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Burning CCA Wood

I just got out of the shower and was going to open my window to let the steam out but there was the Weedman at my neighbors. The same company who promises not to spray around me without notifying me continues to forget. The neighbour where they are spraying today stopped my husband the other day and inquired when we are going to paint our home.

My husband told him we can not scrap and paint it because upto and over 700ppm [parts per million]  of arsenic has been found on the wood siding and there is lead contamination there too. The neighbour said there is no danger from the burning of cca wood or else the government would have investigated.

There is of course not a lot we can say to that. We know the danger but we also know the government would prefer to keep it quiet.

My husband and I are in a serious situation; we know our property is contaminated and if we work on it we will become more poisoned. Recent tests show I have developed liver disease and my pancreas may be in trouble. Yet we can not sell it and pass our problem on to someone else. Our neighbours, however, are concerned with property value.

So I am going to be mainly working on my own family's problem in the next little while. I have been in contact with politicians and am going to endeavor to get the cca wood burning issue on that national stage.

I know of others who are suffering from this problem also and it breaks my heart that after all the work that has been done on this issue that more children are going unprotected by a well known danger. In Manotick there are two little girls on inhalers and a mother fearing the winter months when the burning in her neighborhood will escalate.

If anyone would like to help me on this issue please contact me and I will be most pleased to have any support or help that you can offer.

Take care everybody and please keep safe.

Deborah Elaine Barrie
4 Catherine Street
Smiths Falls, ON[tario]
K7A 3Z8
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