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Child Auctions


By Abra F. Newman and Gary M. Northington, as taken from his book entitled,  Satanic Deception: A De Facto Government August 18, 2002.

Gary M. Northington, Prisoner #193035, is presently incarcerated in the Lakeland Correctional Facility at 141 First Street, Coldwater, Michigan 49036. He was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder MCL 750.157b and Solicitation to Commit Murder, MCL 750.157a on October 29, 1987 in the Monroe County Circuit Court, Monroe, Michigan, with Judge Michael J. Talbot presiding. The person he was accused of trying to murder was his ex-wife, who was found in Florida six months after his arrest, by a private investigator he hired to find her. He was given two Nonparolable life sentences. This would not ordinarily be cause for the press to pursue such a story, except that in this case, Northington is innocent, has proof of his innocence, and the Michigan court system has consistently refused to allow him to present that evidence which was disallowed at trial. The bottom line is that Gary Northington is a political prisoner, because of information he acquired while working in Nebraska which involved child auctions, and local businessmen who compromised elected officials on video tape, in order to control the federal government. The story starts with Northington's military background in 1968.

Northington served four years in a classified field up to Top Secret on the Airborne Launch Control Centers (ALCC) for nuclear missiles, the reconnaissance aircraft which patrolled communist countries. He was discharged honorably from the U.S. Air Force in May 1972 and began working in Omaha until July 1976 for an international company which had numerous government contracts in high security areas. It was during that time that Northington observed a Soviet General enter the Underground Command Post of the Strategic Air Command, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska. Offutt AFB had a MK Ultra (mind control) treatment center as part of the 1960's mind control project. He met some of the "Monarch Mind Slaves: and remembers their code names were usually Indian, like Cherokee, Apache, etc. Government covert operators who contacted Northington for work had animal names like Bear, Red Fox, Badger, etc. Northington had a code name as well. He didn't know at that time what project MK Ultra was about until it was declassified in the 1990's.

A fellow employee of Northington's befriended him due to his advanced electrical knowledge. Gary was a child prodigy who was working with Nicola Tesla technologies in his early teenage years, and completely rewired the family home at age 11. During this Omaha timeframe, Gary had developed a quarter-sized microphone which transmitted a quarter of a mile. Members from the Anthroposophic Society approached Northington to provide more of the same transmitters for alleged security purposes, due to the recommendation of his fellow employee, who was a member of the Society, and a pedophile.

On March 10, 1976, Northington met Larry King, an agent of the Anthroposphic Society, at King's Food Host Restaurant. King was a wimpy acting black man, who was present with Rusty Nelson. King and Nelson were interested in the wireless mics and security surveillance with microphones so sensitive they could pick up every sound in a house and both sides of a telephone conversation, with automatic level control to attenuate loud sounds. In time, Northington made a few FM wireless bugs for the Society. It was explained that his subcontract work for covert activities was for tracking suspected rogue agents where the government could not go to their regular contractors.

Northington's associate, we will call Jay, was excited over an upcoming auction and "renting a boy", which he did in February 1976. In order to do so, he had go become approved by the Society in a background check and ancestry check to insure he was Aryan. He was Lebanese from his father's side, but passed. The credit checks were done by Larry King of the Franklin Savings and Loan of Omaha, Nebraska. It was during that credit investigation that Northington came to meet King and a business relationship developed.

Northington was invited to meetings where he witnessed child pornography, photographs and movies of children in sexually explicit poses and sexual acts with adults, an auction where children aged 7 - 16 were sold to adults they did not know, and children leaving the premises of the Society auction with people who bought, leased, or rented them. The auctions were patrolled by armed guards.

During that meeting, King explained that he had politicians in his pocket. He intended to do so "to Washington, DC and the Whitehouse". Gary was later told that the Society intended to compromise the integrity of politicians by getting them involved in illicit sex and drugs so the Society could control them. It was Nelson who took the photographs and audio recordings.

Auctions of children were held at two places. The primary location was northeast of Lincoln, Nebraska about one-half mile off the east side of Interstate 80. The other location was somewhere south and a little east of Council Bluffs. An alternate site was named when the primary site was not safe to use, and for various get togethers and Autumn rituals. One primary auction was cancelled because a woman on the 911 dispatch board, who was a wife of one of the Society members, received a report and dispatch to investigate the auction, and tipped off the Society. During his one alternate trip to Iowa, Northington was tired from working a night shift and slept all the way there, consequently, he is unable to locate the Iowa farm where auctions were held.

At a later date, prior to June 1, 1976, the rescheduled auction was held. They traveled down Highway 73-75 through a small, unincorporated farm town that had a name similar to Haslett. The only thing there was a farm home, 4 or 5 grain silos and a bar. They turned toward the west, and arrived at the farm for the auction. The farm was said by one member to be about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from I-80.

A girl named Dee came to Northington at the auction saying she had been picked up by a Society member at the age of 13 as a runaway and had been sold at more than one auction. 20-30 children were auctioned off between the estimated ages of 7 and 13. They were sold, leased or rented in terms of months or years and outright purchases according to the auctioneer.

During one of the auction ceremonies someone described to be a Catholic priest nicknamed "Black Bart", was said to be from Father Flannigan's Boy's Town of Omaha. As the evening set in, the mood of the auction changed. It became more sinister with some adults dressed in red and black devil suits with horns and a tail. The auctioneer was dressed in a gold-looking suit that resembled something from the Middle Ages or conquistador suit with long tails in the back.

On the stage was a skit of a young boy, dressed as a goat, on his hands and knees mimicking two dogs copulating. The adult, dressed in a devil suit, mimicked cutting the boy's throat with a rubber knife and fake blood. Northington interpreted the act as a warning to be quiet. At the end of the three staged event, Northington felt nothing short of repulsiveness.

Northington's work associate rented a 10 year old handicapped boy for 2 to 3 months beginning about June, 1976. Jay later said he had difficulties with the boy's handicap when he slept with Jay and his roommate Red, between them in their bed. Jay mentioned feeding the boy "penis butter sandwiches" at which Northington attempted not to show repulsion.

Northington's conservative Mennonite background taught a watered-down theology that did not prepare him for the evils in the world. To say that he was naive at that point in his life would be an understatement. He had a form of denial that most people have because they simply cannot comprehend evil and spiritual wickedness in high places. Gary admits to being one of the Generally Dumb Public (GDP) who was living a normal life, oblivious to divisive schemes and evil intentions to entrap the ignorant.

Northington believes King and Nelson were expendable to the Society. They were named in Senator John DeCamp's book "The Franklin Coverup", which Gary has not been allowed to read while incarcerated. His knowledge of his exposure to these individuals has come through radio and print media.

Between December 1975 and August 1976, a Society member mentioned that Harold Abdul had been found in a field near 110th and Q Streets in Omaha with his throat cut and tongue pulled outside through the cut. This member said news reports were inaccurate. Abdul had been helping another person get children with the white slave trade, getting children to the East Coast of the U.S. for transport and sale in the Middle East, and he became "too loose with his tongue". Northington knew he was being cautioned about talking.

Society members became loose-tongued around Northington because they thought he was one of them. A Society get together was held at Bill Bailey's Banjo Bar, near Northwest Radial Highway in Omaha in an upper-middle class Bensen area of Omaha. Larry King and Rusty Nelson were there, and Northington was introduced to a number of Society members and a few politicians. Members told Gary some of the Society's secrets. Bailey's Dixieland air worked to break down the inhibitions of the Society's target politicians and later that evening by getting them involved in illicit sex and drugs.

In June 1976, Northington went to the Omaha Police and reported the activities of the Society. They couldn't be bothered. Shortly thereafter, two police officers began tailing him and once attempted to plant illegal drugs on him. (Gary first learned from John DeCamp in 2001 that the Omaha Chief of Police, Bob Watson, was controlled by the Society and had an adolescent concubine.) A little later, Northington went to the FBI and was given the same cold, unbelieving attitude. In July 2000, Ted Gunderson, FBI Bureau Chief, retired, stated that people scheduled to testify against the Society always ended up having a serious accident or dead before trial. He told Gary, "they are more dangerous than the Mafia". There have since been at least three attempts to murder Northington while in prison.

In Autumn 1976 Northington went to a second auction south of Council Bluffs which seemed different than that of the Spring Equinox auction. Prior to the auction there was a little room boarded-off from the main part of the barn where a man was showing movies that appeared to be a boy of 12 years old engaging in oral sex and sodomy with an older man. That same man had pictures of himself and a minor child in sexually explicit poses. During the auction a larger number of men went around in the red and black devil suits and, like the first auction, a man in the red suit was the boss.

There was no way out of the involvement with the Society without radical changes in Northington's life. He began a dual residency in Omaha and Tulsa, Oklahoma around September 1976, which involved extensive traveling and an excuse for not being available to the Society or its influences. That ended most police harassment.

In Tulsa, a security/detective agency asked him to use his skills for twice the salary. In late 1976 - early 1977 a 10-year old nephew of a prominent customer disappeared. Northington volunteered to scout for possible leads, which took him back to Omaha where they discussed ritual abuse and mind-control of minor children.

One meeting involved discussions of using two metal plates attached to a 120 volt AC power cord, with an AC plug on one end and the other end put to the temples of a child strapped to a medical table. They discussed how to severely beat a child without leaving external marks or repeatedly submerging a child in a bathtub of ice-cold water until he almost drowned. These were means of breaking down a child mentally so he could be controlled by Society members.

At the final meeting Northington attended in Omaha, in a home near 42nd and Dodge Streets, a chalice containing blood was passed around for each member to drink as part of a ritual. It was a beige-colored vessel with markings on it that appeared to be celtic. When he used an excuse of having a cold to keep out of the ritual, they knew Gary was not one of them. He was grabbed and forced to leave at gunpoint.

Northington never found the Doctor's nephew but found a few leads on what appeared to be missing children who were tracked through Salina, Kansas to Ocean Springs (?) California, somewhere north of San Francisco. Gary never connected the disappearances to Bohemian Grove then, however, as a result of Alex Jones getting videos of the Bohemian Grove rituals on July 15, 2000, that seems the likely end of those children. (See "" for Bohemian Grove video.) In April 2001, Northington learned Paul Bnafi told of his going to Bohemian Grove with three other boys of which one was killed, cooked and eaten by Paul's captors and other boys.

In 1977, Northington faked his death to convince the Society he was dead by using a convenient automobile accident. The Society thought he was dead until late 1986 when a public official in Monroe County, Michigan Prosecutor William D. Frey, told them where he was. Frey was also a member of a secret society; those who control our court legal processes. In early 1987, Northington ran into two people in Ohio who knew of him in Omaha and later realized them to be Society affiliates. A few days later someone attacked Gary and left him for dead.

Omaha Conclusion. Prior to 1992, when Rusty Nelson was arrested in Oregon, the FBI was given a van three-fourths full of pictures, films, videos, and audiotapes of political officials engaged in acts of illicit sex and drugs. Those officials were in scope from local State governments to U.S. Congress, covering all major cities and influential areas. Those documents made it into the Filegate files that Bill and Hillary Clinton were exposed in the media for having illegally in 1993. Although they allegedly destroyed the FBI files, this evidence leaked out to the press in 1999. The evidence was published by Larry Flint in Hustler Magazine to blow-away Representative Robert Livingstone of Texas during the Presidential Impeachment hearings and caused Livingston to resign as newly appointed Speaker of the House and State Representative.


The Northington-Michigan connection began after Gary faked his death, with the help of a friend who was aware of the Society, who provided a death certificate. Gary moved to Michigan to start a new life and married a local girl, Gail Verdun. Northington's problems which lead to his incarceration in State prison, started on August 5, 1986 after he and his wife witnessed Chief Prosecutor William D. Frey solicit and accept a bribe to protect Walter E. Verdun (Gail's father). The latter shot a man in the back of the head and Frey said he would make the murder appear as a suicide because "he (Monroe County Corner) owes me one". (audiotaped)

In September 15 to October 6, 1986, Northington was privy to conversations where Prosecutor Frey named Judge J.J. Kelley, Patricia Costello and William LaVoy taking bribes for "favors" in making court decisions. Mr. Frey spoke of hiring "hit man ... Johnson" to "get rid of" a man Frey was attempting to arrest. Upon arresting the man, Frey said he would "get him up to Ypsi" (State mental hospital) "and pump him full of drugs so he won't know who he is when he gets out".

In January 1987, Mr. Frey was the attorney opposing Northington in a civil case. On January 2, Gary told Frey that he had retained an attorney for the case and was told "you made this (case) hostile by getting an attorney". (audiotaped)

On January 8, 1987, at 6:30 P.M. Gail told Gary she felt "threatened" by Mr. Frey's conduct towards her. After 11P.M. someone entered the Northington home while Gary was at his workbench, assaulted him and left him for dead. He was a man who resembled Walter E. Verdun of Erie, Michigan, or Tim Baker of Toledo, Ohio (who was the only witness to testify against Gary at his trial) and a tall, thin man who wore a deputy sheriff uniform; they all mentioned Mr. Frey.

On January 10, Prosecutor Frey and Deputies Cal Carey and Thomas Redmund arrested Gary for alleged crimes of January 8-9, 1987. They denied him sleep in jail for 2 weeks. On August 3, 1987, Frey testified Northington was accused of a crime before the alleged crime existed (Hearing Transcript II, 62, August 3, 1987)

In March 1987, Deputy Cal Carey and Prosecutor Frey broke into and stole contents of his home. They made a profit of $50,000. selling the property. Monroe County and State Police refused to file a report.

In April and May 1987, prisoner informants assaulted him many times in attempts to elicit incriminating responses because Gary claimed his right to remain silent. They told him what to say according to what Frey and deputies told them to elicit.

In October 1987, Northington was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder on the word of Career Informant and habitual liar Tim Baker, of Toledo. He and deputized Cal Carey and Gerald Begin testified Gary said things he did not. The alleged conspiracy was Baker whispering to him in a noisy room with Northington asking "What did you say?", "I can't understand a word you're saying", etc. (audiotaped) They were paid by Frey to lie on the witness stand, and Frey refused to provide the audio tape that proved Northington was innocent, probably because it had the bribe conversation on it.


In August 1988, one of Frey's Informants attempted to stab Gary with a silver, knife-shaped object after he sued Frey in the Attorney Grievance Commission. Frey was suspended on November 17, 1999. G.A. v Frey, Atty. Discipline Bd. No. 92-184-GA. Prosecutor James Rostash was also suspended. G.A. v Rostash, 457 Mich 289 (1998).

In March 1989, a police informant earlier put in Northington's cell was found with a bullet in the back of the head. Three more such situations since have occurred.

On February 16*, 1990, when being returned to county court to obtain a deposition from Frey, three deputies physically assaulted him in the Monroe County Jail and attempted to break his neck. Gary sued Deputies Walter Hughes, Dan Kuhn, Gary Kujawa, and Denise Smith who incited it. Northington v Sherrard, et al, U.S. Dist. Ct. No. 90-71522-DT; U.S. COA No. 91-1778 (Order, Feb. 20, 1992). They settled out of court. Career Informant Dennis Pollard was involved.

In December 1990, Informants told Gary that a member of his family would be murdered if he testified at his retrial. He testified. On January 2, 1991, someone tried to shoot his brother.

In March 1992, a Lt. Deputy Sheriff testified for him before the Attorney Grievance Commission against Prosecutor Frey. Subsequently, the deputy's son was found dead.

In August 1992, Frey was party to firebombing the courthouse to destroy records of corruption, to deter a criminal investigation.

On June 24*, 1996, a prisoner involved with informant Dennis Pollard attempted to murder Gary. Deputy Warden Allen Haigh set it up the assault for a bribe. What resulted was a 1 1/2 inch gash on his head, fractured vertebrae and obstructive pulmonary disease (now chronic). He has internal soft tissue damage that led to pinched nerves, back pain, swelling and pain inside the right chest, Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, now chronic (COPD) and Emphysema.

On December 4, 1996 then ex-prosecutor Frey claimed to find a bomb in his car.

On March 17, 1997, prisoner informant Tony Smith (or Alexander) put a Deer Tick on the back of his right knee while taking a nap. He developed Erythema Migraines rash, severe joint pain and muscle pain in his right leg and hip, respiratory congestion, circular rash around the tick bite and a fever of 103.6. Dr. Franklin Messany of Muskegon, Michigan refused to treat the rash which spread over his body by May 1997, started to subside in June 1997, then got worse and continued until September 1997. This aggravated the June 24, 1996 physical injury, which subsided with increased respiratory congestion and restriction in the right lung and bronchial tube. The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) has refused to treat him to this date. In June 1997, Northington was given an X-ray which was left on, and he became ill with a fever within 24 hours.

From October 1997 to April 1998, the MDOC did seven retaliatory transfers in 6 months, during and after which the joint and muscle pain and respiratory restriction on the right side got worse with each transfer. Upon each transfer, the MDOC doctors refused to treat it and said his respiratory tract was clear, despite the fact that bubbling and raspiness could be heard with the stethoscope. By the 7th transfer to Kinross Correctional Facility, the pain spread into the right pectoral muscle. He was seriously ill, coughing up blood and could barely walk to his room. It took 3 months of antibiotics from April to July 1998 just to put the Lyme disease into remission, but Dr. Tim Stallman said MDOC would not give the required 6 months of Doxycycline required to get rid of the disease because the medication was "too expensive". (Funny. It wasn't too expensive to GIVE Gary the disease.)

In mid to late 1998, the Lyme disease traveled into his right shoulder, arm, neck, face and eye, where it caused severe muscle pain and weakness and blurred vision in the right eye. Gary tired easily up to 2000. He used to run 10 miles a day in 70 minutes and do 40 pushups.

On February 4, 1999, a prisoner informant assaulted and knocked him out without provocation. On September 3, 1999, career informant Dennis Erdman #205858 attempted to set-up a hit on him. On March 4, 2000, career informant John Joyner #125052 threatened and attempted to set up a hit as well.

Since July 2001, the tendon and muscle pain has spread to the left forearm and left leg. The muscles got easily fatigued. Since February 2002, the pain and weakness spread to his left pectoral muscle and left neck. The feeling of pressure built up a little more in the right chest and right side of the face and next and more painful and stiff. Caffeine, environmental tobacco smoke, red meats and simple sugars aggravate the symptoms, along with repeated refusals of the state employees to treat the injuries.

Since Frey, et al, attempted to murder Gary at least three times interference with his court access, fundamental rights, right to remain silent, denial of proper medical treatment, and retaliation, makes one a party to conspiracy to commit crimes. Mr. Frey recorded in court and news media that he intends to cause Northington's death.

* Northington testified against now ex-prosecutor William D. Frey on January 16, 1987 and March 24, 1988. From May to August 1988, prisoner Informants made unprovoked threats against him on the 16th and 24th of those months. Those were psychology-based aversive conditioning to testify orchestrated by MDOC psychologists and FREY. Based on review and pattern analysis or normally taken notes.

Affidavits by two witnesses to Northington's unprovoked assaults are included as evidence in his petition for Pardon/Commutation dated July 13, 2002, as are medical records verifying the same.

During the text of this report, were mentioned audiotapes existing of conversations Northington recorded using various methods at his disposal due to his career specialty. Those forms of evidence were disallowed at his trials. He has made numerous official Motions to courts over the years, only to be turned down access to them. Northington made and hid those recordings somewhere on the 5 acre property he owned at the time of his arrest. During his incarceration before trial, he was unable to make the mortgage payments and consequently lost the property. Surely it is just a coincidence that the one person who acquired that property was his ex- father-in-law, who murdered a man, which was captured on the very tape he now possesses on the property he got from Gary. It has been Northington's desire to have a Court escort him out to the property, with Sheriff's deputies, to retrieve those tapes, which would not only prove his innocence, but also expose crimes for which others should be prosecuted. The Courts refuse to do their duty and seek justice. The tape is probative of misconduct of the prosecutors, corruption of the court, and that prosecutors acted without jurisdiction from the arrest to the conviction; material matters conviction for mob domination of the court. The tape is in a secured area of the Defendant's old home and will require an order of the Court, Defendant, a deputy sheriff, to extract the tape. To not get the tapes would amount to a miscarriage of justice. We can only assume from the Courts' noncompliance that they must somehow be involved in the corruption to the point they are willing to see an innocent (and very ill) man rot in prison, rather than do what is just and right. The tape would also show that the one witness against him at trial perjured himself, since the phone conversation to which he referred at trial was also recorded by Northington.

The lack of Court cooperation in assisting Northington prove his innocence is believed to be two-fold. First, that the Prosecutor had a personal reason to shut Gary up, because he was found covering up a murder and taking a bribe to do so. Second, to appease The Society which Northington had tried to expose and later escape from. Gary is a Political Prisoner because he was and is an honest American who attempted to do what was right in exposing crime at the national and county level in Michigan.

From September 15 to October 5, 1987, Northington was privy to conversations where William D. Frey named Circuit Court Judge J.J. Kelley, District Judge Patricia Costello and others as taking bribes for "favors" in making court decisions. Frey said he could "go into chambers before court and get the judge to do what I want": a judgment Frey requested.

After Northington's trial and appeal of right, he discovered as a result of the Attorney Discipline Board actions that Special Prosecutor James Rostash was election campaign manager and landlord to William D. Frey, and they unlawfully split a $30,000. fee while the trial was ongoing. The $30,000. was a bribe to Rostash for his "favor" in deliberately falsifying trial evidence and influencing Assistant Special Prosecutor Terry Hall.


On September 12, 2000, Abby Newman was arrested at a routine traffic stop in Ferrum, Virginia because, absent "probable cause" admitted by the State Trooper, Abby refused to cooperate with the two officers on the scene. They consequently got into her locked car, accused her of Obstructing Justice, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and took her to jail, refusing to notify her family of her whereabouts. She was forced to defend herself in court, since the courts in her area were corrupt as well. Northington heard of her situation on several radio broadcasts. (See "" and Alex Jones' video/DVD "911: The Road to Tyranny", which profiles Abby's arrest.) The case gained national attention and he understood that Abby had never been in trouble with the law before and needed help preparing for her day in court. Northington wrote to her, and a corresponding relationship developed over the next two years. During that time, Gary saw her case through the Virginia Appeals process then prepared her Petition for Appeal which was filed in the Virginia Supreme Court in July of 2002. Since all Law Libraries in Virginia are off limits to citizens who are not BAR certified, Northington provided Abby with all the case law citations she needed to move her case forward through the court system. He provided what she needed and could not obtain herself.

In May of 2002, Gary was informed that he was up for a Parole Hearing and requested that Abby be his legal representative at that hearing, which was held at the Lakeland Correctional Facility on July 24. With Abby's background in Journalism and a major in Political Science, and with Northington and Newman's common Christian background and belief system, she was able to return the favor and provide for Gary, what he could not. With his hands often being tied and access barred to legal remedies, Abby was able to act in his behalf from outside the prison system to insure Gary's rights weren't being violated. Upon arrival in Michigan the week prior to his hearing, Abby was given a Limited Power of Attorney by Gary to negotiate terms of his release, provide for needed medical treatment, and act as his spokesman with Attorney General Jennifer Granholm and Governor Engler in legal matters.

Northington currently has a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court naming 24 State Employees within the Michigan Department of Corrections System for their participation in the abuses he has suffered during his incarceration. They are as follows: Corby DeForest, Joe Eaton, Frank Elo, Cindy Falkenstein, Allen Haigh, Karen Heard, Sherm Williams, Michigan Department of Corrections, Sued in individual and official capacities, (Original Defendants). Librarian Ervin Bell, Nurse Donna Jean Biro, Correctional Medical Services, Nurse Supervisor Jan Epps, Rus B_____ Evers, Arus Steven George, Dr. Claude Hall, Matt Harpst, Officer Evelyn McMillan, Dr. Franklin Messany, Linda Metrish, Dr. Mohammed Mustafa, Nurse Bonnie Petersen, Warden ______Phillips of SMN, Warden Terry Pitcher, Dr. Timothy Stqallman, Warden Dennis Straub, Unknown State Police, Unknown Transfer Coordinator, Melody Wallace, Sued in individual and official capacities, (Supplemental Defendants). Gary sent the Attorney General an offer to settle the case, with Abby as his negotiator by Power of Attorney. He offered to drop the charges against all the Defendants, which would total $240. million, plus court costs, in exchange for a one time settlement of $350,000. and a complete pardon from the governor. Abby was given latitude to double the amount demanded if the settlement was not accepted immediately upon her arrival in Lansing at the Judicial and Governor's offices.

At the A.G.'s office, Newman was informed that she could not enter the building or speak to the secretary on the phone because the Pinkerton Security staff was told she was a "Michigan Security Risk". Considering she came from Virginia, that was quite a surprise. The security level was raised in all government buildings from II to IV just because Newman was present at one of them. At the Governor's building, the same situation occurred. Newman was not allowed into the building to deliver Northington's settlement offer. So, Abby left duplicate documents with both building staff guards, with a written notation that the original offer of $350,000. was withdrawn and she upped the demand to $700,000., giving them until July 24, the date of the Parole Hearing, to accept that offer.

When Newman visited with Northington at the prison later that afternoon, word had already reached Gary through the grapevine of what had transpired on her trip to Lansing. They were not pleased that this political prisoner had help on the outside. A corrupt system only thrives when it is allowed to operate unseen.

July 24 arrived with Gary and Abby present at his Parole Hearing, being told that he would hear from the board whether he had been approved or not, within 30 days. That answer is yet pending.

During her stay in Michigan, Abby was in contact with a reporter with ABC News in Detroit who was interested in Northington's story. The two were to remain in touch after she returned to Virginia on July 25. When on a layover in West Virginia, the reporter contacted Abby to say she feared for Gary's safety in her absence, since her presence in Michigan made some prison officials angry at having the corruption exposed. So, on that same day, in a July 25 interview on the Genesis Communications Network (GCN) on the Intel Report, Abby informed Michigan officials that she would be returning, with no intention of leaving until Mr. Northington had seen justice. She did return two days later, and is still there working on the case with the help of some local friends also interested in Northington's release.

Attorney General Jennifer Granholm (who recently received the Democratic Primary nomination for governor) drafted up a letter to Northington stating that MDOC rejected his offer to settle the 24 law suits.

On August 11, Abby talked with Richard Stapleton, the MDOC Head of Policy and Hearing regarding Gary's parole status. He stated that Gary was convicted of first degree murder and wasn't eligible for Parole. Abby informed him that he was in error and should recheck his records. He would call her back and did two hours later, reiterating the same misinformation. When asked why they conducted a hearing in the first place if the inmate wasn't entitled to one, he had no answer and asked that she phone Miguel Barrios, who conducted the interview with them. She did so, and got virtually verbatim what Stapleton said; that Gary was convicted of First Degree Murder and wasn't entitled to a parole. He further stated that Northington was entitled to either a hearing or to Petition for Pardon/Commutation from the Governor. The latter was done on July13, but at the hearing, Barrios refused to accept the paperwork stating that Newman would have to mail it to him in Lansing instead. That was done Priority mail the same day, with an original and 3 copies. When asked if having the hearing preempted Northington's right to Petition the Governor, he said he thought so. When asked if Northington wasn't even entitled to a hearing, why would that even be an issue? The Petition for a full Pardon should go forward anyway as though there was no hearing at all, as the paperwork was dated on July 13, which predated the hearing as well. Barrios had no answer.

On August 14, Newman phoned the Lakeland staff to inquire how to go about getting alternative medical treatment for Gary, since there is a procedure to do so. The two women she talked to were very helpful. It was determined that alternative treatments were allowed, but that the expenses would be incurred by the inmate. Since Northington is indigent, the charges would have to go on an account that he would be expected to pay at a future date. Newman's question as to whether someone on the outside could pay the expenses, was answered in the negative.

A local Chiropractor has agreed to treat Gary at no expense to him, but X-rays would be needed to examine the extent of his skeletal damage from all the beatings suffered over the years. The Correctional facility doesn't have X-ray capabilities, so Gary would have to be transported to a hospital with two armed guards, and that would run about $800. Since paying the fees was out of the question, the local Michigan militia was able to come up with a portable X-ray machine which will be taken to the facility. Lakeland would provide a room for the doctor to work with Gary and he will be seen on site for free. The paperwork needs to be completed, the Doctor must write up a medical proposal to submit to the Warden, and very soon our political prisoner should be getting some long overdue treatment.

It must be stated at this point, that Abby has been immensely pleased with the kindness and professional behavior of the staff at the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater, Michigan. It seems that (either they are afraid of getting bad press from Newman's frequent radio interviews) or they are genuinely a nice bunch of people. Regardless, they have been a pleasure to do business with. The scum is definitely at the top, and that is where the Attorney General sits. Don't forget that Mrs. Granholm presides OVER the Michigan prison system, and the judicial system, and she is vying for the governor's seat this November. Michigan residents might like to ask themselves the question: Why would we want for governor, a woman who would rather risk a $240. million lawsuit, than pay a measley $350,000. to an innocent man who promises to drop the lawsuit? Is that wise business practice? Do you want that woman presiding over the State budget? And what about the overall corruption? She is a lawyer and seems to be protecting those within the Court system from having to answer to their dirty dealings. Granholm, and those of her profession, insure the innocent are convicted so they can become good little Wackenhut slaves, making 18 cents per hour to make Hanes underwear. Then, they make sure the Courts are off limits so they have no outlet to exercise their constitutional rights to "petition the government for a redress of grievances". NO SYSTEM polices itself, so we must do it for them, and that is what Gary Northington and Abby Newman are attempting to do. They are two victims of police abuse and court corruption who aren't going to go away quietly into the night and accept corruption as "business as usual".

As of August 15, 2002, the phones started ringing off the hook from various media outlets across the nation. It seems that the story is about to take serious flight, and we are elated to see this happen. Gary has waited over 15 years.

If anyone is interested in helping Abby in this fight, please consider sending in a donation to defray some of the costs. Many Michiganders have given Abby and her daughter a place to stay, but they need to pay for their own food, gas, phone calls, copying and mailing costs. Should anyone care to help support her efforts and willingness to be in the government's crosshairs, it would be much appreciated. Send any assistance to:

Abra F. Newman

C/O Nancy Koernke

P.O. Box 194

Dexter, Michigan 48130


Sharing by Radio Talk Show Host Nancy Koernke's friend,

Brenda Pitts Bennett

Texas Advocates


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