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Spring and Summer Clouds!

July 21, 2005

A pair of holes used to 'spin-up' this cluster of southwest Idaho and western West Virginia thunderstorms. ALL thunderstorms now utilize this process.

Below are some recent satellite images that display geometric oddities that have caught my eye. There isn't a day that passes where upon looking these satellite images, that update on average at 15 or 30 minute intervals; I find the most unusual shapes slowly morph from one odd shape into another; in between that morphing the clouds can almost look normal. By no means have I pointed out all off the unnatural shapes and formations that these 18 images display. For the curious amongst you, download the image and look more closely at the details... say with a 200-300% Zoom factor using any image viewing software you'd like. The details you discover will quickly change how you view the weather processes.

27 June 2005 0145Z Eastern Idaho  A very convoluted mixture of cumulus clouds, thundershowers and whatever else can get going in this strange mixture of clouds ascross eastern Idaho. A very strange circular formation toward the upper center portion of the image. Note the raised center point with four depressions spaced equally about that central mark.  Odd, very odd considering the terrain up there.

9 June 2004 1953Z Western Montana Wholly unnatural geometric formations/imprints upon the clouds.  Note the perfect circle at center frame!  It is unbelieveable that people still deny the existance of this weather modification/control program. 

26 March 2005 2315Z Oregon/Northern California Numerous holes and rippling/acceleration zones apparent throughout this image.  Note the interesting circle at the far SW corner of Oregon. 

11 May 2005 0046Z Southern Idaho/Northern Utah/Nevada What an interesting energy imprint over the upper portion of the Great Salt Lake. Notice the single hole over Jackson Wyoming... upper right of the image.

02 April 2005 0730Z Northeast of the Hawaiian Islands Holes and patterns evident within this plume of tropical moisture originating off of the equatorial Pacific. No land terrain to blame this activity on!

02 April 2005 2145Z Mid South/Tennessee  So many right angles that just are not allowed within the motions of fluids and gasses! How are these parallel straight lines maintained across this type of terrain? And how is it that so many weather professionals fail to see the obviousness of how wrong the appearance of the weather systems and the attendant clouds are?

3 April 2005 2030Z Eastern North Dakota/Minnesota What a jumbled mess of a storm! More unusual radials and circular patterns.

3 April 2005 2232Z Dakotas/Minnesota/northern Iowa Holes and more holes, unusual rippling with just a basic lack of natural organization within this weather pattern over the Upper Mississippi Valley.

8 April 2005 1432Z Kansas/Nebraska An early morning grid of contrails being laid down across the skies. Crossing the skies observing the impact of the scalar weather machinery.

01 February 2005 SW North Dakota/South Dakota A very visible intersection of discrete scalar/gravity wave patterns. Note the very visible contrail running parallel to the right/east of the center image.

06 July 2005 0132Z New Mexico Interesting symmetry that takes shape a top the thunderstorm as the weather makers stimulate thunderstorm development over southern New Mexico late this summer afternoon.

20 July 2005 1845z Southern Tennessee, N. Georgia and Alabama

Holes at the base foundation of thunderstorm clusters.

25 July 2005 1602Z SW Minnesota, Eastern South Dakota

These holes are negative energy bursts-positrons used to eat away at a storm's potential.

29 July 2005 1915Z Iowa  A few early afternoon thunderstorms spinning up over Eastern Iowa while just wisps of high cirrus clouds persist over the west central portions of the state. Another line of storms is trying to get going over Omaha and the counties along the Missouri River. Deep drought persisted in much of the Midwest resulting in hot temperatures and parched soils last summer and fall.

27 March 2005 South Tennessee 1902Z Yeah, like um, what do you think is causing all this strange clouds and weather? Ah, well, I don't know... maybe it could be global warming. Yeah, that's gotta be it. What else could it be? It really would suck to be these guys who can't see what is happening in front of their own faces; and worse yet to have your mind stuck in such a little box! 

27 March 2005 2145Z North Dakota/Minnesota  Unusually rigid structure for a canopy of cirrus clouds...

27 March 2005 Eastern North Dakota More unnatural structure found within the cirrus canopy.

6 May 2005 1932Z Northeastern Iowa  It looks as if a star has been flown though this hole in the cloud or the star is a result of an EM signature much like those that were found in the strongest of hurricanes that too reveal their artificial nature when the 'gain' of these transmitters is turned up enough to overwhelm the natural processes of this planet.

Sadly, there simply is no natural weather left! 


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