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Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers MI5, MI6 AND THE SHAYLER AFFAIR

By Arlene Johnson

Published by The Book Guild Ltd
Temple House
25 High Street
East Sussex
ISBN 1 85776 952 X
387 pages

It is a pity that in the first five pages a dramatic error was made in this book because the author exposes two British agencies for what they really are therefore adding to what I have published in my effort to provide the truth to people.

Even though at least one of the British press published that the CIA deposed the shah of Iran, the author didn't connect that incident with the Lockerbie plane crash of Pan Am 103.

I highly recommend this book, however, for the following are just a few of the exposes it provides:

"When David was under a genuine threat the service provided no real help to him, even though PIRA might have come after him. Despite its claims to the contrary, MI5 has no real interest in the security of its officers, especially where this might involve action or expense on the part of the service." Page 74

"Three days later, his site was hacked before it was even up and running. Verio aka tabnet, the service provider in the US, said that the hacking was done by a professional after the password to gain access to the site was intercepted en route to David's computer." Page 244

"MI6 [the equivalent of the CIA] was heavily involved in domestic operations during the Seventies,...." Page 269

"Yet in the world of Blairism, a monumental mistake is not punished but rewarded....In this case, it just looks like he is thumbing his nose at public opinion, in the full knowledge that the people are impotent." Page 357

There are a couple of errors in the book. The Balfour agreement wasn't signed in 1927; it was signed in 1917, therefore, Israel was created 41 years later instead of the date that the author indicated. And in chapter 12 and 14 the last page is missing but other than that, this is a fine book to read, so I hope everyone does for it has much to offer in terms of exposing what intelligence agencies really are.

I would like to make the author aware that she needs to understand the mentality of governments however, as it seems clear that the intelligence agencies such as MI5 and MI6 are equal to the FBI and CIA, their couterparts in the United States, which are not, nor have they ever been agencies to maintain law. All of these agencies were designed to achieve the New World Order, and this is why they persecuted David Shayler the way that MI5 and MI6 did. They don't seek justice; they seek the One World Government; therefore, David was a liability to them.

Arlene Johnson


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