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Doctors imprisoned because of giving pain medications.

We must all come together to help these doctors because as most people become older or become diseased....they need pain medications! I don't believe any of us want to die in pain nor suffer in pain while alive. I do suffer daily with Lyme Disease and it is near impossible to get my needed pain prescriptions because doctors are becoming scared to give these due to this ignorant "WAR ON DRUGS"!
Please read this information below and join us?
Thank you,
Brenda Pitts Bennett
The American Medical Association knows of no evidence that marihuana is a dangerous drug. Doctors cannot control whether a patient abuses prescribed drugs, he added.

Dr. Green is but the latest of at least 30 physicians who have been prosecuted nationwide in recent years for their pain prescription practices. At least two other physicians, Dr. Frank Fisher in California and Dr. Robert Weitzel in Utah, were charged with murder in similar cases. In both of those cases, however, the criminal prosecutions collapsed after courts heard testimony from pain management experts who testified their practices were in line with contemporary medical standards. A Florida physician, Dr. James Graves, was convicted of manslaughter last year and is currently serving a 63-year prison sentence.

According to the Dallas Morning News, where a similar case against Dr. Daniel Maynard is underway, prosecutors across the country are networking with the prosecutors in the Graves case to find ways to make criminal charges stick against pain doctors. Similar investigations are under way in South Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona and California, the paper reported.

According to the Macon Telegraph, Dr. Green's patients have been calling the newspaper to offer their support. One of them, the Rev. Jeffrey Walker, an associate pastor at Bethel AME in Macon and a member of Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in Warner Robins, told the paper patients, not physicians, should be accountable for abusing prescriptions.  "I believe in my heart that Dr. Green has never done anything wrong," Walker said. "I've got to believe in my heart that he's going to be exonerated."


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