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Good News

Update: Patrick Swiney Medical Condition

This is to let you know about the current situation with Patrick's medical problems and how that is being handled.

Please be advised that we do not need any more letters written to PHS.

Prison Health Services (PHS) doctors and lawyers have been in good contact with me since my Day 24 email went out on November 30, 2005. We are now working together to provide Patrick with the best appropriate medical care. With the help of PHS lawyers, I have received the medical report from Carraway Hospital regarding the results of the angiogram that was done on Patrick on November 7, 2005. PHS has also received DOC's permission to grant me the remaining medical files. I have been trying for 10 years to get Patrick's medical records. PHS got them for me in one day. I should be receiving them soon by USPS mail.

Further update: Patrick was called to the prison infirmary this evening to discuss his medication regime which was indicated on the Carraway Hospital report. While there, he was informed that a PHS doctor would be at Donaldson on Monday to see him. I have established a good working relationship with PHS doctors and lawyers. Their responses have been excellent. They are doing as promised. The PHS doctor that spoke with me impressed me as concerned, sincere, knowledgeable and professional. I have to say the same thing about Andy Schwarcz and the PHS lawyer who have both been in constant contact with me since November 30th.

Thank you everyone for all your help in this matter. I will keep you informed.

Please continue your prayers and good intentions for Patrick.

Sherry Swiney
Patrick Swiney-innocent in prison

Editor's note: The most recent news is good too. Patrick will be undergoing bypass surger, yet no date has been established for it yet. At least we know that he will finally get the surgery that he has needed. He has suffered three (3) heart attacks.


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