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The World's

Reparations for African People in the Caribbean

Brothers and sisters:
We must agree, reparations are a must! If the Jews can be paid then the descendants of the slaves must be paid.

We in the Caribbean are being left out but be that as it may; here in Anguilla and indeed in Montserrat, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and the BVI, we are still in a Colonial situation where we don't have a voice.

The abolition of the death penalty was imposed upon us some years ago by the Government of England and the decriminalization of homosexuality was imposed upon us on December 13, 2000 without regard for the views and the culture of the indigenous peoples of the above-mentioned colonies.

Now they are about to impose British citizenship on us without our input in the matter from London. This citizenship will come with full reciprocity, giving EU nationals free movement, freedom to establish business, buy lands, work, etc. in our little territories and there is nothing that we can do about it. This will indeed change the whole landscape of our islands and we will  soon become what the aborigines became in Australia and the American Indian became in America. What are we to do? Who can we turn to? Who will hear our plight and assist us?

Editor's note: There's something that you can do about it now because I, as Editor-In-Chief of this publication am giving you the power that you need to right all the wrongs that have been perpetuated upon you. See the Demand Page at the end of this edition.

The United Nations desalinization committee seem to have accepted the new name that England have given us and no longer sees anything wrong with colonies anymore. We are now labeled as Overseas Territories and nothing has changed thus far other than name and the inevitable changes will never be acceptable by the peoples of these islands but there is nothing that can be done about it.

The British Governor still retains autocratic powers, with little power in the hands of the elected representatives. He, too, is imposed upon us along with a British Deputy Governor and an Attorney general.

Reparations are all well and good but one of or main objectives to see power in the hands of the people of these islands through the elected representatives or there will be revolutions all over the remaining colonial territories!

Even though we are small and but few, please help us to liberate ourselves! As our good brother Cudjoe Browne said, "Organization is the key to Liberation.

The Anguilla Independence Movement (A.I.M.)

Haydn Hughes, President (264) 497-0617
James Connor, Chairman (264) 497-2506
Rosmund Davis, Finance (264) 497 6732

Mario Halley, Core member (264) 497-3020
M. K. Edwards, Core member
D. Franklyn, Core member

I. T. Connor, Core member (264) 235-7252
A. Richardson, Core member
R. Hughes, Core member        

Kevin Carty, UK affiliate Core member
Carleen Gumbs, US affiliate Core member
Isa Muhammed, Core member


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