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Letters to the Editor

Thanks Arlene!  Happy New Year and hope you stay the same in this fight for justice!

I so appreciate the letter you have written for Chad.  It is absolutely beautifully worded.  I love ya girl!

BB in Texas
Hello Arlene,

I was impressed with the letter you sent to Lisa Jones. I have never gotten anywhere with her. I am convinced that Ronmell is very sick and will continue to tell them I don't believe their stories.  I will continue to search for people who will also ask why Ronmell is not gettig medical attention. By all means add me to your address book. I am from Missouri.

Yes, there will always be prisons but they could be run with much more humanity. It is against the law for pets to die a painful inhumane death. If I had to treat people like this to keep my job then they could have it.

Thanks once again !!
CB in Missouri


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