The Journal of History     Winter 2004    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Demands for the British Government
Prime Minister Blair and successors:
The people of the world want you to do the following or we will not visit England for tourism or purchase the products that your country produces until and unless you carry out the following demands:
1. Free Ireland allowing it to have independence and sovereignty;
2. Free Irish political prisoners;
3. Bring troops home from Iraq and any other nations in which they are sent presently;
4. Apologise for the Opium Wars and negotiate compensatory monies to compensate the Chinese people;
5. Return all American gold, silver, and copper to the American people which was stolen over the years; force the Rothschilds and other Illuminati families to release these assets;
6. Free the United States of America; allow it to be an independent and sovereign nation;
7. Never legislate any type of United Nations tax; abolish the United Nations since it was never intended to bring peace for people;
8. Abolish the Official Secrets Act;
9. Abolish the Public Interest Immunity Certificate;
10. Never impliment the euro;
11. Pay £30,000 reparations to the each man, women, and child who is a descendant of the Caribbean slaves, whether Creole or African, and provide a generous fund to repatriate the Rostafarians who wish to return to Africa who are presently in the Caribbean;
12. Acknowledge the assassination of Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed, and Henri Paul and apologise to their families; settle financial matters with their estates;
13. Either allow former colonies to have the means by which they can vote their own laws based on their own cultural mores, or free them to enable them to have complete autonomous sovereignty;
14. Disband Government information and communication service (Guardian request);
15. Allow a Permanent secretary to head the replacement "centre of excellence" communication service;
13. Altar No 10's communications team to have one political appointee and one civil service appointee to report to the new permanent secretary (Guardian request)
16. Replace lobby system with televised open briefings; (Guardian requet)advertise it;
17. Create a stronger Freedom of Information Act to attack the culture of secrecy;
(Guardian request)
18. Mandate the media to admit mistakes, and separate comment from news; (Guardian request
19. Introduce professional training for special advisers and press office staff; (Guardian request)
20. Mandate that Government statistics not be manipulated; (Guardian request)
21. Allow Scotland to impliment its own laws and rules;
22. Admit that Dr. David Kelly was eliminated because of his attempt to provide the truth about the government, and allow the Kelly family to sue for wrongful death;
23. Carry out a legitimate investigation into the death of Pat Finucane with investigators who are impartial, not elitists;
24. Allow the American people to conduct a constitutional convention with no member of elite organizations present.


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