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Proof the 4th Amendment has been cancelled

Are cops in Texas the only ones out of control and gun happy?
Texas cops have already contributed to my baby 21 year old son's death this February!
I wonder if they are determined to kill us all.

I am Brenda Pitts Bennett; I am 49 years old and legally disabled and I have never done illegal drugs or drunk alcohol in my entire life, yet the police continue abusing me, and Investigator Gafford from Mesquite Texas police department pulled his gun on me twice Saturday night December 13, 2003 ! The first time was as I answered the door, and the next time because he was angry because I told him to get out of my home after he shoved me into my hallway chest.

I could understand cops pulling a gun on people if they have a gun but I had no gun, knife, or anything at all.

Editor's note: The second amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms for this very reason, but the second amendment is apparently not valid any longer because if it was, this kind of action would not be able to legally occur.

Although I live in Royse City Texas the Mesquite Texas police (out of their jurisdiction as they are about 20 miles west in another county, and they had no search warrant); they, who were not even in uniform, busted in my door December 14, 2003 around 1:00 AM in the morning.

I told the officer to get out of my home and he repeatedly refused and instead he reached in his pocket and pulled his gun on me.

My daughter had friends here that witnessed it all, and, no, my daughter or her friends were not doing anything wrong either. I still do not even understand why Mesquite Police would come to Royse City without going to the local police in the first place.

Rockwall County Texas District Attorney Gaylen Ray Sumrow and Judge Sue Pirtle in this smallest county in Texas contributed to the death of my 21 year old baby son February 2003 and this son had never drank or drugged in his life and was such a great person!
I had to call 911 to get the cop off of me and the ambulance came also. My blood pressure was 200 over 120 at the time the ambulance got here. I already had a bad back and it was hurt worse by the corrupt cop's pushing.

On December 15, 2003, Mesquite Police came back to my home with about ten other men and they had a search warrant this time, but they had no local sheriff or police with them. I found out hours later that they had lied to Judge Brett Hall to get the search warrant and I was told that since the police arrested the person they were looking for named Rick Nix from my home, they should not have continued searching my home as they did while destroying it and did not find anything illegal and never will.

Investigator Gafford cut the wires off of my video camera on my front porch and evidently stole it. Burglary of a habitat is what Investigator Gafford should be charged with. I reported the stolen and broken items to Royse City Texas Police but they refused to make a report. Corrupt cops covering for other corrupt cops!

Then, Lt. Shew cornered me in the corner and shoved me between the window and my printer where I was faxing the search warrant he had handed me to my attorney. He thought his cornering me would stop me from getting through to my attorney. He told me to get off the fax and that I wasn't allowed to call my attorney either. They videoed all of this.

I was told by the judge that they were only supposed to arrest Rick Nix (who is the Rockwall County District Attorney's secretary, and Sharon Larey's nephew) and leave but they completely poured every drawer out and dumped them, dug in my purse, broke my shower doors, stole my video camera, broke a window, etc.

Advocates.... please spread this story to all your favorite reporters and advocate friends and call or e mail these administrators that have higher rank over these corrupt cops at the contact info below and again thank you all again.

John Heiman
 (972) 270-3400
Occupation: President, Whataburger of Mesquite First Elected: 1991
Mesquite resident since: 1978

Steve Alexander
(972) 613-8799
Occupation: Insurance Agency Owner First Elected: 1992
Mesquite resident since: 1971

Shirley Roberts
(972) 288-5459
Occupation: Real Estate First Elected: 2002
Mesquite resident since: 1953

John Monaco
(972) 279-7203
Occupation: Retired First Elected: 2001
Mesquite resident since: 1978

David Paschall
 (214-) 969-5454
Occupation: Attorney First Elected: 1998
Mesquite resident since: 1991

Dennis Tarpley
 (972) 613-1002
Occupation: CPA First Elected: 2003 Mesquite resident since: 1973

Thank you,
Brenda Pitts Bennett
701 Meadowdale
Royse City, Texas 75189


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