure to communicate, but indeed, a perfidious state of persistent, pervasive mental illness which affects not only so-called white people, but also people of color, be they Black, Brown, Red, Yellow or Olive skinned, like Anthony Miranda of the Latino Officers Association, Eric Adams of One Hundred Black Law Enforcers Who Care, and Charles Billups of the NYPD Guardians, who all refused to answer me when I confronted them on KSFM Radio - "Open Line," about the killing of Darnel Cisco and other people of color being a matter of the untreated racism/colorism within the police departments generally and the New York City Police Department in particular.

The use of obfuscatory terms like "races" or "racism" allows our society to get out from under accountability, for when such abstruse terminology is used, since the maleducated masses have only fuzzy or blurry ideas of what is really meant, killer cops, unfair judges, biased teachers, experimenting doctors, big corporation-paid scientists, politicians - in fact, the "system" generally - are all let off the hook; allowed to engage in dangerous denial of the major issue confronting entire societies; the question of color, not race. We must begin to speak in terms of color profiling, not 'racial' profiling! Let us tell it like it is! The use of the term "racism" is illogical; the concept of more than one race, bogus, unsubstantiated, disproved by recent DNA research, unreal, deranged, insane.

Let us begin, in a serious effort, to save our own lives; to bring sanity to society, to use language to help heal the mental illness of apartheid; the murderous treatment of humans on the basis of color and/or cultural differences.

The first step would be to call a spade a spade; repudiate Blumenbach's "multiracial" -thesis; renounce the use of meaningless words such as 'races,' 'racial,' 'interracial,' 'bi-racial,' 'trans-racial' or, as I recently heard the other day, "tri-racial" (Let's really get insane - "tri-racial!")

We must begin to lead the whole of humanity away from war-making "pathological responses to color and cultural differences" (with all due respect to Sister Jean W. Dember of Afrikans United for Sanity Now! for coining so apt and functional a phrase). Words may not kill, but they sure do set the stage for killing. And killing, beating, judging, disrespecting, denying society's discrimination against human beings on the basis of color is insane, since all of us are African - although some of us are more or less "rinsed out" than others.

Who was it who said "The truth shall set you free?" Free as far as self determination is  concerned; free as far as topnotch health is concerned, so that we can be mentally and physically fit for the struggle; free to get information which will save our lives - like the fact that AZT kills so-called AIDS patients, but if your body is properly alkaline, you won't get AIDS! 

And if the United States of America, whose Census Department recently adopted the insane term of "multiracial" as a category in its questionnaire, refuses to pay up its dues to the United Nations, let them stay the hell away from the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, August  31 -  September7, 2001, in Durban, South Africa!


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