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So many people do not believe that government controls our weather. So I, as Editor-In-Chief, of this publication thought it incumbent to prove that it does. I turned to Scott Stevens, an expert in weather, for help.

Scott really helped me. His site, which I obtained by doing a Google search using the term "weather wars," is proof enough, but Scott also provided me with articles by Larry A. Park, a man who also understands weather phenomenon well.

We can teach Mr. Park about government, however, as he is not familiar with my work, so doesn't understand weather being controlled by those who have no cause to save us.

One of the articles Mr. Park provides on his Web site is on my Blog which is at under the date of February 1, 2006 using the category of Earthquake and NWO. I strongly recommend that you read it. It is copyrighted material, which I doubt that the originator would give me permission to reprint, so into my Blog it went for everyone to read. It is so monumental, that I strongly recommend that you read it right now before going any further in this edition.

This is the beginning of our sixth year publishing, and those of you who are receiving this edition are few in number because many people have not subscribed or otherwise donated any money to keep these editions available. So I want to say a great big THANK YOU for helping me to be able to continue publishing as it is a joy to bring you the documented truth. But, being the softy that I am, these editions will always be available to those who are too poor to be able to afford to send anything at all, which includes the homeless. Thank you for your interest in history and the future. I am blessed to know you.

Lastly, I want to extend a great big THANK YOU to Scott Stevens too, for without him, this edition would not have come to fruition.


Arlene Johnson


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