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Did You Know?

The Good Friday Agreement was shaped exclusively by the requirements of British, US, and Irish capital, negotiated behind closed doors and only then presented in a referendum -- for or against with no chance of amendment or discussion -- to lend it a veneer of democratic legitimacy. It preserved the domination of parties whose interests involve capital, and it left real power with London for the foreseeable future.
Provided by the World Socialist Web Site
British MI5 have infiltrated the IRA and are carrying out terrorist attacks to maintain a divided Ireland.
Provided by Paul Joseph Watson in Order Out of Chaos
World Vision is one of the notorious non governmental organizations that function as a defacto arm of US Intelligence. USAID is its largest contributor.
The Scottish people want their own rules and laws to apply in their country separate from British rules and laws according to a young woman who lived there and spoke with many Scottish people.
Ted Olson, whose wife was allegedly on the plane crashing into the Pentagon, is controlling the secrecy for the government.


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